10 Best Software For Hair Salons And Beauty Parlours

10 Best Software For Hair Salons And Beauty Parlours

10 Best Software For Hair Salons And Beauty Parlours

Running a very successful salon is about using the right tools to manage your Salon. With so many clients booking appointments, it can also be very challenging to manage all the resources and keep clients happy. Therefore, we will suggest the best software for hair salons and beauty parlors.

Why You Should Consider Salon Software For Your Business 

Salon software can be incredibly beneficial for your business for various other reasons. Investing is the salon schedule. The software can always help you become more organized and give you much more insight into the resources you need, whether you want to know how to open a hair salon or grow a business. 

Plus, salon software can also help you reduce no-shows thanks to the automated reminders and the other features, thereby helping with all the client’s management. As a result, you will see some more appointments fulfilled, more client retention, and much easier scheduling and booking to move forward. 

10 Best Software For Hair Salons And Beauty Parlours

Must-Have Important Features Of A Salon App To Boost Your Salon Booking Online 

Manage the client’s relations, important employee performance, and the salon inventory much more easily with the best salon booking apps. In addition, you can easily benefit from the following features of the salon booking system.

Inventory Management 

Analysis tools attached to the salon appointment scheduling software will help you with efficient inventory management. Salon software will also provide you with detailed inventory reports so that the product data can be easily used to streamline all the daily tasks further.

Automated SMS and email marketing 

Achieve all excellent business results with the appointment scheduling software, which helps with efficient inventory management. Salon software will also provide you with detailed inventory reports so that the product data can be easily used to streamline every daily task further. 

Online Booking 

Being one of the most important and apparent features of the salon apps, you also have to maintain your client’s history and record the visits through the best Salon booking online software. Add photos and documents and conduct follow-ups with these salon applications. 

Point of Scale 

POS systems will enable salon businesses to quickly and immediately view the client profiles to send the discount offers, payments reminders, and share the reward points. In addition, POS software helps you accept payments from multiple modes to sell the services and the products. 

Performance Analyser 

Centralize your salon business activities with the software’s [performance analyzer] appointment scheduling. Set your weekly/ monthly target easily, calculate the inventory turnover, identify growth targets, and undertake client acquisition with one of the best paid and free salon appointment booking apps. 

Employee Management 

Along with the easy booking and scheduling technicalities, manage your workforce with one of the best booking software performance metrics. Most of the beauty parlor has this inbuilt feature that will support the biometric attendance system, commission tracking, and also as well as payroll processes. 

10 Best Software For Hair Salons And Beauty ParloursBest Software for Salon Management

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Still, with such good salon software, the power to even manage a beauty business lies with you. From tracking the following spa schedule to editing a custom requirement, the software fundamentally will handle the appointment management of your Salon to eliminate the long queues of the angry clients. 

It will also offer effective customer relations management through the facilities like the custom packages, special birthday promotions, a client portal, and other incentives that will easily compel the customers to revisit your Salon. 

Unproductively manual tasks of counting manicure towels and facial kits can completely replace time in bagging profitable deals. Furthermore, multi-channel booking capabilities, which are through the help of social media integration, simplify the entire process of the client’s acquisition and marketing with just the click of a button. 

A huge database of the employee’s data, clients’ data, and the point of the sale is backed up by a security tool that is in-built into such software. Not just the gorgeous, but also make your client feel very special with all these top-rated salon software listed below and add a little spark to your business. 

There are many options to pick from when it comes to the salon software, which is tremendous and perhaps a little too overwhelming. So we have selected some of the best solutions which are currently available and based on their features, user reviews, and all of the other factors to help you easily select the best one for your salon business. 

1. Rosy Salon Software 

Rosy Salon Software is an excellent appointment scheduling software that is so great for salon professionals, including small businesses, large companies, and even individual stylists. 

The software includes many features that allow for double booking, cancellation management, and schedule access from just anywhere. You can easily plan out multiple appointments and see clients’ history. You can create personalized text and email reminders to ensure the clients do not miss a booking. Rose will offer a 30-day free trial, and plans start at $29 a month. 

2.Simple Salon 

Simple Salon is another very inclusive software that includes various booking and marketing features. It’s straightforward to schedule appointments and get an at-a-glance look at what’s coming; a unique booking page, SMS reminders, and many other features make the online bookings and the salon management that much easier. 

Simple Salon is also a good management software since it includes add-ons and marketing features such as loyalty point management, gift cards, packages, and automated marketing campaigns.

Simple Salon will offer you a 30-day free trial. After that, their plan will start at approximately $15 per month for the individual stylists, $56.99 for the small businesses, and 113$ for the large businesses out there.

3. Salon Iris 

Salon Iris will offer easy options for online bookings, including managing the schedules, many automated salon reminders to avoid no-shows, booking all the social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram, and recurring marketing features and the loyalty program management. 

Salon Iris can also help manage the revenue and expenses to offer a bit more than just the salon appointment booking features. Salon Iris will give you a 14-day free trial, and the plans start at $29 a month for the individual stylists. For small, medium, and enterprise businesses, all the packages are priced at $59 and $200 per month.


Timely is such a specifically designed software with more of a community feel, allowing you to easily manage the online bookings and all other salons services while networking with the other salon professionals; with over 50,000 users, Timely do include appointment management, client experience management, payments, and marketing tools. 

Timely also includes the business management tools such as inventory checks, employee management, admin features, and reporting .it’s an all-encompassing software, which can be so great for the busy salons since the salons can manage everything in one place. 

Timely will offer 14-day trails and packages ranging from $15 for individual stylists and $30-300 for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, tailored enterprise plans are available for the corporate. 

5.Vagaro Salon Software 

Vagaro is such a powerful salon management software offering immense features for the beauty industry. Vagaro will offer booking and salon management, payment management, including the POS, seamless appointment scheduling, invoices, booking forms, and many other available add-ons, making it an excellent value for business owners. 

Vagaro is just an all-in-one software that a salon and a spa can rely on to efficiently manage appointment scheduling, overall salon business, and online booking. Vagaro has around a 1-month free trial for its users. After that, prices start at $25 a month for the individual stylists, $35-75 for the small businesses, and go up to $85 for the large businesses. 


Appointy will offer you automated scheduling for the salons, making booking a salon appointment seamless for both the clients and the salon owners. In addition, Appointy will help manage the schedules, appointment management, and booking page integrations with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. 

Software solutions like the Appointy can help you boost productivity with its features while also helping all salon owners manage their schedules and resources. It’s entirely free for individual stylists. The small and medium business pricing can range from $29-49 per month, and an enterprise plan is priced at $79.

7. Fresha 

Fresha is the world’s top one of top-rated software for the beauty and the wellness of the industry, and it’s the only platform that is 100% subscription free. In addition, Fresha came out on top in all three rating categories for the salon software: most popular, most affordable, and very user-friendly. 

The platform will provide you with an all-in-one solution for all of your needs taking the hassle out of the running business by managing the appointments bookings, point-of-sale, customer records, human records, inventory, and financial reporting. In addition, the systems will offer mobile apps for the clients and real-time booking integrations to Instagram.

Google and Facebook, Fresha.com also comes with integrated card payments processing to protect it against no-shows and late cancellations. Fresha is used by 50,000 beauty businesses, 250,000 stylists, and therapists in more than 120 countries. Fresh was formerly known as the Schedule. 

8. Schedulicity 

Schedulicity will offer you instant bookings for the salon and spa businesses, seamless payments including credit cards, marketing features, and a marketplace for local promotions.

Schedulicity will make it much easier for all the clients to book an appointment and make it easier for the businesses to manage many different aspects of the salons in only one simple solution, including the marketing and revenue. 

In terms of the pricing, Schedulicity is actually based on the number of appointments that are booked in the month. Therefore, Schedulicity is accessible if only about ten appointments are booked in a month, making it a fantastic option for all the individual stylists.

The unlimited plan which starts at $34 per month with no restriction on the number of the appointments for the medium and small-sized businesses. It includes many other features such as personalized marketing, custom package, staff management, etc. 

9. Square Appointments 

Square is one of the most known for its straightforward point-of-the-sale system. Still, it also offers various additional features that make it such a valuable part of the salon business. 

Using the Square appointments, salons can easily use the POS system for the staff management, payments and bookings, social management, and much more, all in one solution. The Salon can easily manage the Square app’s schedules and appointments, and the payments are already taken care of through the Square POS system. 

Square Appointments are free for every individual stylist and range from $50-9 per month for up to the ten employees. In addition, Square appointments do offer tailored packages for the salons with over ten employees.


ZANOTTI is specifically designed for salons and spas and is a very easy-to-use salon scheduling software. However, the ZENOTI can also be easily used in the beauty and wellness industries. 

ZANOTTI currently has over 12,000 users in almost 50 countries and continues to grow. The features include online scheduling, online booking, resource management, personalized interaction with all the customers over email and SMS, and follow-up options. 

Final Words 

This article has suggested the best software for hair salons and beauty salons. We recommend you do some research to get the best knowledge of your own.