Salon Review | Is Supercuts And Great Clips Good For A Haircut?

Salon Review |Is Supercuts And Great Clips Good For A Haircut?

Salon Review | Is Supercuts And Great Clips Good For A Haircut?

Whether you’re deciding whether to try out a new salon or are looking to switch up your regular one, it can be hard to tell which salons are perfect and which aren’t.

Thankfully, we have the scoop on Supercuts and Great Clips, two of the most popular chains of salons, so you can decide where to get your next haircut. Read on for our review of both supercuts and great clips and see if either one is right for you!

The customer service

I’m unsure if it was my choice of location or just that particular salon. Still, customer service wasn’t exactly on point. I got my hair cut at supercuts in San Jose, ca.

I was greeted by one of their stylists, who walked me to her station, where I sat down for about 15 minutes until she had time to start cutting my hair. However, since she didn’t have much going on that day, she took her time cutting my hair. She even offered suggestions which made it an overall pleasant experience.

Also, unlike other salons/barbershops I’ve been to where they charge you a ridiculous amount of money for simple things like getting your eyebrows trimmed, they only charged me $2.00 for trimming my eyebrows! Overall, I would say that supercuts are an okay place for getting your hair cut.

If you want more than just a simple trim, then go somewhere else because, most likely, they won’t be able to do what you need to be done there (at least not with any sense of urgency). However, if you’re looking for something quick and easy, check out supercuts!

The haircut experience

Salon haircuts may cost more than a trip to Great Clips or Supercuts. Still, there are also differences in customer service. The costliest salons sometimes have long wait times and can make you feel like your only job is to be their customer the social aspect of getting your hair done isn’t always present.

As much as we want to believe that someone cutting our hair has 100% of their attention focused on us, it often feels like other things around us result in inconsistencies.

Sometimes, salons can be surprisingly quiet if you go during off-peak hours or significant holidays; it’s hard to see how busy they are if there aren’t other customers waiting alongside you.

The products used

While I don’t want to be that person who tells you not to go to your local Great Clips or Super Cuts, there are some things you should know before making an appointment.

The main issue most people have with these salons is that they use low-quality products. That includes shampoos, conditioners, and other hair treatments (think straightening irons).

Although we may be willing to overlook lousy quality in exchange for low prices, doing so will leave your hair rough and unhealthy looking not precisely what you’re going for.

Before making an appointment at any salon, look at its product line online; if it doesn’t list any high-end brands, steer clear.

Does it fit my lifestyle?

Consider how much time you want to spend going to your barber. If you’re looking for convenience, there are many options out there that can save you time.

I go to my local Great Clips in between classes on campus once every two weeks. It fits into my schedule quite nicely, and no worries if I can’t make it at that time!

I stop by another day or wait until next week when I have free time in between classes again. The point is that convenience is something to consider.

I also like that they have so many locations around town because even though I live close to one, I still know where all of them are in case my usual spot is too busy when I need a cut. In short: Convenience is essential for me, and Great Clips delivers on that front.

Is this place within my budget?

Prices vary greatly depending on where you live but helping you get an idea of what to expect, in most markets, you can get your hair cut at Supercuts or Great Clips for less than $20.

For example, in San Francisco (where prices are high), a simple men’s haircut starts at $20. The price includes shampooing and blow-drying.

It will cost extra if you want something more complicated like color or highlights. Suppose you want a more personalized experience with higher quality products and services. In that case, it might be worth paying more for a place like Ultra Salon ($30+).

Just remember that it’s easy to spend over $100 if you add up all of these extras. ! to find salons near you and read reviews from other customers who have visited them.

Would I recommend this place to my friends?

Yes, they provide excellent service. I went to my local SuperCuts with an idea of what I wanted to be done to my hair. The young lady who cut my hair made some adjustments as she cut it and even added some layers in places where she felt they were needed.

She also blew out my hair once she was finished and styled it perfectly, so I left feeling very confident with how my new style looked.

You could never get that level of personal attention at Great Clips, which is too bad because when you walk into Great Clips, you don’t have much choice of who cuts your hair; sometimes, I’ve been happy with who cuts my hair there but most times not.


The hair industry is booming; more and more people are switching to salons from at-home haircuts. That said, there’s no shortage of barbers out there, but some of them aren’t up to par.

Although, in theory, you’re choosing what kind of hair experience you want by finding someone who specializes in it (and staying away from those who don’t), with so many stylists out there, how do you know when you can trust your new stylist; This is precisely why we decided to put together our salon review guide: so that anyone can have some idea as to whether or not they should go with a particular barber or stylist.