How do you use crackle nail polish perfectly with glitters? The trend

How do you use crackle nail polish perfectly with glitters? The trend

How do you use crackle nail polish?

Crackle nail polish has become the go-to nail polish for all nail lovers. It’s been a while now but still popular. Suppose you want to know the basics of application or problems applying crackle polish. Applying crackle nail polish follows very simple and easy steps. If people find it difficult to use, they may not know the tips and tricks. This article will discuss some crackle or shatter tips to get your best crackle nails. Keep Reading

What is crackle Nail Polish?

Crackle nail polish is a nail polish that crumbles when dry for an artistic chipping effect. Unlike traditional nail paints, which dries into a uniform, continuous coating, the crackling effect causes the layers to discrete into randomly spaced cracks. Many cosmetic brands produce this varnish in a variety of colors. You can wear it over plain solid nail polish to accentuate the hard effect.

Once you get your crackle nail polish effect, you can add any additional details you need, such as stones or beads. If you do not want to add additional materials, skip to the next section and continue with your nail art. One of the best things about this nail art piece is that it usually lasts a long time. Sometimes it lasts up to several years. Besides, they look so cool you’ll want to wear them sometimes.

How to get a perfect crackle effect?

It looks a bit like broken glass, and you can see the background color in the broken finish. Cracking nail art is becoming more and more popular. When the top layer of varnish dries and becomes dense, it can crack the base of the nail. These cracks only impair the surface finish and do not change the color of the coating. Try a variety of colors, including matte, metallic and more. Each design is unique. Crackle Nail Polish must be applied to the surface layer to reveal perfect cracks. Alternatively, you can use a nail pen to create a similar “crack” effect.

Top tips to get an awesome crackle nail finish with glitters

Here are some amazing tips and tricks to get an awesome crackle nail polish effect.

  • Choose contrasting colors. The crack effect is difficult to see if the colors are too similar.
  • Make sure the primer is completely dry.
  • Use a very fine cracking glaze for the best cracking effect.
  • If it is too thick (you may need a varnish shaker), it will hardly crack.
  • Cracked glaze peels off easily, so be sure to apply one layer on the surface.
  • Crackle Nail Art can give your nails a unique look. It may take some practice to get the rift effect properly, but it’s well worth it.

When did crackle nail polish become popular? The trend explained

Wondering when hard nail polish became trendy? If you thought that manicure has always been popular, you are not alone. It was a very popular product in its early days, one of the first mass-produced commercially.

However, it wasn’t long before another cosmetic company came up with the idea that the varnish could give it a beautiful luster.

How to apply crackle nail polish perfectly?

1.    Buy crackle varnish and choose your base color

It is recommended to choose two colors with good contrast. Dark colors always go well with light colors. Alternatively, you can choose two opposing colors on the color wheel, and they are guaranteed to blend well. It is recommended to choose two colors with very good contrast. Light colors are always combined with dark colors. Alternatively, you can choose two opposing colors to blend well.

2. Apply the base coat

A high-quality primer coat can keep your nails intact for at least a week, so the time you spend on your nails will be rewarded!

3. Apply monochromatic nail polish

Apply one or two base colors to match your nail polish color. You can choose soft varnish, glitter, or other textures, but these textures can affect the appearance of the cracks. Wait at least 5 to 10 minutes for the primer to dry. If you’re impatient like me, watch TV or apply a coat that cracks prematurely to avoid staining.

4. Apply crackle polish to the base color

Put on a thin coat of crackle nail polish quickly and uniformly. If applied too thickly, they may stick to each other. The thicker the coating, the larger the cracks.

5. Wait for the final look

After use, the varnish will shrink and crack. In less than 10 minutes, you will see your nail polish dry and your nails completely cracked. Wait patiently for the topcoat to dry completely before applying it.

What makes the glaze of crackle nails special?

The cracked glaze recipe is the opposite of how you would normally want your nail polish to work. A quick-drying solvent (alcohol) is added to the glaze, causing the polish to dry quickly and unevenly, forming cracks. Although slow and uniform drying is usually required to ensure a smooth, glossy finish, adding thinner to the formula creates an imperfect film and shrinks as it dries, resulting in noticeable cracks and cracks in the base coat. It’s almost like Shrinky Dinks!.

Is crackle nail polish worth it?

If you’re asking yourself, “Is it valuable applying crackle nail colors?” The first thing you need to know is that this product was originally called nail oil, and before that, it turned into a living nail polish. Before it became known as Crackle, it was called Scotch Guard. As soon as nail polish was released, it quickly became one of the most popular varnishes. This nail coat is popular because a thin coat of soft varnish on a transparent base creates beautiful cracks.

It has since evolved into a best-selling varnish and now produces over 60 different types, each with a different look and feel.

Final Words

Several cosmetic brands produce their versions of crackle nail polish. These products serve the same purpose, but it may take a bit of experimentation for manicure lovers to choose their favorite. It is unnecessary to match the base color brand of the coating to the crackle varnish brand because the topcoat will break no matter what varnish you have underneath.