How to Make a Unique Design for Burberry Acrylic Nails or Louis Vuitton Nails


Acrylic nails are becoming more and more popular with girls! And the truth is that the designs that you can do are extremely varied, and this time we have brought you some very beautiful nail designs that you can easily do at home. Are you experimenting with different nail designs? These will enchant you.

What materials do I need to make an acrylic nail design?

Before starting to run, it is necessary to know how to walk. And therefore, it is important that you first know the necessary materials to make acrylic nails at home easily. Make a note so you know what you will need:

  • Antiseptic gel to clean nails and all materials to prevent fungal reproduction.
  • Brush to clean the dust.
  • Cleaner to clean the nails.
  • Diluted alcohol.
  • Orange opal cuticle embosser.
  • Acrylic gel or powder.
  • LED lamp.
  • Files 150/150 and 100/180.
  • Monomer or liquid for sculpting.
  • Special cotton for nails.
  • Brushes to apply the acrylic. 
  • Top Coat.
  • Dappen glass to prevent monomer from evaporating.

Keep in mind that depending on the finish you want to give your nails, it will be necessary for you to acquire different types of acrylics. For example, you can choose from the following:

  • Translucent acrylic: It is the most common, and is used to shape the nail.
  • Pink Acrylic Powder: Used to give a natural appearance.
  • White acrylic: For French type nails.
  • Acrylic covers: They are used to cover imperfections or bruises on the nails.
  • Colored acrylics: It is used to decorate the nails.

How to make Burberry acrylic nails

The Burberry design is being widely used lately, since it is a very good option for everyone and the truth is that it is spectacular. If you want to try this design, you can follow these simple steps to make Burberry acrylic nails at home:

  • Make sure you choose the correct nail size. The more it fits the nails the better, as that will determine that it looks very natural.
  • Clean natural nails, completely removing any polish. And if you don’t have enamel, clean with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt that may be there.
  • Remove the cuticle with the orange stick, and cut the dead skin that remains around it. 
  • Nails should be short so file the edges and sides. File gently over the nails to remove natural oil from them. Disinfect each nail before proceeding.
  • Now it is time to place the mold to sculpt the nail. This must be well fixed on the nail, so that you can determine the shape and length of the nails.
  • Apply a coat of primer on the nail and let it dry very well. Wet the brush with a little monomer and when it drains, wet it with the acrylic powder for three seconds. Keep in mind that the mixture should not be too runny or too dry.
  • Apply the first coat to the beginning of the nail, and the following coats spread across the nail. Focus on the area in the center, called the zone of tension.
  • Now, it is time to give the nail a better shape with the help of the files. Once ready, it will be time for design.
  • You can use molds or special stickers for this with the Burberry design. You just have to place the bands of the design on the nails, and cover it with one more layer of acrylic.
  • Remember to dry each application with the lamp. And once dry, file over the nail to make sure everything is very well polished.  

Louis Vuitton acrylic nail designs

The procedure to apply acrylic nails is very simple, as is removing them at home, as long as you follow the previous steps and maintain good hygiene to avoid fungus.

If you want to make a Louis Vuitton acrylic nail design, you just have to follow the same procedure as above and if you wish, choose between designing it yourself or with the help of a mold or a sticker. Either way they will be spectacular! Try it more and more often, and you will see how the designs will look better and better.