EYEBROWS: How to make up or paint your eyebrows correctly with a pencil in a natural way step by step


We are all makeup lovers, and when it comes to finding the best way to highlight the attributes of our face, the best way is through it. Like eyebrows, which can go from ordinary to spectacular in a matter of minutes. Eyebrow makeup is simple, and you don’t need a lot of effort! Learn here.

How to make up your eyebrows naturally step by step

If you are afraid of eyebrow micro pigmentation, or still don’t dare to try it, don’t worry, you can continue with the traditional method and make up your eyebrows. This is not difficult at all, and it won’t take too long. So take all your material to make up your eyebrows and get to work.

  1. As a first step, comb your eyebrows all the way up. To make the bottom line very visible and start from there. If you wish, you can trim the excess hairs at the top, or leave them just as they are.
  2. With an eyebrow pencil of your color, draw a smooth line along the entire lower contour of your eyebrow. This is the opportunity to define the shape of your eyebrow. In case it is missing hairs at the beginning or end, draw the line as the shape comes without paying attention to the gaps.
  3. With a brush, blend the line with gentle upward strokes. The idea is to create a descending gradient from the beginning of the brow to the end. So that it is much more marked at the end than at the beginning. Repeat the same procedure with the upper contour and you will have already defined the shape of the eyebrow.
  4. Now, with an eyebrow brush and a little makeup of your color, it can be gel, cream or powder, fill in the inside of the eyebrow. Remember to create the gradient effect from the beginning to the end.
  5. To give it the last touch, with the help of a flat brush, apply concealer along the edges of the eyebrow to clean any stains. Blend properly and you’re good to go.

How to make up thick eyebrows, the new trend

The famous organic eyebrows are being the sensation of the moment. As it is the perfect opportunity to show off those thick and bushy eyebrows, and say no more to painful and continuous waxing. You don’t need any of it anymore! Now you just need to apply a little natural makeup, and you are ready.

Although the natural is being the most sought after, it does not mean that you will have to go down the street with disheveled and poorly groomed eyebrows. Learn how to control the hairs of your eyebrows, so that you look your best, and how do you achieve this? With the help of makeup.

  1. The most important thing in thick and bushy eyebrows is that they are always as combed as possible. If necessary, trim those little hairs that protrude too far from the edges a bit so as not to lose the natural and chic shape of the eyebrows. Remember that populated does not mean disheveled.
  2. Then, with the help of a gel of your color, all you have to do is fill in any possible space that is without the necessary hairs. Also, you can give them a sharper and more precise Make sure to properly blend the products you use, and don’t overload your brows.

Putting on sparse eyebrows with a pencil

If you have thin eyebrows, you should know that you have the golden opportunity to create the shape that you like the most. And with the help of a pencil, you can let your imagination emerge, or adapt the shape of your eyebrows according to the makeup you want to do.

  1. Even if your brows are sparsely populated, comb them up as the first step. Then, with the help of the pencil, draw the outline of the eyebrow. Try to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows, although if you prefer you can draw them a little differently but making sure it is natural.
  2. In this case, the blur should be a little more pronounced so that it is as uniform as possible. Repeat the process at the top.
  3. For the filling, you will have to make an effort so that the final part of the eyebrow acquires a much more marked finish than at the beginning. All you have to do is outline the edges and correct them with a concealer.