CURLY AND WAVY HAIR: What is the curly girl method and how to start it? What are the best products to achieve the perfect curls?


When it comes to hair, we all have a unique and distinctive style. Especially for those girls and boys who have curly, wavy or wavy hair. Unlike the straighter hair, this type of hair needs much more care, but at the same time, they offer endless different styles.

Hence, the curly girl technique has become so popular. Since it is the best way for the most unruly hair, or curly hair to adopt a much more defined shape. These look more alive, and we went from having conventional hair, to curly hair in all its splendor. Do you want to learn how to do it? Stay with us.

What is the ‘Curly girl’ method?

The popular curly girl method is about bringing the traditional hair shape to a much curlier state. Thanks to natural and hydration techniques so that the hair returns to its healthiest state. Therefore, this technique requires that bad habits such as regular tinting, ironing or chemical straightening be put aside.

It’s simply about letting hair express its vibrancy through strong, healthy curls. Thanks to different techniques that will help the curls to be born again.

How to get perfect short curly hair or hair with the curly girl method?

Apart from all the curly girl products that exist, and all the home remedies to hydrate the hair that you can find. To become a true curly girl, you will need to implement new habits for your hair. And that starts with putting bad habits aside.

To truly achieve curly hair, the first thing you need to do is make a commitment and start by putting bad habits aside. And apart from getting the best products for curly hair, you should implement methods such as the following:

  • Curly girl method with aluminum strips.

If you’ve had damaged hair for a long time, products and masks will help repair it. However, you will need the help of something else.

In this case, get your hands on aluminum foil. And with it, all you have to do is several thick strips. With hair washed, hydrated and damp, begin to roll the strands of hair into the foil strips. The smaller the better. By leaving it overnight, you will see that the curls will be much more defined the next morning.

  • Finger coil method

Very simple and fast, it is a method to define curls with your fingers. It will only be enough that after washing, you apply your favorite curl cream and roll each of the strands with your fingers. Continue rolling until hair dries and remains in this shape.

  • Curly method with hair dryer

Although it is not recommended to apply too much heat, you can help the diffuser of the dryer to define the curlers. Keep in mind that you should always apply a protective layer to the hair capillaries before applying heat. By creating upward pressure, the curlers will take shape.

What products to use to start the curly girl method? – Products for curly hair

Most important of all, is knowing how to start the curly girl method. Well, it will be the key to success. And how do we start? Preparing the hair and hydrating the capillaries in the best possible way. This can be achieved with different home remedies or, if you prefer, an assistant with different special products for the revitalization of the curls.

  • Coco & Hibiscus: Curl & Shine

This is one of the most popular products and it is also recommended for all those girls who are just beginning the transition to much curlier hair. This is a shampoo and conditioner, that applying it weekly to the hair will give it a much more voluminous and shiny appearance. Definitely a good way to start.

  • Professional Series: Hydrating argan oil mask

Argan oil is one of the components that hair most needs, when looking for deep, long-lasting and fast hydration. Therefore, it results in a professional treatment that you can acquire at any hairdressing or aesthetic center. It is ideal to recover the life of the most damaged capillaries and begin to have more defined curls.