Asian fishing eyeliner vs. normal eyeliner vs. fox eyeliner

Asian fishing eyeliner vs. normal eyeliner vs. fox eyeliner

Asian fishing eyeliner vs. normal eyeliner vs. fox eyeliner

Eyeliner, an important step of makeup that can’t be beaten. A staple in many makeup routines, it’s the perfect way to complete your eyeshadow look. When it comes to choosing the best eyeliner for your eye shape, there is no one-size-fits-all method. There is no such thing as a bad-looking or styled eyeliner, but sometimes adjusting to your eye shape is the best way to enhance your natural eye shape. With the increasing beauty trends, many new makeup techniques that people love to create are arising. Here, in this article, we’ll discuss the three significant eyeliner trends and how to do them perfectly.

What is Asian Fishing makeup, and how to do it?

Asian fishing is a new term that introduces recently come up. The term Asian fishing evolved due to the viral TikTok video. After it, people are talking about the subject more and more. Even though people are starting to use Asian Fishing, fetishizing and sexualizing Asian Women has a long history.

Best Asian eye makeup tips

  • Prep your lids

Firstly, for the perfect Asian look, prepare your eyelids for good stay eyeshadow in place. You can’t skip this step. Use primer and then cover your lips with foundation or concealer before you move onto the eyeshadow, liner, and lashes. 

  • Eyeliner and eyeshadow

Asian eyes are usually small. That’s why the makeup focuses on making the eyes appear more prominent. You must have eyeliner and eyeshadow ideally. No matter if you have eyeshadow, eyeliner is enough. There is no specific eyeliner for Asian girls. Still, dark black liquid liner and brown color shadow pencils are used as starters.

  • Apply mascara

The other makeup product is mascara. You have both products for a good makeup look as makeup is incomplete without eyeliner and mascara. It makes your eye pop. The Asian eyes have short and straight eyelashes. You can use mascara from head to toes for perfect consecutive eyelashes. It looks perfectly Asian eye makeup.

  • Work on looks

After done with your eyeliner mascara, then focus on looks. Use dark color eyeshadow and white pencil under-eye. It also gives you a look brighter and bigger eyes. For an excellent Asian look, play with dimension to enhance your eyes. “with a monolid, your goal is to make your eye appear more prominent. You can also use triangle tricks when doing your Smokey makeup.

What is Fox Eye Makeup, and how to do it?

Fox eye makeup is an optical illusion that makes your eyes look longer. You can use a variety of makeup to complete this look. Some use Q-tips, and others use brown or black eyeshadow to create a sharp upward movement towards the temples. To complete the optical illusion using the same eyeshadow, you need to add a little to the inner corner of the eye. Fox Eye Makeup is about manipulating the eye area to create a lush look. Some makeup experts claim that the effect of fox eye makeup is similar to plastic surgery with makeup alone.


Step By Step Guide For Fox Eyeliner

1. Eyelid Priming

As always, apply concealer to your eyelids and set them with a translucent powder to match your skin tone.

2. Creation of wings 

Using the brown eyeshadow on the angled brush, draw a line from the center of the eyelid. When drawing eyeliner, keep it thin and make curved wings. Soften the lines a bit to make them less rough. 

3. Add Black 

Apply black eye shadow to make the brown tone even and add volume. Blend the edges so that the colors flow smoothly over each other.

4. Creases eyelids and inner corners 

Use brown eyeshade for creasing, not overpower the other colors. Take a light shadow and apply it to the center of your eyelids to add volume. Finally, add a small v to the inner corner with a dark brown or black tint to mimic fox eyes. Finish this look with mascara.

How Is fox Eye Makeup Different From Asian eyes makeup? 

Fox’s eyes tend towards almond eyes with straight wings, while cat eyes are curved upwards to create a rounded effect. Also, fox eyes are characterized by outer angled wings and inner angled wings. In contrast, cat eyes are represented by only the outer part.

Asian fishing is never about the eyeshadow, makeup, or costumes alone; it is about changing your natural face features by following beauty standards. Thus, the party focuses on profiting while enhancing Asian fetishization without paying attention to the consequence.

Do you look Asian with winged eyeliner? 

No, it could not look like an Asian girl’s eye makeup if you put eyeliner in the corner of your eye. An example of Asian fishing would be putting white eyeliner to make your eye look more prolonged or dip. Another way of Asian fishing is using fake lashes on the edge of your eye to make it look grip, making your gaze slanted. Some people also try to put brown eyeshadow under your eye to take off the sal, also considered the “Asian eye bag.”

Asian Eyeliner VS Normal Eyeliner

You can try almost any type of eyeliner to create an everyday eyeliner look, and it will flatter your eyes. To play around with the shape, start with a very thin line at the inner corner, then increase thickness to the outer third of the eye. You can stop there or add some wings to the end. Then apply a coat of mascara on your eyelashes, and the normal eyeliner look is ready!

Whereas Asian eyes look better with sweep eyeliner than cat eyeliner because the ‘cat’ eyeliner makes the eyes of Asians look dull. Certainly, the wing-type eyeliner emphasizes the shape of the eyes by creating clear eyes.


Asian fishing makeup and foxy eyeliner look make East-Asian facial features look fabulous. This trend started after a TikTok video, and people are getting more familiar with Asian faces. Asian looks primarily work on eyes with tiny straight eyelashes and dark eye shadows. Nowadays, this look is our top trending look; many Asians and Americans adopted this makeup.