My Husband Hides His Beauty by Jeongyeon

    My Husband Hides His Beauty by Jeongyeon

    My Husband Hides His Beauty by Jeongyeon

    MY Husband Hides His Beauty is a story about a young orphan named Leticia, orphaned when monsters murdered her parents in the northern lands. Now, she lives with her Uncle’s family, a wife, and two daughters. Leticia’s Count Uncle returns from the north, and his story determines the twist in the plot of the book.

    Our columnist Jeongyeon is back with her next novel, and this time she tackles a sensitive but not uncommon topic: the insecurities people feel about their appearance. While the concept of beauty can seem a bit shallow, it becomes much more profound when considering where those desires ultimately stem from.

    Since everyone deals with insecurities of their own, it’s comforting to know that we are all human. We might disagree on what constitutes beauty and attractiveness, but at least we can admit to them and work towards improving ourselves.

    As Jeongyeon aptly says, “My husband says I’m beautiful every day. On the other hand, I feel like I’m dreaming.”

    I want to hear more about that. How did you and your husband meet?It all started when we moved in next to each other. Initially, he was interested in me, but I denied him, claiming that “there’s a difference in status.” Eventually, I started talking to him out of boredom, so we became friendly.

    It’s rare for people our age to live separately from their parents these days. So what made you decide to live alone?

    We’re both working adults with stable jobs, so we don’t have a reason to live with our parents or anyone else. We just wanted to try living together and see how it goes.

    My husband liked living in our apartment, but I was incredibly against it. I was afraid that something would happen and we wouldn’t be able to pay the rent. After a long time, I finally gave in because my husband promised to always stay with me and take care of me for the rest of his life.

    Can You Tell us about Your Husband?

    My husband is kind, loving, and caring. He’s a man who knows how to make a woman feel special and loved. He’s not very tall, but he has a great body. He doesn’t have abs of steel, but in my eyes, he looks like a god.

    My husband is the type of person who worries about me before himself. He’s considerate and thoughtful and always tries his best to make my dream come true. He’ll try to hide his pain when I’m hurt, even if it means that he can’t get proper treatment for himself. My husband will do anything for me.

    He’s a popular guy at work, with male and female colleagues liking him. But I wonder why they don’t approach him.

    My Husband Hides His Beauty Plot

    The plot of My Husband Hides His Beauty revolves around a young orphan named Leticia, whose parents were killed by monsters in the northern lands. Now, she lives with her Uncle, his wife, and their two daughters. However, her Uncle, a Count, has come back from the north alive and has been fighting the monsters with tenacity. His story ultimately determines the twist in the My Husband Hides His Beauty plot.


    Jeongyeon’s fantasy novel, My Husband Hides His Beauty, is a near-perfect read. It tells the story of a young girl named Leticia, an orphan who lost her parents to monsters in the northern lands. Now, she lives with her Count Uncle, his wife, and two daughters. She learns from her Count Uncle’s story that he survived the monsters in the north by being brave and fighting them fearlessly. This story sets up a twist in the plot of MY Husband Hides His Beauty.


    My Husband Hides His Beauty is an excellent fantasy novel written by Jeongyeon. It has a near-perfect rating and tells the story of an orphaned girl stranded in a foreign land. As the story progresses, she finds herself forced to compromise for her dead parents’ sake.