Best Milky White Nail Polish Brands to Buy and Apply Today

Best Milky White Nail Polish to Buy and Apply Today

Best Milky White Nail Polish to Buy and Apply Today

Milky White nail polish is always on-trend and a timeless classic choice. You can’t go wrong with the milky white nail polish. This simple and elegant color looks fresh on your nails and suits every outfit. It is a perfect choice for every occasion and skin tone. It gives a minimal as well as elegant look with every outfit. There are many options in the market for milky white nail polish. Always go with the one that has a thicker formula, and that does not dry because it will cause chipping after drying. Let’s discuss the best milky white nail polish that is worth buying.

  • OPI Nail Lacquer in Funny Bunny

This milky white nail polish is highly addictive. It has milky white color, not too solid. It gives a different look with each coat. One coat gives a sheer finish, the second one for coverage, and the third for an opaque finish. It goes well with all skin tones and all outfits. It is a long-lasting polish and has a chip-resistant formula.

Pros and Cons:

It has a subtle shine, long-lasting formula, chip-resistant formula, gives high pigment with full coverage, easy to remove from nails. On the other hand, it has some disadvantages too. It is not a cruelty-free nail polish with watery formula.

  • Floss Gloss Nail polish in Mrs Tony Montana

It has opaque pure milky white nail polish with real white coverage that is the best choice for all skin tones. So, it is known as “Pigmented and Beautifull.”

  • KB Shinner in You Autumn Know

It is a soft milky white shade loaded with fuchsia, orange, and gold glitter. KB shiner will give its best in three coats or two coats over the white nail polish. Its color is milky white with a shimmery finish. It has a flat brush which is easier for application on nails.

  • Smith and Cult in Sugarette

This nail polish is known as “opaque white Smoke perfect.” It is a neutral milky white color with a brilliant metallic shine. It is a chemical-free formula. It has a high shine and smooth coverage with a long-lasting formula.

Pros and Cons:

It has eight chemical-free formulas. It is anti-chip, offers a high shine, provides long-lasting benefits, and is cruelty-free. One of its disadvantages is that it comes in unsatisfactory packaging.

  • Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

This milky white nail polish has an opaque bright white color. Fortunately, it needs only two coats which give great white pigment at an affordable price. It is infused with argan oil that keeps your nail moisturized. It comes with a thick brush for easy application.

 Pros and cons:

It is also chip-resistant, doesn’t fade at all, it moisturizes the nails. It is easy to apply. On the other hand, it has a chalky formula.

  • OPI nail polish in Alpine Snow

This nail polish is the perfect white for your nail polish set. Complete your look with this natural white nail polish. It provides seven days’ wear and is easily removable. Application suggestion is to apply OPI natural nail polish base coat, apply the two coats of nail polish, then apply OPI topcoat at last. It will give crisp, clean, and opaque coverage in two coats.

  • OneDor 1 Step Gel Nail Polish- White

OneDor 1 Step Gel is all in one nail polish with odorless formula. It needs a UV lamp for minutes curing to dry out completely to become long last and avoid chipping. This milky white nail polish has skin-friendly properties and is a chemical formula that lasts up to 7 days.

Pros and Cons:

OneDor 1 Step Gel is an odorless, chip-resistant, and smudge-proof formula. It has no harsh adhesives. Moreover, It has acetone and formaldehyde-free formula. Easy to apply in nails for smooth application. Also easy free to remove from nails. One of the disadvantages is it has average quality.

How to choose the perfect milky white nail polish?

It mainly depends on the nail brush, formula, and nail polish shade.


It is the most important step that decides whether you should buy nail polish because every nail polish is not the same. There are many variations in the same shade. You can choose between glossy and matte milky white nail polishes or warm and cool undertones.


Always use chemical-free nail polishes. Many brands have non-toxic formulas. These are formaldehyde, toluene, parabens, triphenyl phosphate, xylene-free formulas.

Nail brush

A good nail brush always gives full coverage with a single stroke. But not all the brushes are made the same. A wider nail brush provides good coverage. Always choose that brush that fits every nail structure.

Easy steps to apply nail polish correctly

Find good quality products. Always use a base coat to reduce the roughness of nails after nail polish application. Do not apply cold nail polish. Make sure to place the nail polish bottle in warm water before application.

Use the three-stroke method- apply one coat and let it dry. Hold your hand in cold water to ensure that the nail polish is completely dry. Now remove all the excess moisture from nails. Apply the second coat to cover the edges of the nails to avoid any chipping, and wait for it to completely dry. Apply a topcoat at the last when you are sure that the nail polish is completely dry. Make sure not to disturb the nails once it dries.

Which brand you should choose?

Choose that brand that has thick textured nail polishes. It should have quality brushes to avoid any issues. Cheap and low-quality brushes cause issues in applying nail polish. Avoid nail polish with a quick-drying formula to avoid any roughness after drying. Adding glitters on the milky white nail polish is the most amazing part of trying out.

Bottom line

Milky white nail polish gives a classy and elegant look to every outfit. While buying nail polish, you should consider the formula, texture, shades, and nail polish brushes of nail polishes. The nail polish formula should not be too thick; it has a medium consistency. Try to purchase those that does not dry out quickly as it cause chipping after drying. Milky white nail polish in every shade is worth buying.