What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You with No Expression?

    What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You with No Expression?

    What Does it Mean When a Guy Stares at You with No Expression? | Why do Guys Stare?

    Whenever a person stares at you with no expression on his face, it’s difficult to tell what he’ll be thinking. Is he into you? Disinterested? Simply trying to figure out if you’re the person he has an appointment with later? Or maybe he is just staring at you with no expression! Below are some contributing factors to how a guy might stare at you blankly and advice on dealing with each one.

    Why do Guys Stare?

    Guys, who stare at girls, might be checking out their looks or, more likely than not, trying to figure out how to talk to them. Guys usually wait for signs that a girl is interested in them before approaching her.

    She may glance his way repeatedly or smile tentatively if she’s interested in him. However, even if she’s not interested in him, she might still smile because it’s polite to acknowledge someone else’s presence. Suppose a guy keeps staring at you without any reaction on your part. In that case, he probably isn’t interested in you and will move on to another target. Don’t worry, though; there are plenty of other guys!

    Why do Guys Stare at Girls?

    Usually, it’s because they like them, but sometimes it can be because they want to know what you’re thinking or up to. It can also be about dominance – which I’m sure most women would agree is never okay.

    In general, boys seem more focused on making contact by eye contact than girls do, so don’t take offense if a boy seems keen to get your attention by looking at you.

    This doesn’t necessarily mean he fancies you – he could have something in his eye and needs help removing it. 

    How to tell if they like you

    There’s an easy way to tell if he’s into you: Use your eyes! If your guy is looking away, glancing back, or smiling in your direction, the chances are that he likes what he sees. He could simply be going to be polite. Then again, he might like you—and all of these tips can help make sure that happens sooner rather than later!

    The Head Tilt – The head tilt occurs when someone tilts their head slightly toward one shoulder as they look at something or someone. This tilt suggests that someone finds another person interesting, appealing, cute, or fascinating, meaning they think that person is cool. A slight smile usually accompanies it.

    What if I don’t like him

    It can be discouraging when someone acts aloof like he doesn’t want to talk to you or doesn’t care about what you’re saying. But don’t give up! As we’ve noted before, sometimes people act that way for all sorts of reasons–for example, they might be overwhelmed by an event or stressed out.

    There are tons of other reasons someone might seem uninterested in talking to someone they don’t know, and some of them have nothing to do with rejection. So if he’s looking away from you while making small talk (or worse: staring off into space), there’s a chance he isn’t comfortable–but doesn’t want to say so. Take heart and ask your questions or tell him why you need his input.

    How can I make him stop staring?

    A stare can be intimidating and uncomfortable. But if someone’s attention is making you feel that way, there are ways to stop it. The good news is that staring isn’t always a bad thing. There are plenty of situations where staring maybe that—staring, nothing more.

    However, if your friend or colleague won’t look away and there’s an unspoken tension in the air, don’t ignore it; acknowledge their gaze, smile, and continue on your way. If they want to talk, they will most likely approach you later—and they might even apologize for making you feel uncomfortable with their stare!

    The gaze of admiration

    Men often wonder what they should do to attract women’s attention. It is all too easy to focus on physical appearance and ogling. Women are made uncomfortable by men who stare at them overtly and appreciatively.

    However, making eye contact and allowing your gaze to linger can be interpreted as admiration—and not just attraction. The next time you catch yourself stealing glances, stop mid-track by making eye contact and holding it for a few seconds before glancing away briefly and then back again.

    Keep these stares out of flirtation range (less than 4 seconds), but make sure she gets enough of your glance to realize she has caught your eye without making her uncomfortable or appearing creepy!

    Getting his attention again

    If he stared, he’s interested. But what if he doesn’t immediately approach or talk to you? Well, that’s where flirtation comes in! A technique is to find out how to re-capture his consideration.

    There are several ways to do so—whether they’re subtle (like looking away and then looking back) or bold (like outright saying something). No matter what you choose, always make sure your flirting is in good fun. If it becomes awkward for either of you (especially if someone feels like they’re being forced into flirting), walk away and chalk up one less thing to worry about.


    While many people like to read romantic novels and watch movies where men stare longingly, staring is sometimes aggressive or sexual behavior in real life. Men are typically uncomfortable staring at women.

    They don’t have any interest in talking to you when they stare. Instead, they are looking for a way to express that their physical attraction to you has grown so intense that it’s difficult for them to think of anything else. If he’s looking at your lips or breasts while he stares, he could be thinking about kissing or touching them.