What is the best haircut for mature women? Trend of short haircuts for mature women


In this age, more than in any other, older women have many possibilities of different styles that they can enjoy and try. The trends for older women have been updated, and even the most elegant and elderly can enjoy a completely unique style. Going totally out of the ordinary, you too can dare to try something completely new.

Best haircuts for mature women

Today the trends are crazy, however mature women have known how to stand out, in unique haircut styles that will make them look incredible. Discover your ideal look with us!

Short hair

When we refer to short hair, we mean truly short. Don’t think about cutting it to the shoulders, because nowadays the best hairstyles are totally short. Imagine a style like Kris Jenner, who has been sporting her iconic hairstyle for many years. The evolution of hairstyles over the years has managed to combine numerous trends to create a unique style.

You can cut your hair much higher than the shoulders, and create a fringe that will be very chic and modern. You can combine many models, waves, completely straight, small curlers, as you wish. Without a doubt, you will do with your hair something completely modern and elegant.

To the shoulders on the side

An unconventional cut that will steal looks wherever you go. It is a cut, where the hair is staggered. One side goes much longer than the other. As long as it stays at shoulder height, a half-side step can be done to make it look very modern and feminine. It is also a style that you can mold it as you wish, completely smooth or curly girl.

Straight bangs and short hair with waves

A very versatile model, as it adds much more volume to the hair. In the same way, the face is much framed with the bangs, and it will look more framed with the curvature at the ends of the hair. The idea is that the ends curve outwards, to give the impression of open waves.

What is the trend of haircuts for women? What’s in fashion

Women have forgotten the conventional, and therefore have known how to publicize their best styles and hairstyles in this last decade. If you want to highlight this New Year, you can choose to try one of these fabulous hairstyles that we bring you.

Semi-wavy bob

It is a much more improved version of the old Bob of 2019. With the soft waves, the vitality of the hair is recovered and you can wear a traditional style with the advantage of having it personalized for you. 

Ultra straight and long bob

A very classic and simple style, but at the same time very powerful. The face forms to have full prominence, and the waves say goodbye with the complete smoothness of this hairstyle. The hair cascades down to the shoulders, and gives a feeling of pure elegance.

XXL hair with waves at the ends

Long hair is giving a lot to talk about. Especially in the last decade, where women have loosed their ponytails to make those radiant long hair shine. Of course, the volume can never be lacking. So by adding a few small waves at the ends, the hair takes on much more strength and looks more revitalized.

What are the haircuts that make you look younger?

There are creams, outfits and makeup that help us look much younger. But we forget that hair also plays a very important role in making us look younger. If you choose the ideal hairstyle, you can take many years off you.

  • Long and wavy

Forget the conventional. So a long hair will be the best for you and for your face. Also, you can experiment with bold colors like copper or ash.

  • Volume and more volume

If you’ve never dared rejuvenating haircuts for women over 50, experiment with curlers. By having very long or shoulder length hair, adding volume with waves or curlers will revitalize your hair and make you look younger.