How to make pretty and elegant Christmas decorations and nail designs


Christmas is a time of celebration and joy! And all our body and mind should reflect the happiness and joy of that special date. Have a dramatic outfit should be accompanied with the best nail design! Which we bring for you this time.

Accessories I need to decorate my nails for Christmas

Since Christmas is one of the most anticipated times by many, it means that all the nail designs that you can create are very extensive. If you want to decorate your nails in a very elegant way, or if you want to get very creative and make Christmas drawings such as snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas hats, among other things, you will need many accessories so that you do not complicate your life too much by drawing the designs freehand.

  • Stamping plates: They will make your work much easier, since you only have to cover the small templates with polish and place them on your nails and you will have a ready design.
  • Fine brushes: Having at least three different thicknesses is recommended so that you are able to do many details.
  • Awl: Ideal for creating points of all sizes, and also for making very small details.
  • Cotton sticks: They are of great help when you have to clean the excess polish on the skin and polish our nails.
  • Orange sticks: Preparing the nails before polishing is essential, and to retract the cuticle, orange sticks are ideal.
  • Stickers of different designs: In some designs the stickers are like a glove, if you get creative you can give it many uses.
  • Glitter: For elegant designs, glitter or magnetic will make you create a spectacular design.

With these materials, you will have the opportunity to create incredible designs on your nails. It will only be enough that you use a little imagination and your own skill.

Elegant nail designs for Christmas Eve

If you are a fan of elegant and simple designs for Christmas Eve, here we bring you a design that you will surely love. You can easily do it at home without much problem, you will need the following materials:

  • Black enamel.
  • White enamel.
  • Golden enamel.
  • Transparent Shine.
  • Brush 5/0.

Make sure all the glazes are in good condition and very runny. If they are clumpy or too thick, the design will not be the way you want it. In the same way, have cotton sticks and acetone on hand to clean any enamel stains on the skin.

  1. Clean and protect your nails with a mixture of coconut oil, two drops of lemon and a drop of vitamin E.
  2. Apply the first coat of black polish, and if necessary apply a second coat.
  3. With the help of the 5/0 brush and the white polish, draw snowflakes on your nails. The design can be simple, and the snowflakes the size you want.
  4. Then, clean the brush and with the golden enamel, you have relief in the snowflakes. Small golden strokes will make a 3D effect that will be spectacular.
  5. Finally, apply a coat of clear glitter and let it dry completely.

Pretty nail designs for girls at Christmas

Because the smallest ones also deserve to be pampered! On this special date you can decorate your daughter’s nails with very pretty and chic designs. Follow the simple steps below: 

  • Sky blue enamel.
  • White enamel.
  • Red enamel.
  • Transparent shine.

On this occasion, the design for Christmas nails that we bring for your daughter is cute Christmas hats. It is not very complicated, and your little one will be delighted with her nails. The procedure is the next:

  1. Protect and clean your nails with the same mixture as above.
  2. Apply a light coat of the sky blue nail polish and let it dry completely.
  3. Now, with the help of the brush, draw the shape of the hat in its red part. Do not draw the bottom or the top ball, because you will do that with the white polish.
  4. Once completely dry, with the clean 5/0 brush again, draw the lower part and the upper ball of the Christmas hat. If you want, you can give small touches to give it a little highlight.
  5. Finally, apply a layer of transparent glitter and your little one will be ready to show off her nails Christmas style.