What is a baddie girl and how to get the baddie aesthetic?


The style of clothing you use is one of the best ways to show what you are or to convey what you want. But it is also a way to make yourself feel better, and raise your self-esteem much more. Well, it has been shown that when you pay attention to yourself, you get ready, or you put on a different look and see how beautiful you are, it increases your confidence.

The baddie girl style has become one of the main trends most used by girls. Since it brings a lot of security and ferocity, making them feel sexy, strong and pretty.

It is one of the most empowering styles for girls, and the best part is that you can rock it in combination with other fashions. Like having the baddie girl and tomboy or tumbler style with the combinations of clothes, hair and makeup, because in the same way it will look vigorous.

What is a Baddie Girl and what style is Baddie Aesthetic?

A baddie girl in Spanish is a bad girl, referring to security, empowerment, elegance, and the astonishment of a woman’s femininity.

The baddie girl aesthetic style is involved in the daily care of a girl in terms of her hair, skin, nails, body, makeup, etc. To always look great, and also to feel great.

Basically it is a lifestyle which is made up of several very important elements such as: taking care of themselves, always being neat and clean, wearing very feminine clothes, fashionable or wearing a well-structured outfit. Have good nutrition and exercise to maintain the body. And of course represent security, and empowerment.

How to get the baddie girl outfit with little money?

To know how to be a baddie grill it is important to take into account the outfit or clothes you will wear. Although it always requires being fashionable, it does not mean that you should spend a lot of money. So in this segment we will tell you how to wear a good outfit baddies on a low budget.

To get a good outfit you don’t really need much, since as I said before the baddie girl is a lifestyle, and what you should focus on the most is to look neat and confident. Wearing a good, simple and predominant makeup, along with a very clean hairstyle and very simple accessories will be the ideal thing to complement the whole look.

  • You can wear tight pants such as skinny jeans at the waist, with a top or small blouse and white tennis shoes or vans.
  • Another option is to wear a large shirt, pants to the navel with a broken knee and boots or ankle boots.
  • Also jeans just a little tight, plus a black sweater, black hat, and booties.
  • Black shorts, with an oversize black shirt, plus a cap in the same color scheme, a small bag or purse, and to finish off white tennis shoes or vans.
  • Baggy pants with rips, tops in a vibrant color like green or red with shots, and vans.

Ideally, to create a baddie girl look is to use tight or baggy pants, with or without rips, beanies, sweaters, short blouses or tops, heels and boots.

Makeup and hair ideas to be a baddie girl

To complement this style, make-up and hair are of great importance, as they must be well prepared and follow the harmony of freshness and care.

As for makeup, it should be pronounced, elaborate and simple. The essential thing will be to wear very smooth and clean facial skin. Which means that you must add a base with good texture to create this effect, with a contour and blush that is in tune with the tones of your skin.

As for the eyes, you must create an almond or cat’s eye effect. Use neutral tones such as brown or beige, and complement with a well-crafted and elongated outline.

The eyebrows must be super clean and slightly marked (well combed and painted). Quite voluminous eyelashes, I recommend using false eyelashes. The lips should be slightly large and with nut colors.

As for the hair, you must always be well combed. What predominates are high ponytails, two braids and wearing it totally loose with well-made waves or heddle.