5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty at Home Service In U.K

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty at Home Service In U.K

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty at Home Service In U.K

Suppose you’re looking to add a little bit of extra pizazz to your makeup routine. In that case, you may want to consider downloading one of the many makeup apps available on both iOS and Android devices. These apps make it easy to order beauty services such as eyelash extensions, manicures, blowouts, pedicures, facials, and more right from your smartphone or tablet. When it comes to the best beauty apps in the UK, several stand out among the crowd, and these are some of the best ones available.

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty at Home Service In U.K

1. Le Salon

Women are increasingly looking for ways to look good without the effort of going to a salon, and products like the Le Salon app are changing the beauty industry. The app, the brainchild of founder Sarah Brown, is a beauty booking service that allows users to book on-demand beauty services and products. After launching her first salon in Cardiff, Brown realized there was a market for the service.

This app allows you to find salons near you and book appointments on your iPhone or iPad. Once you’ve booked a meeting, it will send both parties a reminder through push notifications. The service is also planning on launching a chat feature that will allow users to communicate with their stylists right from their phones. 

Advantages of Le Salon

Le Salon makes it easy for consumers who want top-quality products but don’t have time to stop by a salon. Whether you’re looking for a haircut or makeup application from your favourite stylist, Le Salon delivers. No appointment is necessary, and unlike other apps that focus solely on one aspect of beauty, Le Salon covers all bases. The best part about it? It’s affordable with no appointments necessary!

How to book Le Salon service

LE SALON is an app that helps users book services from certified stylists, including blowouts, hair dyeing and more. LE SALON uses a booking system that gives people instant access to its service providers by syncing appointments with local salons. Unlike other on-demand beauty apps, LE SALON focuses on providing quality services.

There are three levels of service: Bridal, weekly blowouts and complete hair makeovers. Users can request appointment times using a slider on each stylist’s profile page based on day, time and desired service type. The salon verifies requests before they can be booked via a credit card authorization; otherwise, available slots are made available to all users 24 hours later.

2. Blow Ltd

This app is a one-stop-shop for makeup services. Blow offers various beauty treatments tailored to your individual needs and delivered right to your door. No matter how you’re feeling or what style you’re going for, there’s something for everyone.

The professional artists who work for Blow are incredibly talented and will do everything to ensure you walk away from your experience feeling like a million bucks! Here’s how it works: Tell them about yourself, upload a selfie photo (if you want), choose your appointment type (makeover/wedding etc.), select date/time and waitlist option, and read through artist information and bio; once done select confirm booking button.

Advantages of Blow Ltd makeup service 

The Blow Ltd makeup service is available 24/7 to all customers. The clients can get a customized schedule that matches their specific needs, and they can make changes whenever they want. With Blow Ltd, a client has access to seven different teams of makeup experts; that means you can find someone to cover your daily look or help you with a special event. If you’re interested in getting on-demand beauty services at home, reach out for an appointment today!

How to get an appointment with Blow Ltd app

Using Blow, you can schedule an appointment with a stylist near you and get your hair cut on demand. Booking is super easy: Log into your account, view available stylists in your area and pick which one you’d like to see.

When it’s time for your appointment, show up and pay for just 10 minutes at a time (typically about $8). There are even options for blowouts that include back massage and scalp treatment. The service is currently available only in London but will expand soon throughout Europe. 

3. Uspaah

Uspaah is a mobile app that provides a platform for customers to get beauty treatments in the comfort of their homes. The customers can use the app to browse the list of services in their city and book a treatment with their preferred service provider or beautician.

The app has been designed to keep the customers and service providers connected, and Uspaah ensures that the service providers are available at the time of the booking. The customers can also request service by using the “Request Booking” option. The app provides a secure payment gateway for customers to pay online through the app quickly.

Uspaah is an on-demand service that offers both makeup artists and beauty therapists. You can request their services at a low cost wherever you are in London. The Uspaah team will find a qualified makeup artist or beautician who will be with you shortly, ready to work their magic. With makeup sessions starting at £30, Uspaah is one of your cheapest options if you’re looking for quick on-demand beauty services near you.

If you’re not keen on getting into total drag but want a few extra minutes with a beautician—such as an exfoliation treatment or facial—you can also book these sessions through Uspaah for around £45 each.

Advantages of Uspaah makeup service

Uspaah is a superb app for makeup users. Uspaah doesn’t only offer makeup services; you can also go for pedicures and spas and even have someone come to your house and treat you like a princess! If you’re looking for high-quality makeup but are tight on cash, you don’t have to go out of your way—Uspaah will take care of all your beauty needs right from home.

How to get an appointment with Uspaah

I’ve talked a lot about how technology is changing how we do business and create new services, but as a consumer, you don’t have to wait for innovation; you can use your phone today. Let me tell you how. An app called Uspaah lets you request an on-demand makeover from one of their many stylists based anywhere in London.

It’s not cheap — you pay upfront (between £60 and £150), including anything from makeup application, hair styling or nail painting. Still, money is well spent for many women because most beauty appointments tend to be quite pricey. With Uspaah, however, prices are a bit more flexible.

4. Secret Spa

This app is excellent for busy women who want to look fabulous but don’t have time for spa treatments. SpaSpa allows you to schedule spa services, such as massages, manicures and facials, around your schedule with just a few taps on your smartphone. With Secret Spa, you can get real professionals – from top salons in town – to come directly to your home or office. Booking is super simple, and everything from payments to communicating with your spurrier is done through the app.

There is a product of the moment that has captivated the people’s attention, which has never been so popular. It is called Secret Spa, and it is a fantastic facial mask made to be used at home. This mask works: you put a layer of cream on your face and after 20 minutes, wash it off with warm water. It is impressive, and you can use it alone or with your partner. It is a great way to relax and feel good.

Advantages of Secret Spa

The secret spa app has all you need and more. Customers can get hot stone massages, manicures, pedicures and facials. They offer up to 50% off for first-time customers and loyalty cards that earn points every time you visit them. The app also provides $50 off a home service when it’s your birthday month or refer a friend scheme.

There are no contracts which give lots of flexibility and allow you to have fun with new services. Their highly trained professionals will come directly to your door after booking through an app, making sure they arrive precisely when they say they will say so that there is no waiting around for hours after booking an appointment – something that many women hate. Doing!

How to get an appointment at Secret Spa  

Secret Spa is an on-demand beauty service provider that has come up with an innovative solution for its customers, essentially bringing beauty services right into your home. If you are one of those who hate going out to get a mani-pedi or get your brows threaded, Secret Spa may be what you need!

You have to download their app and log on to your account using your email address and phone number. Now, you can request appointments. The best part about Secret Spa’s delivery process is that they will connect you with a licensed beautician who lives nearby where you live. Most women prefer getting such services from someone closer because it saves them a lot of hassle than travelling across town.

5. Urban

The newest offering from UrBrows, Urban, offers high-quality beauty services such as facials, pedicures and massages. Using a unique booking system that allows clients to select their preferred service, they can also add on treatments like manicures or keratin smoothing treatments before or after their primary appointment.

All services are available 24/7, so you can treat yourself whenever convenient for you! No more relying on someone else’s schedule! Prices start at £30 for standard facials and pedicures, up to £50 for extended pampering sessions with massages. This is one app you want on your phone!

Advantages of Urban

Urban beauty app is a service that provides on-demand home beauty services. Suppose you are looking for professional makeup and hair professionals who can give makeup and hairdressing, waxing or nail art services at your doorsteps. In that case, the urban beauty app is an excellent platform.

With a wide range of more than 15 different services, the urban beauty app offers satisfaction as these professionals will not just be doing all such essential things but will also guide you about your look and help you enhance your personality to gain special attention from others around you. This online facility makes it very easy for customers who do not have time to travel far away.

How to get an appointment with Urban

The urban app has been around for quite some time now. The urban app offers on-demand beauty services such as manicures, pedicures, waxing and more from a network of thousands of licensed professionals. They are one of the leading companies in the home beauty service industry.

The urban app is available only in major cities in the UK like London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham. To use it, you will need a smartphone with iOS 8 or Android 4.4 or above version so make sure your phone is updated before signing up for an account. Unlike some other apps, the urban app comes for free, but you may have to pay extra if you want expert services such as permanent makeup, body treatments etc.

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty at Home Service In U.K


We’re always looking for new apps to help users make the most of their time. Whether it’s on-demand beauty at home services for makeup or on-demand beauty at home services for hair removal, we think it’s essential to provide our customers with excellent services that they’ll love. 

It’s challenging to find a cosmetics application that perfectly matches your skin type, features or price. Fortunately, plenty of apps allow you to order makeup services today with just a few clicks. We will discuss five applications and consider their advantages. Let’s go!