How to make Black and Brown Nail Polish at home from Scratch?

How to make Black and Brown Nail Polish at home from Scratch?

How to make Black and Brown Nail Polish at home from Scratch?

Have you ever thought of making your nail polish at home? Is it possible at home to make our desired nail polish color? The answer is “Yes, why not.” There are a lot of questions related to this, which we will answer in this article.

Beauty trends change every season, but nail polish color can be predictable. Black nail polish is indeed used to represent a certain vibe. Anyone with any outfit can wear black nail polish. It’s time to put away your bright shades and accept the darkness. Because black nail polish represents an “authority and energetic” personality, it is a great idea to wear black nail polish to make your outfit classy fashion-forward. On the other hand, Brown nail polish is a deep and rich color indicating boldness. It is the signature of an energetic and earthy woman associated with mother nature.

Nails can tell a lot about one’s personality. Nail polish color explains that your choice could be making a first impression for you. Wearing black or brown color reflects a daring nature.

Making black nail polish at home from scratches

There are many methods of making black nail polish at home. Let’s discuss them one by one.

METHOD#1: With the help of Eyeshadow

●      With the help of Clear Nail Polish and Black Eyeshadow:

Black Eyeshadow and clear nail polish are needed to create nail polish. Choose the black color of your choice. If you want a matte black nail polish color, choose a clear or matte topcoat for the nail polish. If you use a clear topcoat, your black nail polish will be shiny. If you choose a matte topcoat, you will color matte nail polish. You will need a small empty container and a stick to mix them. Cuticle or popsicle stick is recommended.

●      Scrape some eyeshadow into the empty plate

Start scraping the black Eyeshadow into the dish. One or two teaspoons are needed. Always use a popsicle stick to scrape the top eyeshadow layer.

●     Add some cornflour for matte finish

If you want matte nail polish and forget to use matte clear coat polish, you can add cornflour to it. Cornflour will give the nail polish a matte effect. Cornflour might lighten the color a bit. If you want a true matte color, you may skip cornflour.

●      Mix with Clear Nail Polish

Pour this into clear coat nail polish and start mixing Eyeshadow with the nail polish mix until mixture will lumps free and attains a smooth texture.

●     Transfer the Prepare Nail Polish into the Empty Bottle

Transferring this prepared mixture into the empty bottle is the last step. Now it is ready to use. You can pour slowly or use a small funnel to transfer it. Make sure that a little space is left for shaking nail polish before use.

METHOD#2: Process of making Natural Black Nail Polish

●      Warm Olive Oil:

Olive oil makes the base of the natural nail polish. Heat three tablespoons of olive oil in a pan at low heat. Oil news to be warm, not hot.

●     Addition of charcoal powder or Eyeshadow:

Charcoal provides the natural black color of your nail polish or uses black Eyeshadow. Mix charcoal powder or Eyeshadow in olive oil until well combined. Suppose charcoal and or Eyeshadow doesn’t fully mix in the olive oil. In that case, you must strain the mixture through a cheesecloth to reduce the risk of gritty texture.

●      Addition of beeswax:

Add ¼ teaspoon of beeswax into the olive oil mixture and put the mixture on heat for a few minutes until it melts. The purpose of adding beeswax is that nail polish will stay put on nails.

●     Addition of vitamin-E:

The last step is to add a few drops of vitamin E oil. It will add extra moisturizing properties to nail polish. Stir vitamin-E oil into the mixture until it is well combined.

●     Wait for nail polish to cool down:

Allow this natural black nail polish to cool down before applying it to your nails. It is much easier to apply on nails. Remove the nail polish if it gets on your skin. It can also leave a stain on your skin.

METHOD#3: Mixing a traditional black color:

You can also make a customized shade of black by mixing black color nail polish with another nail polish color. These are some good color combinations:

  1. The addition of black with a few drops of White makes Greyish black.
  2. The addition of black and red makes Burgundy black.
  3. The addition of black and blue makes Bluish black.
  4. The addition of black and silver makes Metallic black.

Always use a cuticle or popsicle stick to mix your desired nail polish with black color nail polish. Start adding a few drops first, then more until you get your desired shade.

After achieving your desired black nail polish shade, this prepared mixture into the empty nail polish bottle is ready for use now. Your nail polish bottle should be clean.

How to make Brown Nail Polish at home?

Put one tablespoon of brown Eyeshadow on an empty plate and crush it well until it makes fine powder. Now mix this fine powder with clear nail polish. You can also add 1-2 drops of nail polish remover if it has a lumpy texture. If you want to make it slimmer, add 1/4 tsp of fine powder glitter. You can also add two different colors to make the brown color. The most recommended colors are red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple. Mix black and white and add some red in them to get brown. Mix orange and blue to make brown, and you can add some green if you want a cooler brown color.

Bottom Line

Now it’s possible to make your desired nail polish at home. As beauty trends change, you don’t need to worry about your nail polish color. You can make new and exciting colors from previous nail polish colors. This article will help you create new and exciting colors of all the time.