Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women | Best Style for 2022

Hats are one of the most versatile and attractive fashion statements amongst women, and it’s impossible to find a woman who won’t look good in hats. To ensure you’re not the first one, it’s your choice to determine which hat looks good on you as per the shape of your face, jaw-line, head, body, and color of your skin.

As various attractive hats are available in the market, choosing the perfect one is undoubtedly challenging and time-consuming. If you think that the functionality of the hats is to protect you from the UV rays during summer or keep you warm during winter, you’re mistaken.

Hat Styles for Women

Hat lovers purchase different hats not because of their availability in the market but also because of their effectiveness at enhancing the fashion statement. If you don’t know enough knowledge regarding hats, don’t worry. You’re about to learn the best hats for women so that you can purchase the perfect one. Here are the top 7 different hats for women you should know.

Sun Hats

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

If you’re trying to protect the eyes, face, neck, and head from the sun, make sure you choose a large hat with a wide brim around the circumference. This type of wide-brimmed hat is highly effective at providing shade and protecting you from harmful UV rays. When you wear sun hats, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about the detrimental effects of UV rays. As per Family Doctor, UV rays will cause skin irritation, skin cancer, and sunburn.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sightseeing, gardening, or planning to visit the beach during the summer months; you require a protective sun hat or floppy hat so that you can enjoy those outdoor activities. Choose sun hats of light color such as beige, white, tan, etc. These colors will reflect the sun’s rays and keep your head cooler than dark-colored hats.

Fedora Hats

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

If you’re planning to use the hats to hide your bad hair day, the women’s fedora hats might not be the perfect choice for you. Women’s fedora hats feature curved brims with an intended crown that is highly eye-catching. The fedora hats will draw attention to your personality, not distract people from it.

When you wear the fedora hats, you will boost your fashion statement while also standing apart from the crowd. Not to mention, the fedora hats will also provide excellent head coverage from the outdoor elements. Choose fedora hats of pinched crease and teardrop shape. You should also leave your long hair loose so that the hat can complement it.

Beret Cap

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

Berets feature a flat round and a distinctive round shape. Most berets are made of woven materials such as felt, wool, cotton, or various synthetic fibers. The berets are popular amongst both men and women. The beret is one of the essential parts of many military outfits. The popularity of berets exploded after they were being used by famous personalities, including Che Guevara.

One of the best things about beets is that they are available in various materials and colors. Wear the berets in any way you prefer. Depending on the depth of the dome, you can also tuck your hair underneath the berets. This way, they will look more eye-catching.

Cowboy Hats

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

Even though it’s a fact that wide-brimmed and high-crowned cowboy hats are one of the most common hats in the United States, you don’t need to be a wrangler to enjoy its fashion sense and functionalities. Nevertheless, women with great fashion sense won’t think twice before wearing a cowboy hat to showcase their fashion appearances.

Cowboy hats are made of different materials, but felt is the most traditional material for cowboy hats. If you prefer the appearance but don’t love the weight of the cowboy hats, you should choose the acrylic or straw version of the cowboy hats. The benefits of choosing natural or synthetic materials are that you’ll have various options in your hand. However, make sure you purchase high-quality cowboy American hats to leverage their functionalities.

Panama Hats

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women


Despite their name, Panama hats have not originated from Panama. Instead, Ecuador is the birthplace of the Panama hats. The tropical and light-colored Panama hats feature tapered brims that are traditionally woven with the Toquilla leaves.

The authenticity and the price of the Panama hats are dependent on the tightness of the weave and the complexity of the artisan. Since the Panama hats are breathable and lightweight, they are trendy in hot climate conditions such as Panama.

As Panama hats are made of synthetic fibers, they are available in different style options and color choices. If you’re searching for a traditional and classic way to enhance your fashion statement, you should choose a Panama hat that complements your face and outfit.

Baseball Cap

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

If you’re searching for hats that will give you a casual and quick way to cover your hair, eyes, face, and neck from the sun rays, you should go with baseball caps.

The baseball caps feature a long bill and a rounded crown in front to protect your eyes from the UV rays. Sometimes, baseball caps feature small holes with metal garments that will enhance the air ventilation on your head. Therefore, they are cooler than other hats available in the market.

Baseball caps are one-size-fits-all. Women who love ponytail hats should choose baseball caps as the hat will provide comfort.

Boater Hats

Top 7 Different Types of Hats for Women

The popularity of the boater hats expanded in the late 19th century. After that, their popularity started increasing with no signs of a backlash. The boater hats are semi-formal. For most boater hats, straw is the primary material. This is why they are perfect for the summer months. The boater hats feature a flattened crown and a straight brim. Most boater hats are associated with sailing or boating events.

Even though boater hats were originally designed for men to showcase their fashion statement, they often come with a striped ribbon on top of the crown. This is the primary reason why the boater hats have become popular amongst women, who usually prefer hatpins to prevent the hats from blowing away.


These are the top 7 different hats for women. Keep in mind that hats will serve as functional and attractive pieces of fashion accessories that will help you boost your style and personality. Therefore, make sure you choose the perfect one. Don’t make any mistakes while purchasing the best hat.