Is Burlington a Thrift Store?

Is Burlington a Thrift Store?

Is Burlington a Thrift Store?

It’s not a secondhand shop. Due to space, shoes are not in their boxes. More shoes available means higher sales. We gauge size by how something is—shirts with shirts, pants with pants, and so on. We never wear our shoes. As per business policy, we under no circumstances accept returned shoes worn. We are no longer a factory making coats. 

Two years ago, the name was changed. The focus is no longer on coats. Additionally, the season for “spring coats” is still young. Our winter coat season recently ended.

Are you looking for a great place to find designer clothes at low prices? Check out the Burlington stores. They have 800 locations nationwide and specialize in finding top brands at incredible prices. It’s like a one-stop shop for sensational styles and excellent quality. You’ll be surprised by how much you can save with each visit. Burlington stores are a treasure hunt allowing you to stretch your dollars.

Battery Street Jeans

Battery Street Jeans is a long-time staple in Burlington, Vermont. The store is founded in 1991 and offers vintage clothing, hand-crafted rings, and local art. The store is located on College Street and has a fun, retro atmosphere. The store is run by the Ohavi Zedek Synady, which also runs Shalom Shuk, a Jewish-run thrift shop located on Prospect Street.

Is Burlington a Thrift Store?

Battery Street Jeans is located on College Street in downtown Burlington and is a great place to find a variety of secondhand goods. Many of the items are in good condition, and you can find great deals on many types of clothing. There are also several local artists’ works on display. The store has been operating since 1991 and was initially located on Pine St. in Burlington’s South End.

The Possibility Shop

If you are looking for unique gifts for children, check out the Possibility Shop in Burlington, VT. The Possibility Shop accepts donations of all kinds, including new and gently used toys and those that have been dismantled. The Possibility Shop is located in the First Congregational Church in Burlington.

The Possibility Shop in Burlington is a great thrift store offering reasonably priced items. Check out their hours of operation and contact information to learn more. They also have a good selection of unique items, including home goods, novelty items, and furniture. The Possibility Shop is located at 38 S Winooski Ave in Burlington, VT.

The Arc of Burlington County Thrift Shop

Looking for a great place to shop for a good deal on used products? Try The Arc of Burlington County Thrift Shop in Burlington, NJ. They have some amazing items at great prices. This thrift shop is located at 223 High Street in Burlington, NJ.

The Arc of Burlington County is a non-profit organization that serves adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The organization has been around since 1956 and has a long history of serving the area. Founded by a group of parents, it has helped improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

The Arc offers a variety of programs and services. Whether individuals need help with everyday tasks or want to learn a new skill, The Arc is there to help. Its staff works closely with local adults with disabilities to create a better environment for them. The Arc also has a thrift store in Burlington City, which accepts most types of donations. However, it does not accept stuffed toys, large items, or upholstered furniture. Additionally, the Arc provides lawn care services. Its lawn crew is part of its adult vocational program.

Items accepted at The Arc of Burlington County Th thrift shop include gently used clothing, furniture, housewares, small appliances, electronics, books, collectibles, toys, and household items. Children’s clothes, clothing, shoes, and accessories are also accepted. The store also accepts new pantyhose and tights, which are still in their original packaging.

Project Object Vintage

Project Object Vintage is a boutique that offers beautiful vintage wearables. Each piece is classic and unique but tied together by a modern aesthetic. The selection is based on an appreciation of craftsmanship, form, and personal style. Project Object Vintage is a great place to get unique pieces or browse the racks and try on something.

If you’re looking to resell a piece of furniture or a whole house, this Burlington, Vermont, store accepts gently used furniture, housewares, toys, and books. You can also donate gently used clothing, shoes, bedding, and other accessories, including jewelry.

Online Thrift Stores For The Best Secondhand Clothing


Swap’s “quality & designer finds, $15 or less” section stands out among online consignment stores.

Although that cost does not apply to all of Swap’s used women’s, men’s, plus-size, children’s, and infants’ clothing and footwear, affordability does.

Finding sweaters and shoes for less than the price of a soy latte is relatively easy.

There is something for everyone, with more than 2 million unique items and thousands of new items added daily, including items that don’t fall into the high fashion category that other online thrift stores prioritized.

Swap is currently accepting high-quality items for resale in its North Carolina warehouse. In addition, the swap has offices in the U.S. and Europe.


Women’s and children’s pre-owned apparel can be found at the online consignment shop thredUP.

One of the largest online consignment shops for clothing, they feature millions of goods from 35,000 brands and more than 52.6 million vendors, “from Gap to Gucci.”

They’re ideal if you’re looking for a cheap online thrift store because they’re one of the most affordable choices.

But they do more than stay within the budget. This plus size thrift shop features a maternity section in addition to a tiny plus size filter.

Want to organize your closet but aren’t looking to spend anything? The Clean Out Kit, a huge polka-dot bag that can be filled with clothing from their accepted brand’s list and shipped back, is the first step in the thredUP selling process.


UK-based Beyond Retro interrupts the runway display with disco-inspired attire and antique glitz. The online secondhand shop for men and women has a bohemian fashionista’s dream selection of items from the 1960s through the 1990s. Thousands of new items are added every week, and 90 million objects find new homes every year.

Is Burlington a Thrift Store?

They also offer an upcycled clothing line called Reworked Vintage to raise that number even higher. Although they don’t offer the option of reselling used clothing, they give students a discount.


Is Burlington like a Tjmaxx?

It is very similar to a T.J. Maxx or a Marshalls in that it offers name-brand clothing at prices significantly lower than those at your typical department store.

What are the largest thrift stores?

Community Thrift Store & Donation Center lays claim to the title of the biggest thrift store in the United States. The Community Thrift Store, 74,000 square feet in size and more significant than ten typical Goodwills, is situated in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

Are Burlington Shoes used?

We never wear our shoes. As per business policy, we under no circumstances accept returned shoes worn. We are no longer a factory making coats.

What is Burlington store famous for?

Since opening its first location in 1972, Burlington Coat Factory has grown to own and run 500 locations across 44 states and Puerto Rico. It offers discounted brand-name shoes, clothing, baby furniture, and accessories. Additionally, the business runs the Super Baby Depot, Cohoes Fashions, and MJM Designers Shoes.

Best Time to Visit a Thrift Store? 

There isn’t an “ideal” day to shop at thrift stores, although many regulars swear by going early on Monday and Tuesday. On Sunday evenings, homeowners frequently bring off garage sale leftovers, resulting in fresh finds. Additionally, employees try to restock early in the week because the weekends are busier shopping days.

What should you wear thrifting?

Since you’ll be doing a lot of thrifting, your clothing should be comfortable, and your shoes shouldn’t be a hassle to put on or take off. Also, be ready to change on the shop floor if necessary because some businesses lack changing areas.

Is it safe to wear pants from the thrift store?

To address your question, thrifting is hygienic. I know that wearing someone else’s clothes is gross but consider this: When you shop at a thrift store, you always wash the items before wearing them. 

Is it safe to buy from thrift stores?

Regarding safety, thrift store shopping will be similar to other in-store shopping. Social distancing policies will be in place at many businesses, organizations, and drop-off locations that are getting ready to reopen.