Why do I have Wrinkles on my Forehead at 13 & 15? | 10 Best Remedies

Why do I have Wrinkles on my Forehead at 13 & 15? |10 Best Remedies

Why do I have Wrinkles on my Forehead at 13 & 15? | 10 Best Remedies

I’ve had this question for a long time and have also wondered the same thing. I find myself constantly checking my forehead in the mirror to see if there is any sign of wrinkles. 

I would often think that it was just from squinting. Still, then it would worsen after a while, even though I didn’t change anything externally or internally. So if you’re wondering why you’re already getting wrinkles on your forehead, worry not! We’ve got you covered and are here to help.

Why do people get wrinkled faces?

When people think about what causes wrinkles, one of the most common answers is that the sun’s UV rays can damage the skin. However, there’s more to it than just that.

Sun exposure isn’t necessarily, in fact, the only thing that causes wrinkles, and as you will see in this article, these are not “natural” signs of aging but rather an expression of a chemical change that occurs in our skin when it is overstressed. 

10 Best Remedies for Wrinkles on Forehead at 13 or 15: 

1) Coconut Oil

Apply this nourishing oil onto the skin of your face in circular motions morning & night. Let it soak into the skin, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Your skin should feel fresh, hydrated, and smooth afterward!

2) Soak in a warm bath

Fill a tub with just enough warm water to submerge yourself comfortably. Now, relax your legs and feet in between your waist. Allow time for the water to fill the tub. Once done, take a bath and notice how refreshed you feel afterward!

3) Dietary changes

Avoid junk food or other unhealthy foods when it comes to diet and health. You don’t have to avoid eating them altogether but make sure they don’t form part of your daily meals. This will ensure you maintain a healthy body frame.

4) Medication

What better way is there than taking prescribed medication for it? If a prescription isn’t given to you by a doctor, then visit a neighborhood pharmacy and ask for advice regarding the same. The utmost important thing to remember is to observe the prescribed dosage as prescribed.

5) Avoid Alcohol

Consumption of alcohol in large quantities can make you look older. If your parents allow you to drink, then don’t make a habit out of it.

6) Scrubs

Some people swear by this remedy by saying that scrubs get rid of wrinkles. Apply the same on your face regularly to bring back your youthfulness! On top of this, scrubs emit nourishing ingredients that are great for your skin!

7) Exfoliate

Exfoliation allows dead cells on the skin surface to be pulled off and exfoliated from the skin. This is great for the skin and makes it look healthy, smooth, and toned.

8) Vitamins

You can get these from eating certain foods or taking supplements. Either way, do not forget to add them to your diet if you want to maintain a healthy body!

9) Keep your face hydrated

You can use a moisturizer on your face or simply drink water. However, make sure that you keep your skin hydrated because it is the first thing that will show signs of aging!

10) Go for facials

Do this at least once a week and even go more often! Everyone is wrinkling at a much younger age these days, including teens. So what’s the deal with that? 

Common Reasons why People get Wrinkles at such a young age?

Wrinkles in the face happen because of 3 unavoidable factors:

1) Sun damage: When your skin gets exposed to UV rays for extended periods, collagen and elastin in the skin start to break down. The more time you spend in the sun and the less time you take off, it-the more this will happen. The wrinkles you see on your face are a testament to all those hours spent outdoors without sunscreen as a child (or worse yet—with sunscreen).

2) Sleeping Habits: When you sleep, you have an “active recovery” period where the body performs certain functions to recover from the day, specifically during REM sleep. So, if you’re not getting enough sleep, the body doesn’t get to do its part of the recovery job.

3) Smoking: Like sleeping habits, smoking prevents your face from breathing while asleep. The carbon in cigarette smoke blocks oxygen and stops blood circulation in the capillaries of your face. As a result of these three factors together (plus genetics), your skin starts to age prematurely. So what can you do about it?

You don’t want a babyface your whole life. So here are two things you can do to get rid of facial wrinkles:

1) Treat sun damage

2) Improve your sleeping habits

Treating Sun Damage 

If you use sunscreen regularly, then you’re off to a good start for wrinkle prevention. If not, then this might be the right time to start. Manufacturers have come up with special reconstructing products that will help undo some sun damage that’s already been done. These won’t be as effective as they would’ve been if they were used when the skin was more youthful and damage-free.

A good product that combats the sun damage must have SPF 46. It contains antioxidants and products that help in rebuilding collagen, which is good news if you have sun damage on top of wrinkles already. 

If your skin has a lot of wrinkle-cause sun damage, you might want to consider getting some professional help. A dermatologist can recommend special topical treatments to remove the wrinkles caused by sun damage and suggest some other tips to keep your skin healthy in the long run.

Improve your sleeping habits

As we’ve seen before, it’s important to get enough sleep at night. But moreover, it’s not just about how much sleep you get. The quality matters too.

What to do if you get Wrinkles at Young Age?

Some people may think that you are unlucky to have wrinkles at a young age, which is most likely due to genetics. You could try putting on some makeup, but if it continues or you can’t keep the area covered, then consult an expert for help. The best way would be to carefully take care of your skin and use creams. If all else fails, get a treatment from a dermatologist that may include laser procedures or medication such as botox”.

In our teens, the first signs of aging seem to hit when we least expect them. “In youth, the skin is plump and relatively free of wrinkles,” says dermatologist Ronald Moy. “But as a result of growth, hormones and natural aging, structural changes occur in the skin that predisposes it to wrinkles.”

All of this can happen long before you’ve worried about your wrinkles. But when you’re 13 or 15, or even 20, it’s hard to fathom these changes in your skin. So when do wrinkles start? What causes them? And what can be done about them?

“It’s true that certain parts of the face wrinkle at certain ages,” says an expert dermatologist. “The laugh lines around the mouth crease first at age 25”.

Many people have heard that you get wrinkles at such a young age for a lot of reasons. For example, tension, depression, or it can just be a gene transfer that makes your face wrinkle at such a young age. 

You can use makeup to cover the wrinkles. Using the right tone foundation can be one of the best choices that you can go for. 

Or, if you’re concerned about the wrinkles, or they can’t be unseen, you can consult a dermatologist that will give you the right medication or for a laser process that will burn the excessive fat tissues.

Every teenager is going to wrinkle. You know that. It’s just a part of aging. The question is when they will age and how much they will age. Many teens are already seeing the first signs of aging in their teens, but it’s not as common to have wrinkles in your late twenties these days as it used to be. That doesn’t mean you’re safe for life, though! Wrinkles can happen at any time in your life, so make sure you take care of your skin from now on.

Age of Teens Getting Younger Every Year?

A lot of people say that teens are getting older faster than they used to be. Maybe it’s because there is a lot more stress and pressure from school, war, a bad economy, and more. But, life can be fun when you’re young and don’t have much responsibility on your shoulders! 

You can get away with just about anything. That seems to be the case for a lot of people. However, wrinkles seem to pop up at different ages these days. Some say it’s because of the stress we face every day or maybe even the pollution in the world around us. Other people say it’s because most teens are now starting to drink and smoke. 

We Look Older Than Our Years — Is it True?

Some people wonder if they look older than their years. A recent survey says that most people think they look older than they really are. It’s hard to tell, though, because a lot of teens have bad skin from all their acne (not fun at all). 

Many teenagers start to show fine lines and wrinkles when they’re just 15! Some say that if you’re a teenager and already have wrinkles, you should start taking better care of your skin.

Wrinkles and Acne — What is the Reason?

The two main reasons people have wrinkles early on in life are acne and stress. Unfortunately, the first signs of aging seem to hit when we least expect them – in our teens. Many of us work hard at managing our skin as we age but neglect to follow good daily skin care habits that can help ward off wrinkles in the future. 

The best way to get rid of acne and wrinkles at a young age is to have a good skincare routine. Use gentle moisturizers during acne treatment and avoid scrubbing the skin too hard. When you’re washing your face (and remember to always wash your face thoroughly before going to bed), consider letting a warm shower open your pores, followed by some cool water (to close them).

When is it okay to have wrinkles? 

According to skin experts, you should already start seeing some signs of wrinkling at the age of 28, and by 50 years old, you should be experiencing more wrinkle formations on your face. However, we are not certain of what is considered “normal” when it comes to younger people.

Why do wrinkles appear on young faces?

Well, according to experts, this phenomenon could be due to our modern life. We live an ever-growing busier lifestyle, which means we don’t get enough shut-eye, and some parents do not give kids enough time outside in the sun. Some other factors like pollution and stress may also be leading to this change in the facial structure of teens around the world.

It’s important to note that even though wrinkles appear on our faces at all ages, they are more commonly observed in younger people, which shouldn’t be taken lightly. Wrinkles aren’t a natural sign of aging. They’re a natural sign of damage.

We’ve seen this phenomenon before in the form of skin conditions like acne. Acne occurs when your body is in an imbalance with certain key chemicals, so if you managed to avoid acne at a young age and have remained free from it thereafter, you won’t be experiencing any more outbreaks as the years go by.


Many teenagers start to show fine lines and wrinkles when they’re just 15! Some say that if you’re a teenager and already have wrinkles, you should start taking better care of your skin.

Many of us work hard at managing our skin as we age but neglect to follow good daily skin care habits that can help ward off wrinkles in the future. The best way to get rid of acne and wrinkles at a young age is to have a good skincare routine.