How to make your nails grow overnight? Video Tutorial

How to make your nails grow overnight

Best way to make your nails grow overnight?

Last year during the pandemic lockdown period, I was chatting with my sister Emili. She asked me about the process of making her nails grow overnight. I suggested taking good care of her nails and told her about the steps of growing nails overnight time. There are options like orange juice, olive oil, Biotin, OJ etc. Today I thought to share the ideas with all of my readers. 

How do you increase the size of your nails overnight?

It is essential to take care of your nails to make your hands look nice and beautiful. Healthy nails aren’t solely the result of good eating habits and hard-core maintenance. When it comes to managing growing nails, trimming the nail is not the only option. Nail care must be performed regularly. Follow the tips below every day:

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How to make your nails grow overnight

  • Try to shape your nails to give them a nice edge!
  • Try using nail care creams that contain protein in the evening.
  • Avoid biting your nails.
  • Hydration is an essential factor in developing high-quality nails.
  • Lavender oil and olive oil can be very beneficial to increasing your nails’ growth!
  • Take a look at the variety of oil and creams to give your nails sparkle.

Get your nails to grow faster Overnight: 5 Tested Tricks.

It’s important to understand that doing anything physically overnight is not possible. Every cell in your body has its way of repairing and growing.

There are limits regarding how quickly they develop during a specific day. That is contingent on many aspects like the body’s present condition in terms of health conditions, age, and in some cases, the environment. Women may resort to these remedies at home to grow their nails quicker despite all these.

  •  Sour Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural food source for whitening. Additionally, lemon juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C that is crucial for developing nails, bones, and hair. Instead of drinking lemon juice, it’s recommended to rub the lemon with your fingertips. Then, wash off the juice by using warm water. The final step is to soak off the excess water and apply a light moisturizer.

You can also mix olive oil and lemon juice in the ratio of 1:3; warm it briefly and then soak your nails into this mixture for approximately 15 minutes.

  • Make use of Olive Oil

Olive oil provides a highly moisturizing effect. It is also an excellent food source for Vitamin E that aids in enhancing blood circulation and aids in the growth and strengthening of nails. If you’re looking to make your nails increase in size, gently massage olive oil on your nails and beneath them for between 5 and 10 minutes. Massages improve blood circulation and help to increase the development of nails.

Alternately, bathe your nail in a solution consisting of olive oil, warm water and salt for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After either treatment, it is recommended to wear gloves made of cotton so that the oil can soak into and soften the nails and skin surrounding it.

  • Utilize OJ

Every day you can soak your hands by soaking them in freshly squeezed citrus juice for approximately 10 minutes. You can wash off the liquid using warm water, then dab your nails dry with a dry cotton cloth. Then, apply a moisturizer. The OJ is high in Vitamin C and folic acid, which assists in the creation of collagen. That strengthens nails, allowing them to grow.

  • Biotin

None of the vitamins consumed by our bodies and utilized by the body is as effective in nail growth as Biotin. It is readily available in various foods such as cauliflowers, carrots, eggs, salmon, oats, and many more. If your body is not adequately of this vitamin, make a point of eating more high in Biotin.

You can also supplement Biotin through pills and only under the supervision of a medical professional. The increased biotin content of the body can promote the healthy growth of hair and nails.

  • Make use of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is equally beneficial as olive oil in aiding the growth of nails. When you go to bed every night, you can rub coconut oil onto your fingertips for around 10 minutes. That increases blood flow, eases muscles, and softens cuticles.

You can also make an equal mix of honey and coconut oil along with some drops of oil from rosemary. The mixture can be heated just a little, and then dip your fingers for 15-20 minutes.

  •  Orange Juice

Oranges, just like lemons, are also an excellent source of vitamin C and folic, which assist in collagen production. Collagen is a vital ingredient that aids in the growth of nails and improves their health of nails. Orange’s anti-oxidant properties help keep infections from happening.

How to use it:

  1. Pour the juice of an orange into a bowl, and let your hands soak in it for approximately 10 minutes.
  2. Rinse with warm water and then moisturize effectively.
  3. Try this every day.

Cleanse your cuticles after bathing them with orange juice. It soothes your skin and makes it easier to take off.

Get Quick Action Against Nails that are growing too long

Are there any ways to develop long overnight nails? It’s not possible. However, with a healthy diet and habits of daily life together with these wise methods to take care of nails, you can inevitably accelerate their growth over the short and long term.

How to grow your nails overnight | Step by step Video Tutorial

The reasons that your nails aren’t growing

There could be various reasons that can affect the nail of your finger, specifically to expand. Here are some common causes to consider if you would like your nails to develop quicker.

Do you bite your nails?

Are you one of those who begin biting your fingernails amid anxiety? It is the perfect moment to advise that you must end this habit. If you wish your nails to get bigger, then stop the practice of biting nails. Biting your nails is not only harmful to your stomach and body; It can result in infection with bacteria. In addition, biting nails may result in chipped nail paints. Who would want this? Nobody, surely!

Do you skimp your base coat?

For makeup, applying primer to your face is essential to ensure that the makeup stays longer. Likewise, it would be best to trust the base coats to allow the nail paint to last for an extended time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a neutral color or one that is bright before applying any nail shade; applying an initial coat of base coat is mandatory. It will add the necessary protection to your nails and make your nails grow stronger and healthier.

Do you chip the nail polish?

Many women are guilty of breaking off their nail polishes after they’re done and should be stopped. If you desire your nails to stay strong and healthy, breaking nail polishes using teeth, fingers, or anything other than a good remover for nail polish is not a good idea. That can make your nails fragile brittle and could even cause infection.

Do you use a lot of acrylics and gels for your nails?

Acrylic and gel nail paints are all-natural. We agree! However, in this instance, excessive use of anything laced with chemicals – like gel nail paints and acrylic nail paints is not recommended for the long-lasting health that your nails will live. Acrylic and gel nail paints can affect the natural development of nails. They are advised to test them, but not too often or excessively.


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How to make your nails grow overnight using toothpaste? Is it a myth or a fact?

No experts suggest applying toothpaste to your nails to encourage growth because the evidence-based studies to back the claim aren’t in place. Anecdotally, however, it could aid in improving the overall appearance. It is widely believed that whitening toothpaste can help whiten nails and remove stains on the surface. It is explicitly baking soda-based toothpaste as a possibility to get rid of nail stains. Baking soda is a natural ingredient with tonic properties that can whiten. “When toothpaste that contains baking soda is applied to nails, it can help make them whiter, the same way that it whitens teeth.”

People make use of toothpaste to remove nail polish remnants that could remain after applying Acetone, particularly around the cuticle region.” She also says to the fact that the peroxide hydrogen that is found in the whitening toothpaste has been recognized as having an effect of bleaching.”

How to Make Use of Toothpaste to create Shiny Nails?

If you’re applying toothpaste to your nails to clarify your nails, you must use it properly. “Some people apply it to their nails and let it sit for between 10 and fifteen minutes,” according to Garshick. “Then clean it off using warm water using a brush or nail brush to get rid of the stains.”


It is essential to read the labels to ensure that toothpaste’s ingredients don’t cause irritation or inflammation of the skin. Anyone with a history of skin sensitivities or allergies must take note of the elements before trying a homemade toothpaste recipe for nails.

If you want a less invasive alternative, topical usage of vitamin E has been proven to treat a particular problem known as “yellow nail syndrome.”


Well, there are no scientific shreds of evidence that you can make your nails grow overnight. However, you may try these tips and tricks and let us know if they worked out for you.