HEALTHY DIET AND NUTRITION: What is the alkaline diet and what is it for? What are the alkaline foods that make it up?


This diet consists of consuming alkaline foods to have a high pH and in this way to achieve a stronger and healthier organism. In this article we will tell you more about this diet and how to carry it out.

Can an alkaline diet prevent or cure diseases?

The alkaline diet consists of eating healthy foods, with low acid and high levels for health benefits. These must have or be highly of natural nutrients, such as potassium and magnesium. But how curative or preventative can it be?

Well, thanks to the good habit that is created with this diet, and its healthy meals, it is quite preventive and refreshing. Since it provides a better immune system against conditions and diseases.

Following this diet while suffering from a disease such as cancer or diabetes helps to have just a little more advantage. Studies confirm that chemo therapy does a better job in tissues with high alkaline levels. But it does not mean that it is curative of such a disease.

The alkaline diet, more than curative, has been better in the benefits it brings. And your belief in a high pH is not proven by science.

What are alkaline foods?

Now we mention what are the foods with the nutrients that improve the health of this alkaline diet, and those that are not allowed.

Spinach is high in vitamins such as calcium and iron. They have a good alkaline level and have many useful nutrients for our body.

Green cabbage has properties that help improve our system. Cucumber, an alkaline fruit, with vitamins k and z. Celery, which provides a large amount of vitamin C, ideal for preventing diseases.

Also fruits such as coconut, green apple, banana, melon and peach. Well, they are high in alkaline and contribute with vitamin c, a, b6,   fiber and potassium. Of course they have many more benefits, such as melon that helps lower acid levels in your body, or apple that provides insulin levels.

You can use all this as a menu for an alkaline diet. You will see good results in the short term, and you will create a good eating habit for a better, healthy quality of life.

However, this diet completely excludes all foods such as meats, sugars, fish and alcohol intake.

What are the benefits of the alkaline diet and how to do it?

The benefits of the alkaline diet are the fact that they provide nutritional, vitaminand strengthening properties for your body.

Carrying out or doing this alkaline diet is very easy, since you only have to take into account providing your body with low-acid foods. Consuming everything that has to do with healthy vegetables and fruits.

Now, like everything, this diet has its pros and cons. So below we will provide them to you; but firstly the 5 benefits of the alkaline diet:

  • Provides better performance in physical activities
  • It improves discomforts such as headaches, dizziness due to cholesterol, or high sugar levels.
  • Green juices that are rich in alkaline, help fight bad breath.
  • Noticeable physical change. You will see how your skin, hair, face, nails, and your whole body improve, due to the high levels of vitamin consumed.
  • Helps the immune system, what does this mean? Protection against diseases, illnesses and better recovery.

Now, since we have provided you with its benefits, you should also know what its cons are. So we will tell you some disadvantages of the alkaline diet.

  • One of the risks of the alkaline diet is that it creates false expectations. For example, raising the Ph. is essential to avoid diseases, which is not entirely true.
  • In itself, eating alkaline foods is healthy only for its properties, but excluding foods high in protein necessary for the body such as fish is not very good.
  • It is not curative for terminal illnesses, such as cancer or diabetes.
  • He has beliefs such as that drinking sea water or salt water will give you some benefit, but the truth is that it is very far from reality.