What Colors Look Good With Dirty Blonde Hair?

What Colors Look Good With Dirty Blonde Hair?

What Colors Look Good With Dirty Blonde Hair?

With its light-reflecting properties, dirty blonde hair is always in style. But how do you dress to complement your favorite shade? That’s where we come in! We found some of the best color combinations for pairing with dirty blonde hair. From the best clothing colors to the best makeup shades, you’ll feel like a true stunner in these combinations.

If you’re looking for new hair color, you might be wondering what color highlights look best with dirty blonde hair. It’s not always an easy question to answer. Which colors work best can depend on your skin tone and eye color. Dirty blonde hair highlights work well if you want a fun and natural look, but if you want a more bold look, you might prefer a different color.

The colors in the chart below highlight the various colors that complement dirty blonde hair. The chart includes pictures of how different colors look when they are highlighted with dirty blonde shades of gold, copper, or platinum. There are also tips for choosing the right color for your skin tone and eye color.

What Colors Look Good With Dirty Blonde Hair?

What colors look good on dirty blonde hair?

This section features many different light blonde hair shades that highlight each different skin tone.

Many different colors look good with dirty blonde hair. A good color that you could choose would be a light brown color. The light brown will be good if you want to rock out with a natural look. A dark brown works well too; it looks good on darker hair when you want to make it look less dirty. The red color is also one of the best colors when it comes to dirty blonde hair. It is an attractive color that looks good on any skin tone.

Dirty blonde hair is an in-between color, it’s not dark enough to be dark blonde hair, but not light enough to be light blonde hair. It falls in between blonde hair colors. It’s really very similar to the color of natural hair without any hair color. You can wear most colors but try to avoid pastels, because they will not look natural.

  • Light Blonde Shades for Blonde Hair
Honey Blonde

Brown, blonde, and reddish tones look good on any type of complexion. These tones would work on fair-skinned and darker-skinned individuals. If you have brown or dark brown skin and dark brown or blond hair, you might want to try a brown blonde highlight with copper overtones.

  • Medium Blonde Shades for Blonde Hair
Medium Blonde

Medium blonde highlights work well on everyone’s complexion, whether light or dark. In fact, these shades work best if you have a medium skin tone. Light blonde shades work especially well for fair-skinned individuals with red and brown hair. Dark blonde shades look great on dark-skinned individuals, too.

The color also depends on your eye and skin tone

  • Choosing the right color for your skin tone

If you want to highlight your blonde hair with vibrant or striking color, you need to check your skin color. If your skin is olive, brown, tan, or yellow-toned, then natural blonde shades of gold and copper will work best with your skin tone. If you have lighter skin, you might prefer gold or copper. If you have darker skin, then you should consider going for platinum blonde instead. When your hair is golden blonde, it will make your skin look healthy and vibrant. If your hair is brownish blonde, it will complement any skin tone.

On the other hand, if you have olive skin, the shade of blonde you choose might make you look pasty. There are a lot of brown-toned blonde shades, so you have to keep that in mind when choosing your hair color. You can use a gloss on your hair to lighten the shade of blonde in your hair.

There are a lot of warm blondes and cool blondes, so it’s easier to choose a blonde shade that is a mix of both.

  • Choosing the right color for your eye color

If you have blue eyes, you want to be careful about choosing a lighter blonde shade. Blondes with light eyes look washed out with blonde shades. They appear whiter than they are. You should choose a hair color with a tone of honey, not a shade of pink. That means you need to choose the shade of blonde that looks closest to your natural skin tone.


Using your own hair color can help you make an effortless style statement. It’s easy to take care of and long-lasting too. If you’re not sure which color is best for your hair, ask your hairstylist for some tips. They will be able to point you in the right direction. Make sure you use a good hair color remover if you have any stubborn colors left in your hair after your color, or if your color looks too light, you might need to return to your salon to get a touch-up.

Always use your best judgment when choosing a hair color for your skin tone, eye color, and hair texture. Be mindful of how your hair color looks when you take a selfie to avoid wasting a trip to the salon. You can also use your imagination when deciding which hair color best compliments your face.