Is Emery Rose Legit | Who Owns It And How Are Their Reviews?

Is Emery Rose Legit? Who Owns It And How Are Their Reviews?

Is Emery Rose Legit | Who Owns It And How Are Their Reviews? 

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of nail salons and beauty parlors is they provide services on the customers’ nails, legs, and body parts. In most cases, these places offer not just this kind of service but also other beauty-related treatments such as facials, massages, and waxing.

However, what some people don’t know about nail salons is that these establishments can be as good as spas and even gyms if you use their features like saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools. Emery rose is a US-based business that claims to be focused on offering the home-based business for people.

However, looking at their website, there is so much information about the product. Still, you don’t get any information about the company. Our blog will try to answer some questions about the company, their reviews, and whether it’s legit or a scam.

Emery Rose is an e-commerce store selling hair accessories.

Emery Rose is a company that makes and sells massage products. It states that its products are 100% organic and natural. It is also said to be located in South Africa.

Headbands, scrunchies, hair clips, wrist accessories, etc. Emery Rose was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles. The products from Emery Rose can be purchased. It has 6300 Instagram followers with 88% of positive feedback. Customers said that there are fewer selections than on other sites, but they will come back again when they want to buy something they need.

The company was founded in 2016

It’s safe to say that a company founded in 2016 is still in its infancy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not legitimate, but proceed with caution if you’re looking for a business with longevity. While younger companies have an easier time adapting to change, they also have smaller budgets and fewer resources at their disposal, which can lead to poor customer service or other shortcomings.

Always ask yourself: Is what I’m paying worth what I’m getting; And if you’re not satisfied with your experience, move on to another provider. Don’t look back! What’s Emery Rose’s BBB rating to learn more about scams or frauds; Emery Rose has received mixed reviews from Better Business Bureau.

As of March 6, 2018, eight complaints against Emery Rose were filed within one year; three of them were closed unsatisfactorily by Emery Rose, and five remain unresolved today. Reviewers have cited billing issues, lack of response from customer service, and problems with cancellation as reasons for their dissatisfaction.

However, many reviewers expressed satisfaction with Emery Rose’s services; most complaints stem from problems related to shipping or delays in receiving products rather than dissatisfaction with quality or effectiveness.

There are main categories.

My Emery Rose, Fashion, Celebrities, and News. However, users should be aware that these categories may change over time. For example, in August 2014, Fashion was a section of My Emery Rose for one day. Still two days later, in August 2014, Fashion became its website entirely.

Also, depending on your many followers, your profile picture might not appear unless you have at least 30 followers. Still, your profile picture will always materialize if you have ten or more followers.

Suppose you type in a celebrity’s name registered on Emery Rose. In that case, there is a high chance that they will follow you back if they are looking for new opportunities to connect with their fans/followers.

The Prices range from $10 to $50. They also have a wide variety of shipping options

UPS, USPS, FedEx. They accept payments through debit cards, credit cards, and Paypal. Payment can be made online on their official website or by phone. Emery Rose delivers worldwide, excluding certain countries, with free shipping to all US addresses.

In addition, they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and various discount options for repeat customers Emery Rose has excellent ratings for customer service, delivery time frame, and product quality. We’ve found that most customers rate them 4-5 stars out of 5 stars for all three categories.

When looking at Customer Reviews, there were over 100, with 85% being positive.

I’m guessing they liked what they got or maybe not. The only positive thing was that their customer service was excellent. Other than that, no one had any issues with them.

I didn’t look at everything in detail because I don’t have time for that, but it seems everyone should be okay with their purchase. As for things being real or fake, many of these companies will say it’s authentic when you know it’s not, so if you have an original one sent to you, then maybe you will see a difference, but who knows.


Emery Rose is a website run by a company called “The Worth Group.” They have an extensive network of sites like this one, each similar offering products and services. They are a multi-level marketing company, or MLM, which you can learn more about by reading our blog post.

Since we know that people have many concerns about whether or not a company like this is a scam, we encourage you to read our blog post on how to avoid scams. We hope this article was able to help you learn more about Emery Rose and whether or not it is legit.

We can confidently say that Emery Rose is a scam based on our research. We also reached out to them for an interview but never heard back. Emery Rose has been operating for under six months, which doesn’t seem like a lot in internet time.

It was still enough time to give some guys heart attacks with just how hot many of these girls were. But for some reason, despite success in such a short time, they still decided to shut down.