I Washed My Hair 24 Hours After Perm

 I Washed My Hair 24 Hours After Perm

I Washed My Hair 24 Hours After Perm

At the very least, you should wait at least 48 hours after getting a perm before washing your hair. However, you should wait 72 hours for the best results if you can. Professional stylists have determined this time frame critical for preserving your new curls.

What Happens to Permed Hair if you Wash it 24 hours after a Perm?

The best way to take care of a perm is to avoid washing it 24 hours after the treatment. This can cause damage and cause frizz. Sometimes, washing your permed hair may cause you to lose the perm. To avoid this, you should invest in a leave-in conditioner that can be used on the perm for at least a day after the treatment.

Getting a perm involves soaking your hair in an alkali solution, which opens up the hair cuticles. These cuticles are where the perm chemicals are applied. Washing your hair immediately after the perm can cause damage to the chemicals used. It can also cause it to become frizzy, which can make it look even worse.

It’s best to rinse your hair with warm water and use a leave-in conditioner to tame the fuzz. Also, avoid brushing your hair for at least 48 hours after the perm. If you must, use a hair dryer, but use a diffuser or a relaxed setting. You can also use a soft towel to dry your hair, as this will prevent it from becoming tangled.

Despite the benefits of perms, they can cause damage to long hair if improper care is not taken. Chemical services such as highlighting and permanent color also hurt your hair. If you have long hair, washing it a few days after a perm is even more essential to reduce the risk of damage.

It’s best to leave your perm on for at least 48 hours after the session. A few stylists recommend 72 hours, but this is entirely dependent on your hair type. This time frame will help you get the most out of your perm. Premature washing can destroy the perm chemicals and cause your hair to return to its natural straightness.

Water Deactivates Perm

Perms are designed to create a volume boost in your hair. However, if you’re planning to shower soon after your perm, it’s essential to protect your perm. Make sure you choose a shower cap that will keep out any water and moisture. Also, please don’t use a small shower cap because it will let out excess hair and ruin your perm.

Once you’ve received your perm, you must wait at least three days before washing it. Water can cause the perm to deactivate after washing, so it’s best to wait to wash your hair for the first few days. It’s also best to avoid swimming or rain on your permed hair. It would help if you avoided blow-drying your hair, as this can damage the perm.

The process of a perm involves chemicals applied to the entire hair strand. These chemicals damage the cuticle layer, making the hair strands swell and stick up. The use of water exacerbates the damage by breaking down the cuticle layer, causing the hair strands to split and stick up. Although the risk of water deactivating a perm is minimal, it’s still advisable to be cautious while washing your hair 24 hours after your perm.

Once you’ve washed your hair, avoid heat tools and hot water. These can change the shape of the waves. In such cases, use a blow dryer with relaxed settings to save your hair from heat damage. Also, water in your hair can pull your waves down if it’s not air-dried.

It’s also important to avoid shampooing your hair for at least 24 hours after perming. This can destroy the perm or cause it to become unruly and frizzy. The worst-case scenario could result in both. It’s important to understand that the perm reaction will vary depending on the type of shampoo and your hair.

Moisturizing is Important for Permed Hair

To avoid breakage, you should use a shampoo that contains proteins like keratin, which helps to repair curls and waves. Also, choose a product free of sulfates and parabens, as they can weigh down curls and cause product buildup.

Permed hair is prone to dryness, so it is crucial to use a moisturizing product. You can also use curl-enhancing or hydrating products. However, you shouldn’t perm relaxed hair since the chemicals used in relaxers and perms can lead to breakage. Permed hair should be cut before relaxing, as perms usually last for three to six months.

To protect your perm, you should avoid blow-drying and another heat styling. Instead, use a diffuser or air dryer to prevent split ends and avoid flat irons. In addition, brushing permed hair sparingly is essential because it can break and look unkempt.

It’s essential to moisturize newly permed hair, as exposure to the sun can cause it to become dry and brittle. Using leave-in conditioners can also be helpful. Using WOW Hair Revitalizer, for instance, will help your permed hair absorb more proteins and retain more moisture. It will also restore your curls’ shine and vitality. However, applying it sparingly and massaging it into your tresses is essential.

Permed hair requires special attention, and it is essential to follow your stylist’s advice when caring for it. You’ll want to wait about four to six weeks before getting other hair treatments or salon services. Also, you shouldn’t shampoo your permed hair more than two to three times per week and only use cold or lukewarm water. In addition, it’s essential to protect your hair with a shower cap.


Can I comb my hair the day after a perm?

Wait at least two days before washing your hair to allow your perm to set. For the first 24 hours, do not comb your hair. Only color your hair for two weeks before and after getting a perm—moisturizing, moisturizing, moisturizing.

Why does my perm look frizzy?

If your stylist allows the perm to process appropriately, your hair may become too curly (looking frizzy) or not curly enough. A perm should take two to three hours, depending on hair length.

Can I wear a hat right after a perm?

Allow at least 48 hours before shampooing your hair. Wear a hat or pull your hair back with a pretty hair accessory until then.

Can I sleep with wet hair with a perm?

Going to bed with damp hair is never a good idea, especially if you have a perm. Air drying is the best option for permed hair, but you can also pat it dry with a microfiber towel.