How Long to Leave Milk Of Magnesia On Face? Is It Good?

How Long to Leave Milk Of Magnesia On Face? Is It Good?

How Long to Leave Milk Of Magnesia On Face? Is It Good?

Milk of magnesia is great for treating occasional constipation but does it equally good for our skin? Beauty bloggers and makeup experts always tell the benefits of Milk of magnesia. Does it work to treat acne? Milk of magnesia is a suspension of magnesium salts in water. It eases digestion and neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. When it enters the lower GI tract, it softens the stools by making the tissues soft. The small intestine is contracted with the help of magnesium ions that push everything with itself.

What is Milk of Magnesia?

Milk of magnesia is the milky white color having an alkaline pH. It is also known as “Magnesium Hydroxide solution.” Some may think that it’s a milk product from its name, but it is not made because it has a milk-like resemblance.

Does Milk of Magnesia have good properties for oily skin?

It is great for oily skin. It helps to remove all the excess oil from the face. It tightens up the pores and helps prevent the skin from becoming excessively shiny. Some people use Milk of magnesia as a mask and put it on before going to bed as they treat patches of oil or acne on the face. Milk of magnesia is not helpful in the reduction of sebum production. It will not help your oil glands to produce less oil. It only removes oils from the skin surface. The magnesium ions minimize your pores from sweating. The main active ingredient in Milk of magnesia is magnesium hydroxide, a compound that neutralizes the acid, so it also soothes the acne on the skin, maintains the pH of the skin.

How to use Milk of Magnesia for healthy skin?

Some people have sensitive skin so dab a little amount of Milk of magnesia in the face first to see the product’s reaction.

You should thoroughly cleanse the face. Pat dry your face to remove the excess moisture. With the help of a cotton ball, apply a thin layer of Milk of magnesia on the face. Milk of magnesia has a calamine lotion-like texture, so use it in a less amount. Give some time, so it dries properly. Now you can apply your regular makeup because it will act as a primer. You can also apply some loose powder on the face for smoother skin. If you use it as a face mask, rub it on the problem area, keep it on your face for 15 minutes then wash it off with cold water.

Why is it a Hot item for Beauty Gurus?

This type of Milk is an effective Antacid and a laxative, but it has other uses in calming the skin. Milk of magnesia competes with oily skin and gives smoothness to your skin. It is also available in tablet and liquid form, so in this article, we collect different benefits of Milk of magnesia for the skin.

1. Cleanses your skin

It acts as an excellent cleanser for oily skin, removes all the excess oil from the face, and helps to smooth the skin.

2. Act as a Primer

It can also be used as a primer when you apply it before makeup smoothes the skin. It is very useful in summers because of its oil-controlling properties. It also cures acne and seasonal outbreaks related to oily skin.

3. Reduces shine on oily skin

It acts as a clay mask for oily skin to remove excess oils from the skin, which controls the extra shine.

4. Reduce the rate of infections

This Milk of Magnesia is very helpful in killing out bacteria from the skin since it contains Zinc, so it heals wounds.

5. Removes blackheads

Using Milk of magnesia is one of the methods of removing blackheads from the nose. It is even the gentler way of removing blackheads. Cover the affected area or nose with Milk of magnesia. Once it dries, rinse it off with warm water. This product is the best and the gentler way to get rid of your blackheads.

6. Toning properties

It acts as the best toner to minimize the pores on oily skin.

7. Affective in Suntan

You can apply it to the face once a month. It makes your skin healthy, glowing, and lighter in tone. Moreover, it also reduces uneven tone, blemishes, and skin irritations.

8. Treat skin Rashes

It is very effective for skin rashes treatment. Because of its acidic properties, it neutralizes the skin rashes on oily skin. Also helpful against infections. It absorbs excess oils and neutralizes your complexion. Thai natural ingredient helps to take impurities out of your face.

Can it be bad for the skin?

Many people remember milk of magnesia as a laxative that their mothers gave them as children to relieve “erratic” episodes. Many adults still take it for this very commendable purpose. But Milk of magnesia contains ingredients that can be hazardous for your skin type. The following tells you why.

1.    Contains bleaching properties

It has bleaching properties because it contains magnesium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, the main ingredient in bleach. It can burn a sensitive area like the face. It may cause soreness and redness.

2.    Hidden Inactive Ingredients

It also has hidden inactive ingredients. We should always read the label before using anything on the face. Some ingredients may trigger allergic reactions.

3.    Causes dryness and tightness on skin

Excessive use can cause dryness and tightness on the skin. If you have sensitive or broken skin, you should never use the product. This product is not recommended to those having dry skin. It cures blemishes or redness on acne-prone skin.

Concluding Argument

Milk of magnesia has some excellent health and skin-related benefits as it reduces oil on the skin, treats acne act as an antacid in the stomach as well as on the skin, but Milk of magnesia is not considered a miracle acne cure. Please don’t use it too often (once a week) as it can cause dryness, tightness, irritation, and flakiness on the skin. It’s not suggested for dry skin and is recommended in a very small amount for oily skin.