Is It Ok To Show A Little Hair With Hijab?

Is It Ok To Show A Little Hair With Hijab?

Is It Ok To Show A Little Hair With Hijab?

Hijab is a religious item that Muslim women wear on their heads, covering most of their bodies, except the face and hands. While there are many different styles of hijabs, some women wear chic hijabs, which tend to be more attractive than traditional hijabs and show more of their hair.

Many Muslim women who wear these chics worry that they might be showing too much of their hair and therefore not obey Islam’s teachings, which strictly forbid any display of the female body before other men who are not family members or spouses.

Understand why you want to see women with hijabs and uncovered hair

This one may seem silly, but it’s essential. Why do you want to see women with covered and uncovered hair; Is it for pure entertainment, or is there an underlying reason behind your desire;

If you answer that you want people from all religions and walks of life (not just Islam) to feel welcome in your space, you’re on track.

Otherwise, take a step back and reconsider why you want to see hijab-wearing women without their hijabs. Are there problematic aspects of how Islam is portrayed in media and culture that you want more control over; If so, let go of that impulse.

The case against showing a bit of hair with your hijab

Your hair should be covered in front of non-mahram men, period. Anything that happens beyond that is up to you. If you can tuck your hair into your hijab, do so. Otherwise, leave it out.

Covering your hair with a scarf or hat (especially if you’re doing something active) will make sure people don’t see what’s underneath and think they’re seeing something more than they are.

You want to cover yourself without drawing attention because there’s nothing wrong with being an active Muslim woman who chooses not to wear a hijab. Still, there is something wrong with being one who doesn’t and wants people to think she does by wearing her scarf like a bandana or wrapping her head like she’s going clubbing when she’s just trying on clothes at Target.

Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself it’s disrespectful. It reflects poorly on Islam and women who choose not to wear hijab for whatever reason. And no, showing a little hair with your hijab is not okay.

It might seem harmless enough and even empowering, but that’s only because our society has made such a big deal about showing skin. But remember: A little bit of skin is still skin, and covering all parts of your body isn’t optional for Muslims; it’s obligatory.

So take care to follow Allah’s commands even if you feel like He’s asking too much from you because He knows better than anyone else what we need. And remember: Allah never asks us to do anything without giving us the strength we need to fulfill His commands.

The case for showing a bit of hair with your hijab

Your hijab (or headscarf) is a garment for your head that is meant to cover your hair and nothing else. However, wearing your hijab may reveal more of your face than you intend, mainly if you’re not covering all of your hair.

Some advice against showing even a little bit of hair to be consistent with interpretations of hayaa (modesty). Others argue that humility comes from within and note that covering everything but a small patch of skin around one’s eyes results in discomfort and other health issues.

Be kind when people ask questions about hijabs and uncovered hair

Please be kind if someone asks you why you’re wearing a hijab. Don’t get offended if they ask you where you’re from or your religious background.

They are curious about something different from what they’re used to seeing on women daily. Politely explain that your dress code is different from your own. Still, you welcome them to be open-minded about trying it out for themselves when they are ready.

If you don’t feel comfortable answering questions, try being polite by saying I am sorry I can’t answer that question right now. I have to meet my friends now. It was nice meeting you! Have a great day! and then walk away while smiling. (If they continue to bother you, keep repeating yourself.)

It’s not our job as hijabis to educate people about our religion it’s up to us Muslims who know more about Islam to do so in an effortless way that doesn’t make people feel uncomfortable or judged.

Advice on which styles work best with the style you like

As we mentioned earlier, hijab styles have lots of variations. And while you might be tempted to wear what everyone is wearing and blend in, you’ll want to consider your personality and body type when choosing which style will work best for you.

Depending on your hair length, face shape, and preferred style (modest or trendy), some may suit you better than others.

For example, if you have long or curly/wavy hair, styles like braids or ponytails can look great on you! You can also show off your curly/wavy hair with buns or braided updos.


A common question from those starting their hijab journey is: how much hair do I show; Should I part my hair down the middle or leave it all on one side; Do I need to hide my forehead and face behind my hijab and be unrecognizable; Or should I show some hair people can recognize if they see me in public, just like before; The answer depends on you.

It’s your choice, no one else’s. Remember that you’re still beautiful no matter what you choose to do with your hair when wearing a hijab. But the best choice for women is to wear a hijab. Your beauty doesn’t come from showing off your hair; it comes from Allah (SWT). He loves you for who you are  a unique creation of His not for what you look like. So don’t worry about what other people think of your style choices; focus instead on pleasing Allah (SWT) and following His commands.