MAKE-UP: How to Avoid Cracked, Stuffy, and Doughy Makeup – Tips to Keep Concealer from Cracking


Makeup undoubtedly helps to enhance the beauty of our face. And nothing better than when it has a perfect and clean finish like porcelain. If it happens to you that your makeup becomes stiff during the day, see this complete article to know the causes and how to avoid this problem.

Most common effects of makeup being stiff

These situations can occur due to various factors, such as the type of concealer we are using, the dryness of our skin, the environment and stress.

Also the fact of not having prepared our face in advance and incorrectly applying makeup to the skin.

How to avoid having a cracked or stiff makeup

To avoid the problem of papery skin (Cakey Face) of crazing or pasty finish, it is important to note the following.

Cleaning and hydration: Having good hygiene and facial care is vital to obtain a better finish. In addition to daily washing, it is recommended to exfoliate the face, to remove all residual dead skin.

Many times our base is not homogeneous due to the lack of water in the skin. If it is not well hydrated, the skin will dry out and this will cause the foundation to crack. It is recommended to use products whether they are sprays or creams that help regenerate and hydrate the skin.

Base: Use one that goes perfectly with your skin, in terms of texture, color and coverage. It is advisable to use high pigmentation to cover little by little, and not generate so many base layers on the face, so that you will avoid the stiff effect.

Too much makeup: The less layers, the less stiffness. Do not overdo it by applying products such as translucent powders, foundation, concealer, bronzers, or blush, it will help to obtain a more natural and clean finish.

Blending sponge: this is very important, since having a special sponge to apply our base will make its distribution perfect and homogeneous.

Tips to avoid cracking in the T-zone

It is very common that this corrugated or cracked effect is always marked with greater precision in this area, since it is where we place more products. That is why the essential thing to avoid this will be the following.

Choosing a suitable shade of concealer will be essential for this. With good texture, neither so liquid nor so thick, so that blending it is quite easy and fast. So that it integrates perfectly with our skin. And also that it has excellent coverage so as not to apply so much product in that area.

Before its respective application it is very important to prepare the skin as mentioned before. Well, in this way the concealer, base and makeup in general, will last much longer on your skin. It will be much firmer and you will avoid to the maximum that it gets stiff throughout the day.

Use a primer suitable for your skin type and moisturizer. Also a sealer or spray to seal the makeup, as this will last longer.

It is important not to apply so much product in this area. The less layers the better and the less doughy it will look. So when applying your foundation, do not provide so much product in that area where you will apply a concealer, which by the way is high coverage.

The application of the foundation or concealer can be provided with the fingers, such as the ring finger, to blend precisely. However, to finish applying all the product, the sponge or brush for foundation and concealer will be very useful. Well, it will remove a little excess and seal all the makeup work much better.

And finally, it is important that after applying all this, you wait a few minutes for your skin to absorb the products well, that is, they are drier. Then apply a little loose powder, or specific for foundation sealing and concealer. Remove the excess with a large brush and finish sealing everything with a special spray for this.

Another plus is not to touch up makeup after many hours spent directly with the powder. Ideally, you should use sweat-absorbent wipes and then apply a very delicate powder, this in case you have been away from home for many hours.