Spanish and German Beauty Standards Explained

Spanish and German Beauty Standards Explained

Spanish and German Beauty Standards Explained

All had heard the articulation “beauty is subjective of the beholder,” but this adage may not be entirely accurate. While most people would agree that beauty comes from within, certain characteristics are widely considered universally attractive throughout cultures and societies, including youthfulness, symmetry, and even specific facial features such as eyes and lips.

However, these characteristics can vary widely from one country to another, leading to variations in what different people consider beautiful – or at least socially desirable – in different parts of the world.

General Beauty Standards in Spain

Spanish women are typically pale, with fair hair and light-colored eyes. They often wear very little makeup (and it’s usually very natural if they wear it), highlighting their natural beauty. The ideal body shape for Spanish women is thin; however, many Spanish men don’t have a problem with curvier figures. In general, people in Spain tend to dress more casually than in other countries in Europe.

As far as nudity is concerned: It’s totally fine to sunbathe topless on any beach or pool during daylight hours – though you may get some funny looks from locals if you’re American! You’ll need to cover up on most beaches and pools at night. If you’re visiting a nightclub or bar at night, be aware that revealing clothing is not permitted inside. Women should always cover their shoulders and knees when entering such establishments.

Men should also keep their shirts tucked in when inside public places. Also, while flirting is common in Spain, overt displays of affection between partners are frowned upon. You can say I love you to your partner, but only after being together for years, and even then, it’s best to do so only in private.

General Beauty Standards in Germany

In Germany, women are expected to have medium-to-long hair properly maintained. A thick head of hair is considered beautiful; people tend to prefer hair that is straight, shiny, and smooth.

Men are also expected to have medium-to-long hair with even length around their heads. All men and women are expected to have facial hair (beards for men) and to keep it properly trimmed.

In Germany, it isn’t socially acceptable for someone to let their facial hair grow wild or unkempt. All these men and women are expected to have full brows that are not thinned out or drawn on. Eyebrows should be groomed neatly without any stray hairs.

Eyelashes must be groomed similarly; eyelashes should not stick straight out but instead look natural and compliment your eyes. Nails should always be kept clean and trimmed down so they don’t poke you when you type on a keyboard or pick things up with your hands.

The same goes for toes; if nails are long enough to touch your shoes, trim them down so you don’t accidentally scratch yourself while walking through doorways or sitting down at a table. Finally, both men and women are expected to wear makeup regularly.

Makeup can include lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, blush/bronzer/highlighter/etc. Makeup is an important part of looking put together. If you don’t like wearing makeup or can’t afford it, there are plenty of ways to make yourself look put together without using makeup—you need to know what those ways are!

For example: wearing high-quality clothing will make you appear more put together than cheap clothing. Similarly: dressing appropriately for an occasion will make you appear more put together than dressing inappropriately for an occasion will.

Recommendations for Spanish Women

Spaniards love keeping themselves looking great. After all, it’s in their national motto: Dios, Patria, Rey. (Country, King). While men are less fixated on looks and more on finding a partner who will cook them a good meal every night of the week (which is why they wait until they’re 40 to get married), women are expected to marry by 23 or risk being labeled old maids. There is another option for women who don’t want to rush into marriage or be considered old maids by society: stay single and have plastic surgery!

Nowadays, most Spanish celebrities look like drag queens because many have gone under the knife for breast implants or liposuction. It’s gotten so bad that even during soccer games, you can hear people shout Plastic! At players who look as if they had some work done. But what about those women who want to look healthy? That seems to be something that has been lost here in Spain.

Most girls think it’s normal for a woman only to eat salads and do tons of cardio each day. Some even starve themselves to lose weight faster instead of learning how to eat right and maintain an active lifestyle without starving themselves. This behavior is extremely unhealthy and dangerous when carried out over long periods.

Recommendations for German Women

Like Spanish women, German women are often believed to be very attractive. However, if you look at what they consider beautiful, it will not match what you’ve heard. In Germany, having blonde hair or light eyes is ideal. An athletic build is also considered desirable in Germany, especially for younger girls.

It’s also important for them to have clear skin and white teeth. Finally, Germans value confidence in their partners; both men and women should be self-assured without being overconfident or pushy about themselves. The key here is balance. While Spaniards want their significant others to be passionate, Germans tend to value more rational emotions regarding relationships.

If you’re trying to attract a German man or woman, showing your intelligence can go a long way toward making yourself more appealing. It’s worth noting that women are expected to emphasize family more than men when dating someone from Germany.


The differences between Spanish and German beauty standards are fairly subtle. Both cultures value a pale skin tone and thick, dark hair. Though lighter hair is more common in Spain, it’s not uncommon to see darker-haired Spaniards with dark eyebrows or auburn highlights. The same is true for Germany—though many of its citizens are blonde, dark eyebrows or brunette locks with light highlights aren’t uncommon.

In both countries, women tend to have clear skin, defined cheekbones, and thin lips. Eye makeup is subtle but always present. Both cultures also share a love of neutral colors such as beige, black, and navy blue. Still, they’re completely different in their clothing preferences.