What to Wear to an 80s Party as a Male?

What to Wear to an 80s Party as a Male?

What to Wear to an 80s Party as a Male?

If you’re getting ready to go to an 80s party, you may be wondering what you should wear. It’s important to know that while fashion trends come and go, dressing well can never go out of style—and the 80s were no exception!

Whether you’re looking to hit on someone or want to rock the ’80s look with your friends, these stylish men show that there are many options for creating an ’80s look, even if you don’t have the time or budget to get super dressed up.

What to wear to an 80s party as a  male?

A retro look that is still popular today is one of pop culture and nostalgia. While it might be odd for you, many people like to dress up in clothes from their childhood when going out. They are often more comfortable with these styles than current trends because they grew up wearing them!

Being yourself seems to be the most significant reason to pull off a specific look, which could also mean that wearing your old school t-shirt and jeans or your favorite nerd t-shirt will suffice at your next costume event. You never know until you try.

Try putting on some men’s 80s shorts paired with some men’s shoes from back in those days and see how you feel about it! You never know if you’ll love it or hate it, but there will be no regrets!

Suits & Blazers

For men, a suit or blazer is always your safest bet. But if you want to get into that theme more and want people in attendance to know you took some extra time with your look, consider wearing parachute pants and leg warmers! Also, keep it crisp. Your hair should be big, but it’ll look dirty if doused in too much hairspray.

On that note: no need for cologne; some women may find lingering smells of Aqua Net overwhelming. And make sure you bring lots of wallet chains – no one should go without arm candy at any party  nowadays!

Finally, leave your shoes at home, what’s an ’80s party without dancing? As long as you don’t spill anything on yourself, nothing says party animal-like dress shoes worn out on a dance floor.

Boots & Shoes

If you want to look authentic, forget about wearing sandals or sneakers. Instead, opt for some beat-up, knee-high leather boots or shoes with big buckles. You could then want them at a goodwill store (which will almost certainly be impossible to walk into) or buy new ones and scuff them with sandpaper.

In either case, it’s best if you roll up your pants legs for added effect. Show off that good leg hair! Don’t let fashion sense hold you back when it comes to clothing—grab whatever looks like something an ’80s movie star would wear.

Flannel shirts are great because they make you look like a lumberjack while still giving off that sexy ’80s vibe. And when it comes to accessories, go crazy! Get yourself one of those gigantic wristwatches with ten different dials; maybe throw on sunglasses and even a hat. Just make sure everything is neon-colored and oversized so people know what decade they live in.

Beanies, Caps & Flat caps

The ’80s were known for oversized shirts, skinny jeans, and caps, but you won’t need to go that far with your outfit. A fitted baseball cap will do just fine and if you want more of a throwback look, try on one of those beanies or flat caps. Don’t choose something too tight-fitting—you want your outfit to fit comfortably without looking baggy. Go for simple colors and stick with thin stripes instead of thick ones; otherwise, you’ll look like Flashdance instead of ’80s-era.

Your best bet is all black everything or white sneakers, but if you’re feeling bold (or want your outfit to pop), head out in red or yellow sneakers instead. And don’t forget about your accessories!

If you have long hair, add some gel and let it hang loose so it can be blown around by any wind that happens to come along. You could also put on some sunglasses or even a pair of gloves! Finally, finish off your outfit with a nice watch, so everyone knows how much time you spent getting ready for tonight’s party.

Jewelry, Belts & Watches

While trends in women’s fashion may change from decade to decade, men’s staples are typically more stable. One item that won’t fall out of style anytime soon is a quality leather belt. They’re timeless and can be used in multiple outfits, from casual Friday at work to date night at home.

Jewelry and watches are also items that come back into fashion over time; you should feel free to experiment with them for any upcoming dress-up nights or parties! Keep your options open by trying out different styles, but make sure they match your personality. For example, if you prefer simple jewelry overelaborate pieces—keep it that way.


Wear something you feel comfortable in. Remember, you’re not necessarily trying to impress anyone; you’re just there for fun. Let your personality shine! If it’s cold outside, layer up with some sweatshirts or jackets and throw on some leg warmers or gloves.

Otherwise, dress comfortably in tight jeans and maybe even a tank top or t-shirt. You’ll still look classy without overdressing, and no one will judge if you leave your suit coat at home. For accessories, throw on sunglasses and hats (like ball caps) and maybe even borrow some from your dad if he has any cool ones that would fit your style.