Makeups for dry, sensitive and intolerant skin – Best hypoallergenic makeups


The world of makeup is very extensive. And with each passing year, it becomes more and more popular. Above all with the improvement of the techniques, utensils and products used.

In addition, cosmetology has taken into account all those sensitive skin. And they created special products for the care of them. So you can enjoy exquisite makeup, without worrying about the repercussions on your skin.

What make-up base to use so as not to damage sensitive skin?

It is very important to know what the ideal makeup for atopic skin is. Because that way the skins can be protected much more. And all people can take care of themselves while looking good.

However, it should be noted that sensitive skin is not a skin type. But a characteristic of it. Which can affect in different ways, especially when applying makeup that is not indicated.

When you have sensitive skin, many dermatologists recommend keeping products low on your face. Which for many seems daunting as they cannot experiment with different makeups.

However, the question is mainly in finding a multifunction makeup. Which are specifically designed for sensitive skin and it does not go beyond its indicated ph.

The BB cream is one of the makeup for oily and sensitive. This is a type of moisturizer that has become a substitute for conventional creams. Therefore, if you suffer from sensitive skin, you can choose to acquire them.

This type of cream is ideal to cover imperfections, and also provide deep hydration of the skin. And without neglecting protection against contamination.

On the other hand, if your skin tends to generate spots or a lot of redness, the best for you will be a makeup that contains CC cream. Since it provides you with much more coverage and protection against the sun’s rays and environmental pollutants. It is recommended for those girls who suffer from rosacea.

Best hypoallergenic makeup

The best foundations for combination skin will always be hypoallergenic. Which, according to cosmetologists, are products that produce much less allergic reactions than others.

However, hypoallergenic makeup can cover many things. And therefore, you should always check that your makeup does not contain ingredients such as:

  • Rubber derivatives: Like latex.
  • Fragrances: Benzyl cinnamate, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamaldehyde, anisilic alcohol, amyl cinnamal, among others.
  • Metals: Like gold or nickel.
  • Preservatives: Imidazolidinylurea, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, among others.

All of these ingredients are considered allergenic ingredients by the FDA. And you are not necessarily allergic to all of them, but it is worth preventing. Especially for makeup for women of legal age. Therefore, you can choose between these following brands:

  • Clinique Even Better Makeup. Make-up base SPF15.
  • La Roche Posay Toleriane Teint. Concealer and fluid foundation.
  • AVENE couvrance Fluid Makeup, SPF20.
  • Almay Smart Shade Skin Tone.
  • ISDINCEUTICS Skin Drops. Adaptable coverage base for sensitive skin.

How to know if my skin is atopic

Atopic skin is known as a disease where the skin becomes dry and irritated. Those that lead to skin flaking and a constant itching sensation.

Many experts agree that there are many factors that influence the development of skin like this. The main reason being genetics. But environmental, nutritional and allergic factors also play a role.

In the most sensitive skin, these symptoms can be triggered by the rubbing of clothing or the contact of different fabrics. Which would cause the disease to get worse.

Despite the fact that this is a disease that cannot be prevented, many dermatologists have developed ways to control it and combat the different symptoms that occur.

Care begins with deep hydration. Since the symptoms develop in very dry skin. Later, with the use of emollient creams, all the properties that the skin has lost are recovered.

And finally, dermatologists recommend that their baths and showers be with warm water. And that they do not last more than 10 minutes, and do not touch the face with soaps.