Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish Review 2022

    Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish Review 2022

    Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish Review 2022

    If anything that pisses me off, it’s my nail polish. But let’s face it: going to the beauty salon every two weeks doesn’t come cheap, and for about a year or so, it’s not even realistic. After a lot of trial and error, I finally learned how to paint my nails from the comfort of my own home. But for me, the hardest part about painting my nails is choosing the color.

    In a nail salon, you look at the wall in all these beautiful tones, and it seems like the hardest decision you’ll ever have to make. At home, you can haul your old shoebox full of nail polish of any brand you can think of. (Note: you might want to check to see if they’re expired.) How do you choose “one” with so many colors and launches?

    For your assistance, we’ve rounded up Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish, the best nail polish review for the coming year. Get ready to find reviews of your favorite nail polish.

    Sally Hansen Crackle: Short Overview

    Sally Hansen is another name that draws attention to the nail polish brand. It is a long-established brand that has been making bottles since 1946. Its founder Sally Hansen was a self-made makeup artist when women only cared about their homes. Her audacity and dedication are reflected in the brand’s mission to empower women with vibrant nail colors and innovative formulas.

    Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish Review 2022

    Variety of Shades

    You’ve probably seen Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, InstaDri, and Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear collections on the shelves of almost every pharmacy. The OG nail brand is known for its affordable price tag and vibrant color options. According to lifestyle and entertainment editor Paige DiFiore, this brand outperforms other high-end brands due to its thick brush and great stamina. Her Sally Hansen manicure lasts a week and a half without chipping.

    The best thing about Sally Hansen Crackle Nail paint

    Sally Hansen appears in buying guides, including the best nail polishes, topcoats, and non-toxic nail polish brands. In 2020, the brand boldly took on the challenge of creating a Good, Kind, Pure, non-toxic nail polish. The plant-based collection is free and 100% vegan.

    This Sally Hansen Nail Enhancer is perfect for those concerned about the unsightly burrs on their nails. The product, which contains nylon, omega 3, and soy, also strengthens brittle nails while preventing peeling.

    Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish Review 2022

    Bottle’s Packaging

    When applied to bare nails, the brand recommends applying 2-3 coats to one nail to dry each one before completely applying to the next nail. It comes in a slim glass jar with a tall black cap for better control of the brush in use.

    The wide brush size allows for uniform application, the formulation dries quickly, and the nails look shiny and healthy. Over 86% of testers felt that the texture was pleasant, and they were satisfied with the drying time of the product. Testers praised the nails for protection, and more than 72% of testers agreed that the nails would feel strong by the end of the test period. Others have discovered that this product also helps with nail growth. Over 95% of testers did not feel redness or irritation with skin- and nail-friendly formula.

    Product Reviews:

    Here’s a short overlook about the Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish:

    1. Ease of use: Due to its super comfy brush, it is easy to use. Users rated Sally Hansen Crackle’s nail polish ease of use feature by giving 4.5 out of 5.
    2. Design: This brand contains many different colors that provide enormous variety to users for selection. We checked users’ reviews. They rated this brand in terms of its designs and variety by giving 4 out of 5 remarks.
    3. Instructions: Instructions are an important part of the label designed on any product. According to the user’s reviews, well-defined instructions are mentioned on the nail polish label, making the process easier for them during its application.
    4. Performance: Sally Hansen Crackle nail polish can last longer if used properly. According to user’s reviews, it has usually a 12M or 24M varnish. Don’t need to use it 12/24 months after opening. They rated it by giving 3 out of 5 stars in terms of performance.

    The Most Liked Features

    • Slight odor 
    • Dry without leaving brush marks or burrs 
    • Glittering

    Disliked Features

    • Some said it might have been less consistent. 
    • Testers will prefer brushes with rounded edges to straight brushes 
    • Some have found that repeated application can cause the layer to peel off.

    Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish Application Process

    Step 1: First, Paint a base coat on your nails. In summer, you can go with a bright fuchsia shade on all nails, except for a teal shade on your ring fingernails. You can also go for a Sinful Colors Professional nail polish in Rising and Shine and Dream On.

    Sally Hansen’s guide recommends applying two coats and letting nails dry completely before applying Crackle Overcoat.

    Step 2: Crackle overcoat and topcoat

    After giving enough time to dry the base coat layer, apply a thick crackle overcoat with a snow blast. You don’t have to worry about the results. The nail polish was rugged and had few “cracks.” After removing most of the polish with a nail polish remover, you can quickly reapply the base coat and dry your nails again if needed. This time, apply a much thinner and lighter layer of crackle overcoat. As the polish dried, more cracks appeared, and the color of the basecoat was visible. Therefore, apply it carefully.

    Final Thoughts

    Alright, We hope this helps you so you can have fun with your cracked or broken nail polish. Esther’s Nail Center offers Sally Hansen cracked nail polish for $14.97 in different colors and topcoats if you want to know where to buy cracked nail polish. The most popular colors are Cherry Smash, Antiqued Gold, Distressed Denim, Vintage Violet, Ink Splatter, Fractured Foil, and Snow Blast. This crackle nail polish works great and cracks relatively fast.