Can a high heel be used as a weapon? Best high heel trample ideas for self-defense

    Can a high heel be used as a weapon? Best high heel trample ideas for self-defense

    Can a high heel be used as a weapon? Best high heel trample ideas for self-defense

    Martial arts experts may soon be offering lessons to British women on using high heels to defend themselves against attackers. Can you dare tell them that it’s a bad idea? In self-defense situations, women may be caught wearing high-heeled shoes. Therefore, some martial arts schools teach students to use high heels as a weapon of self-defense.

    British women will learn to use heels as a weapon in a self-defense class. According to The Sunday Times, Avital Zeisler, a former ballerina, developed a technique known as the Soteria Method after being sexually assaulted. She teaches women how to hit an attacker with the heel of her arm or stomp her foot.

    Best high heel trample ideas for self-defense

    You can use long, pointed high heels as “spikes” to deter attacks and give them time to escape. Moreover, you can use these high heel spikes to hit or step on the attacker’s feet, knees, groin, etc. However, their use as a hand weapon in self-defense scenarios (i.e., attackers) is useful.

    However, remember that the best self-defense is to avoid situations that could put a person at risk. Students must practice martial arts self-defense under the close supervision of a trained martial arts instructor.

    How to choose the best high heels to use as a weapon ?

    Women should be able to defend themselves, no matter what kind of shoes they are wearing,” said Avital Zeisler, 26, a former ballerina who teaches a class about Self-Defense in New York, where women learn to defend themselves. How to wear heels and use them as a weapon Despite her saying that she never refuses heels, she has a special secret when choosing heels. According to her, always check these four things before buying any heel for yourself:

    1. It should be comfortable
    2. It should contain moderate heel height
    3. You can also choose a thicker heel
    4. It will be better if your heel has a flexible arch

    Moreover, you can also check for sneaking a few kicks, pivots, and a survival stance while trying them in a store.

    Stilettos and Self-Defense Class

    This class delivers a lecture on women’s self-defense. According to them, a woman should defend herself, regardless of what kind of shoes she is wearing. They teach them how to protect themselves via their heels or without heels. “I made the decision some time ago that self-defense would not compromise the quality of life or femininity,” Zeisler says in the video. “I love to wear high heels and will continue to wear them in the future.”

    Zeisler is a former ballet dancer who studied Krav Maga and other self-defense techniques after being attacked. During an interview with INSIDER, she said, “From the first day I started learning self-defense, as a woman, I started modifying, adapting, and creating survival tactics for myself.” It led to her method of self-defense, the Soteria Method, named after the Greek goddess of safety. Zeisler now runs classes and workshops for the general public. Her clients range from police officers to celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, who said “life-changing.”

    How to attack with heels for self-defense?

    Her approach has four aspects: preaching situational awareness, composure when attacking, and concentration. 

    1. Take off your shoes if possible while maintaining concentration and balance. 
    2. If you can’t take your shoes off in time, put your weight on the soles of your feet, so you don’t have to run in them and balance on your heels.
    3. Wear your heels and defend yourself. Once again, put your weight on the ball of your foot. Use your heels as a secondary weapon in moves like defensive kicks if you’re on the floor. Glue your heels to the attacker. 
    4. Turn your heels into temporary weapons. Grasp the body of the boot with your heels forward and perform a hammer fist, such as hitting a wall.

    Zeisler added, “My mission is to show women the true way to create, live and protect the lives they love so that they can ultimately live up to their dreams.”

    High heels as a weapon

    Anything sharp can be a weapon, and heels are no exception. Ask Avital Zeisler, a self-defense expert. Her self-defense method uses her heels as a weapon. You can use those points to deal damage. Most movies deal with villains, whether human or not. 

    If you can overcome the discomfort and instability of the heel, that point can hurt your opponent. Pointed heel strikes in combat scenes can certainly do some damage.

    High Heel with Pepper Spray

    Violence against women led a young college student to develop high heels with pepper spray as a self-defense accessory. The Security Taste project was conceived by Ditza Aramburo Gutiérrez, a textile design graduate at the University of Iberoamericano in Puebla, Mexico. Each shoe has a 13-centimeter (5.1-in) heel, and an internal pepper spray can give women quick access to the spray when intimidating. “Chilli Gas has a little velcro that attaches to the heel. Both heels have two holes depending on whether the woman has a right hand or left hand. (So) the easiest to remove (spray cans),” said the young woman. Aramburo has designed five models of her pepper spray shoes, all built within four months as part of the lead work before launch.


    Soteria is the goddess of security. Stilettos, platforms, and pumps can be effective weapons if you know how to use them. This approach teaches women to be more aware of their surroundings first. Keep your back on the surface if you can, and make sure no one comes up behind you. Then by staying calm, focus on the event of the attack. So that on the street, when your mind is trying to compose and create a reaction, you can go into the story and think they’ve reacted to some degree.