What to Wear to an 80s Party as a Female?

What to Wear to an 80s Party as a Female?

What to Wear to an 80s Party as a  Female?

What to wear to an 80s party as a female? The 80s are back! Go for bright neon and pastel colors, and don’t forget your favorite perms, shoulder pads, and teased hair! Here’s our guide on what to wear to an 80s party as a female.

Get the basics right

What decade would you think is most associated with glamor, glitz, and gold? The answer, of course, is yesteryear. Women, in particular, like to put on their finery and turn back time when they’re dressing up for a themed event. So what did women wear in previous decades? What kind of clothing trends were there at different times during history. \

To demonstrate how simple that would be to find retro-inspired fashion inspiration, here are seven iconic styles from centuries of Ancient Rome to 1960s hippie chic and tips on how to recreate the look.

Choose something with glitter

One of our favorite fashion trends from back in the day was something that was both sparkly and colorful. Going with glitter is always a good choice if you’re attending any event where people might be taking pictures. It looks pretty, but it adds dimension (literally) to whatever you’re wearing.

And who doesn’t want that? Also, we suggest going for one of those 80s-inspired outfits on Amazon. Throw on some leg warmers, add some coordinating gloves, and boom, you’re set! It’s not about looking precisely like Madonna. It’s about channeling her vibe.

What to wear to an 80s party as a female?

An 80s style is all about bright colors, fun fashion, and lots of sparkles. The best way to get into an ’80s state of mind is by dressing like you’re in an ’80s movie, from your head down to your toes. Pick a retro-inspired haircut—either straight with bangs or curly with Farrah Fawcett hair—and spike it up.

Add colorful makeup; blue eyeshadow, bright red lipstick, and frosted pink nails will make you look like Cher from Clueless. Consider looking for clothes in stores such as Forever 21 or Wet Seal that have tons of options for women who want throwback style on a budget. If you don’t want to spend money on new clothes, try raiding your closet for anything with neon colors or animal prints. Wear chunky jewelry like oversized rings and necklaces and stack bracelets together.

Wear clothing with patterns like stripes, polka dots, or leopard print if you can find them. Don’t forget accessories! To complete your ’80s ensemble, add some leg warmers over tights (or fishnets if they are opaque enough) and oversized hoop earrings. Finish your outfit with big sunglasses (preferably made of plastic) covering half of your face. You can even add a headband if you want to go all out!

Statement footwear is essential

While we’re on that topic, make sure you pay attention to your shoes. They say they can make or break any outfit. It’s true! Don’t run around in heels all night if you know it will only cause pain and discomfort in your feet.

A killer pair of flats is essential because they can carry you through an entire evening of parties. Also, feel free to break out some legs with a nice pair of fishnets! We don’t judge here. Just go for it, 80s fashion is all about being bold and going for what you like! Get them, tiger!

Don’t forget your accessories

Whether you’re dressing up or down, accessories can make or break your look. Think about what supplements are appropriate for your event, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Just remember, it’s all about keeping things right, so if you’re going retro-casual, skip the Chanel bag. A fun hair accessory and some bold lip color will add some zing without taking away from your outfit.

Shoulder pads are still cool

Big hair, neon colors, and shoulder pads have a significant moment in fashion. If you want to channel some ’80s style without extremes, try pairing your up position look with some wide-leg trousers or skirts. Whether you’re going out with friends or celebrating New Year’s Eve, this can be worn.

Just make sure that you don’t go too high with your shoulders! It might not be very comfortable and could end up looking silly. Remember: You want it significant but not bigger than life!

A good rule of thumb is to keep it under three inches. If you’re going to have fun with it, why not buy a pair of leg warmers while you’re at it? The extra layer will help keep your legs warm while also shaping them. If there’s one thing we know about shapely legs—they never go out of style!

Add some neon to your outfit

Neon colors are synonymous with 80s fashion. Neon colors pop and draw attention. If you’re going for your best Flashdance or Breakfast Club look, a bit of neon goes a long way.

You can tie any bright color into your outfit, including pink, yellow, and even blue, if you want to pay homage to Molly Ringwald’s character in Pretty in Pink. Make sure that your nails match too!

Promote your event on social media before going out

Make sure your friends and followers know you’re going out. And, since most people (myself included) are more likely to say yes if they’ve already received our RSVP, ask people in advance if they plan on coming out with you.

This way, they can confirm their attendance on social media, increasing your overall reach. It’s also a great idea to consider buying them a drink when you see them at the bar; they feel obligated to stay! No one wants someone else buying their drinks all night, that would be awkward.


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