Russian and Ukrainian Beauty Standards Explained

    Russian and Ukrainian beauty standards explained

    Russian and Ukrainian Beauty Standards Explained

    The idea of beauty being universal isn’t true, especially regarding national preferences and beauty standards. Take the example of Russia and Ukraine, two countries with different tastes regarding their preferred type of beauty.

    While some overlap exists, there are distinct differences you can use to your advantage if you’re dating someone from one of these two countries. It’s how to continue making the most out of whatever Russian or Ukrainian beauty standards you have!

    General Beauty Standards in Russia

    In general, Russians tend to have a more conservative look than other nationalities. While lots of makeup isn’t discouraged, going overboard is typically seen as unprofessional or immature. High heels are popular for both men and women; most Russian males will wear stylish high heels from time to time, even if they’re uncomfortable.

    The most important thing is to dress well without seeming like you’re trying too hard. If you go out in public in your pajamas, people will assume that you don’t care about how you look. So don’t do that! Wear clothes that fit properly and match each other.

    It’s not mandatory to follow fashion trends, but it’s recommended because looking fashionable means looking modern and current. If everyone else is wearing leggings with t-shirts, then wearing leggings with a button-up shirt can make you stand out.

    Also, remember that not every trend works for every body type, you’ll need to find styles that flatter your figure while remaining appropriate for work. 

    How do you get thick eyebrows in Russia?

    Growing your brows can be difficult, but you can grow thick brows with a little patience and dedication in no time. Brows are all about expression, so if you want to change your look, all you have to do is work on getting those full, dark eyebrows. Nobody will be capable of standing up to them!

    If your goal is to fill out thin brows or shape them, it’s easier than growing them from scratch. Many different products promise to give fuller-looking eyebrows in a few days. Still, none work, so don’t waste your money! Instead, use some black powder eyeshadow that matches your hair color and sprinkle it over your brows every day before you go out.

    How do you achieve snow-white skin in Russia?

    For most Russian women, blemish-free skin is one of their biggest concerns. But, contrary to popular belief that they all use chemical peels, facials, or expensive anti-aging creams, no special products are needed – just a healthy lifestyle. The secret lies in balanced nutrition, proper hygiene, and avoiding too much sun exposure.

    The key point here is avoiding too much sun exposure: as soon as you see your first freckle appear on your face, it’s time to start using sunscreen every day! It’s also important not to smoke (ever) and drink alcohol moderately. If you don’t have time for a workout every day, consider walking instead of taking public transportation or riding in an elevator – it will help you keep fit without even noticing it!

    General Beauty Standards in Ukraine?

    The majority of women in Ukraine are blond-haired with blue or green eyes. As for body types, slim to athletic is preferred. Men value good looks in women; most dating sites (if not all) will have pictures mandatory on a profile. Women show off their legs as often as possible and wear little clothing when hot outside.

    If you’re single and traveling to Ukraine, be prepared for men to stop you on the street constantly trying to talk to you or take you out for drinks; it’s not uncommon here either. However, don’t be alarmed if they touch your arm or shoulder; that’s how people communicate here in Ukraine!

    In general, make sure you’ve dressed appropriately before going out in public – no matter where you go. Also, be aware that flirting is common between strangers, so don’t feel like something weird is happening if someone smiles at you. It’s normal here!

    How do you have long hair in Ukraine?

    If you want to keep your hair long, then no problem. You’ll need to visit a hairdresser every month or so for a trim – although you might be expected to cut it yourself at home! It’s easy to take care of long hair when you know how, but ask your friends or family for tips if you don’t have any experience with it. Also, remember a range of suitable haircuts for Russian and Ukrainian women.

    Whatever haircut appeals to you most is fine, as long as it works with your face shape! Long hair looks great on many different face shapes. The important thing is to style it to suit your look. For example, girls with oval faces should avoid wearing their hair all one length because they look more round than oval-shaped with short hairstyles like pixie cuts or bobs.

    They can wear their hair down without styling it much to ensure they’re not giving off an overly-round impression. In contrast, girls with square faces should consider going for longer hairstyles such as braids and ponytails to soften their sharp jawlines. Girls who want bangs will also look good in these styles because they draw attention away from a forehead that’s too broad by framing the eyes instead.

    How do you have slender legs in Ukraine?

    In Ukraine, don’t wear heels more than 5 inches high to have slender legs. Avoid wearing shorts or skirts, especially above the knees. To have slender legs in Ukraine, use smooth stockings. A natural look is not welcome for women, who should always use some makeup.

    Be careful while walking in heels because beautiful eyes are looking at you and drunk guys who might help you walk on your beautiful legs! As soon as possible, after that, go to the restroom and wash off your makeup because it’s better for a woman to be natural than sexy!


    Well, I hope you learned something about Russian and Ukrainian culture. I wanted to create a comprehensive guide for all of you who are interested in Eastern European girls but didn’t know where to start. Remember, most rules of attraction vary from culture to culture, so don’t make any generalized assumptions about an entire region or country. Every nation has its own set of ideals!