MAKE-UP: How to prepare each skin type before makeup what to put before and after makeup?


Taking care of our skin is undoubtedly one of the most important factors. Not only so that it looks good but also so that it is healthy and pure from all bacteria and contaminations in the environment.

The skin of our face to be more sensitive requires much more care. Since it is mostly exposed to harmful bacteria and toxins that easily accumulate in the pores.

Make up our face to look more beautiful is a process, which must be carried out step by step. But before doing so, you should know that it is essential to prepare the skin so that the makeup is perfect.

Why is it important to prepare the skin before makeup?

Now you may wonder how important it is to prepare the facial skin before makeup. And yes, this is 100% essential because it will make it look much better and it will be healthier for the skin of the face.

Our face is the one that is most exposed to all toxins, bacteria and environmental contamination. This is because the skin on our face is much thinner, more sensitive and also has fewer protective layers.

So taking care of your skin goes far beyond just wanting to look good. Well, by eliminating all these bacteria that lie daily, we will avoid annoying pimples, pimples, blackheads, spots, or skin diseases.

In addition to this, so that our makeup on the skin was much better, it looks natural, pronounced and beautiful, its preparation is necessary. Because if you apply it directly without this process that does not take long, it will crack easily, last less time, blemishes and open pores will be marked.

With all this, the makeup chemicals will mix with the bacteria on your skin or accumulated oil, causing damage that will be noticeable in the long run.

That is why it is of great importance to prepare the skin before makeup, which you have to do according to your skin type, oily, combination or dry. Using the appropriate products for her.

How to prepare your skin before makeup

Now if you don’t know what she puts on before makeup and the whole process that takes place, then keep reading to find out.

This process is not only about using a single cream that hydrates your skin and that’s it. Well, to make it look better, 8 steps will be essential to prepare your face before makeup.

Wash your face before makeup: Clean your face thoroughly, with water and a soap appropriate for your face. And then pass a cotton ball with micellar water.

Make a mask for before makeup or an exfoliator: By doing this process you will eliminate dead cells from your skin, you will give it softness and elasticity. Just remember to do it 2-3 times a week.

Add a special tonic for your skin: It is important since they provide shine, freshness, cleanliness and will prevent excess oil.

Apply hyaluronic acid before makeup: this will provide softness, and will enhance the face to the maximum. Providing everything it needs to make it look much better.

Use oils before makeup: they provide hydration and softness to your face, providing appropriate vitamins that will do it very well.

The serum before makeup: it is also very important as it will greatly increase this process. The best thing is that it can help you fight wrinkles or blemishes.

An eye contour: it is special for the area of ​​dark circles and all around it. Provides the special hydration that this part needs to avoid marks or swelling.

Indicated cream: finally, the correct cream for your skin type will be important, since it will seal this entire process, provide hydration, shine and softness.

The best moisturizers for your skin if you are going to put on makeup

Now know the best creams or special moisturizing products for the skin of your face that go before makeup below.

  • Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream
  • Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair
  • NiveaQ10 anti-wrinkle
  • Estée lauder hydrations moisture
  • Avene hydrance optimale liger
  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion
  • Clinique Super defense
  • Lancaster skin therapy oxygenate
  • L ’Oreal Collagen
  • L ’Oreal Revitalift