What does a 30-volume developer do to brown hair?

What does a 30-volume developer do to brown hair?

What does a 30-volume developer do to brown hair?

Are you someone who desperately wants to light your hair? So can we use 30 volume developers to lighten our brown hair?

Yes, a 30-volume developer will lighten the brown hair. Recommended is to use 10 or 20 volume developers on light hair like brown. There are different developers in the market, and it cannot be easy to buy the right oxidant for your hair. The important thing to keep in mind is as much you use the developer; it will cause more damage to your hair. Lightening your hair is not a hard process. a 20 or 30 volume developer penetrates deeply into your hair and oxidizes the hair’s natural pigment.

This color is used for those people who want to lighten them. A 30-volume developer is used to lift the color. Its purpose is bleaching. This specific color is used by people who have darker hair.

What is a 30 volume developer?

Quite simply, the developer is hydrogen peroxide. It helps the color penetrate the hair shaft and become a permanent part. It lifts the hair‘s cuticle layer, and if the developer is more strengthened, it will lift the cuticle more.

Does 30 Volume developer affect brown hair?

Of Course, a 30 volume developer lightens the brown hair. It is recommended to use 10 volume developer or 20 volume developer on light hair colors like brown. A 30 volume developer can be a good fit for how much you want to achieve light color. If you want a very light hair color, a 30 volume developer would be a good choice.

It happens that sometimes a significant amount of peroxide is very strong, so you should consider diluting it with water first. You should add one cup of water to two or three cups of 30 volume developer. Try not to use too much water because it can ruin the consistency. Never use any conditioner for the dilution of 30 volume developers. If you want to dilute it, always go for water.

Can you use 30 volume developers alone?

It would be useless to lighten hair with a 30 volume developer without any bleach. A 30 volume developer could not do this alone. It will lighten your hair in less shade than your natural color. You can mix 30 volume developer with dye powders or bleach for maximum results.

How to lighten the brown hair with a 30 Volume developer?

You should know the process before you start coloring your hair. 30 volume developer-only used on dark hairs because it is filled with strong chemicals. Deep conditioning is necessary before the hair color. It will reduce the damage which will happen from strong developers. Use hand gloves to avoid any stains.

  1. Take a bowl and mix 30 volume developer and bleach powder in a good ratio. 1:1 is good for hair highlighting.
  2. Divide your hair into two parts. Separate your hair into hair tip and hair root sections using a clip.
  3. Apply the prepared mixture using a comb or brush to the tips of your hair. After hair tips, move to the hair roots and repeat until all hair will cover.
  4. This mixture needs time to activate in the hairs fully. Cover your hair for fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the darker color you want on your hair.
  5. Rinse your hair with warm water until the given time. Try to use light shampoo to remove the color. Then apply hair toner for moisturization and strengthening of the hair.

How to choose the right color developer for your hair?

Choosing the correct color for your hair is the most crucial task. Here is what you should follow in choosing your hair color:

Color Type

Temporary colors-semi permanent colors always mixed with weaker developers or even with no developers.

  • Permanent colors-this types of colors are always mixed with moderate developers.
  • Lighteners- strong developers are added to the bleached powder or creams.

Degree of lightening/Darkening

Choose the right number of developers according to your choice to achieve the hair color. Usually, 1 degree of lightning is achieved with each 3%of the developer.

●     10 volume developer

It causes hair darkening by 1 level (3% peroxide). Add a little shade to your hair to the same lightness level.

●     20 volume developer

It offers to lift the hair by 1-2 levels. In this, permanent dye contains temporary colors. It can cover 100% white hair.

●     30 volume developer

The most common dye is used for lightening the hair. Suitable for brown or grey hairs. Lightens hair up to 3 levels. Mostly mixed with lightning powder or permanent color.

●     40 volume developer

Used for lighting, lifts to 8 levels. Used together with lightning powder, ideal for platinum blonde results. Never use a 40 volume developer at home because of the risk of hair burn.

Hair Type

Hair type has the main influence on hair color. Different types of hair react differently to each dye.

  • Fine hair is easier to darken and brighten. When you want a darker color choose a less dark dye; otherwise, it would leave your hair much darker than you desired.
  • Normal hair has a normal reaction to each dye. Use the developer with the recommended amount.
  • Thick hair is the hardest to lighten or darken. Always use a higher volume of developers than recommended because it’s harder to dye darker hair.

Hair Quality

Hair quality can also affect hair color. We all have different hair qualities on our heads ( normal to dry hair).

●     Porous Hair

Porous hair easily absorbs the application of any kind of hair color. It helps to brighten the texture of our hair.

●     Healthy Hair

Healthy hair easily absorbs hair color. This hair texture has a normal coloring reaction.


Dying hair with a 30 volume developer will cause damage to your hair. Try your hair will not dry out naturally, or you should do some nourishing treatment to your hair after a month. Always follow the guidelines on the dye bottle and use the directions of professionals before doing color to your hair.