Does wearing a collared shirt under sweatshirt make you look stylish?

Does wearing a collared shirt under sweatshirt make you look stylish?

Does wearing a collared shirt under sweatshirt make you look stylish?

If you are the type of person who is deciding to wear a collared shirt over the sweatshirt but is not so much confident about this idea of yours, then don’t worry, we have got you covered; in this article, you will find more about the looks of wearing a collared shirt over a sweatshirt and the ways that how it is done:

Wearing a sweatshirt over a collared shirt:

Wearing a sweatshirt over a collared shirt has become a classical style nowadays. However, what adapts and changes throughout time is the way you wear and dress it. Here you will learn more about wearing a collared shirt with a sweatshirt under, over, and its styling.

How to wear a sweatshirt over a collared shirt:

This is more of the basic method of wearing a sweatshirt over a collared shirt which we’ve seen for about years in the fashion.

With the big and carefree trend gaining popularity, we’re seeing more shirts flowing and showing under sweatshirts these days. This look is very functional, elegant, and one of the simplest to pull off. It works with transparent tights, fitted pants, and relaxed pants. But you have to make sure to balance out the layers.

Does it look good?

A collared shirt combined with the sweatshirt may be a style powerhouse. You have to avoid a few “fashion-don’t “s and focus on some “fashion-do” s. You have to select the appropriate dress shirt to pick on a sweatshirt type and use some interesting accessories to complete your look.

Picking the perfect dress shirt:

To avoid bunching under your sweater, choose a fitting dress shirt:

You have to make sure that the collared shirt you’re wearing fits you nicely in the sleeves, shoulders, and waist. If it’s too big, you’ll have to cope with the ugly bunching beneath your sweatshirt. So, try it on and ensure it’s not too loose in those areas. If the collared shirt is too large for you, you may get it changed or opt for a little smaller size.

If at all feasible, wear a lightweight dress shirt.

You want to seem tidy and fresh when wearing clothes, especially collared shirts. First, check to discover if your dress shirt is composed of poplin or broadcloth. Avoid heavy materials like denim and flannel. If the collared shirt is manufactured with a heavy fabric, it may seem unattractive and fit snugly under the sweater.

In warmer weather, go for a short-sleeved button-up:

A sleeveless or a short-sleeve collared shirt not only looks wonderful under a sweatshirt, but it also keeps you comfortable! You’ll stay cool whether you’re outside or inside by minimizing the garments on your arms. 

A short-sleeveless or short-sleeved collared shirt will also reduce the extra bulk under the sleeves of the sweatshirt you are wearing. If you’re concerned about doing this, remember that nobody will realize that you’ve been wearing a short-sleeved collared shirt except if you remove your sweatshirt.

Selecting a Sweatshirt Style:

A basic crew neck sweater will keep you looking professional:

This time-honored classic will suit you well in the office or the boardroom, providing real flair without spending a lot of money! Pair this outfit with a pencil shirt or trousers for a “young professional” vibe.

Maintain the shirt collar tucked inside the sweater if the sweater collar is particularly snug and near to the neck.

Wear a grey v neck sweater with a light blue collared shirt beneath for a casual appearance.

Wear a V-neck sweater to show off a tie:

This is a typical professional style. They will outline your tie more elegantly than a crewneck sweatshirt would because of the triangular design of the collar. To pull this off, though, make sure the sweater fits properly since an excessive sweater will fit snugly over your tie, and a too-loose one may seem messy.

Your V-neck sweatshirt should have been washed and ironed properly. Keep it firm and wrinkle-free since it’s more of a formal sweatshirt.

For a casual business image, wear a cardigan sweater:

A cardigan sweatshirt over a collared shirt is a terrific choice for lovely get-togethers, informal workplaces, parties, and dates. Cardigan sweaters are available in a button-down, zipped, and open styles. You may change the appearance of your cardigan by leaving it entirely open, partially open, or completely buttoned/zipped up. It all boils down to what makes you feel the most at ease.

For example, try layering a beige cardigan sweatshirt over a plain grey dress shirt and black pants. Suppose you’re worried about being too hot wearing a sweatshirt all day. In that case, a cardigan is a wonderful option since you can quickly put it on when you’re chilly and remove it when you’re warm.

For a more casual approach, layer a sweater vest over a dress shirt:

Sweatshirt vests are another excellent alternative that, when worn appropriately, can be incredibly fashionable. Make sure it’s fitted since an improper sweater vest will make you seem unattractive. Colors and patterns may be used to freshen up your sweater vest. Finally, roll up your dress shirtsleeves to complete the outfit.

Matching Colors and Patterns:

For a conservative style, choose neutral colors:

These sunglasses are a terrific way to show off your professional side. Choose neutral colors for your sweatshirt, shirt, and even your tie to complete the outfit. Neutral colors include navy, white, black, grey, brown.

Wear a blue sweatshirt with a white collared shirt and a black tie.

Though neutral colors work well with each other, avoid wearing the same color in many pieces (for example, a beige collared shirt and a tan tie) because it might seem monotonous.

To show off your personality, use solid hues with patterns:

Patterning will add interest to your clothing. For example, try a patterned sweatshirt over a solid shirt, or vice versa. You may also go with a solid-colored sweatshirt and shirt with a patterned tie.

Combine a simple plaid button-down with a thick wool sweatshirt for a rough, outdoorsy style.

Wearing too many distinct designs in the same clothing is not a good idea. This makes it tough to follow with the eyes and generates unappealing contrasts.


In this article, we have explained in detail that wearing a collared shirt under the sweatshirt makes you look cool, and we have also discussed how you can wear it. We also discussed how you could discuss how you select the best collar shirt. We recommend you do some research of your own to get the best results.