The Myth About Washing Hair After a Perm

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The Myth About Washing Hair After a Perm

One of the most common misconceptions is that you must wait 48 hours after a perm to use shampoo. Otherwise, your hair may become damaged, and your curls may disappear or become uneven. Another myth is that you should avoid using a hairdryer for a couple of weeks.

It is generally advised to refrain from washing your hair after a perm. However, some say washing it can cause frizz and even damage the curl form. However, this myth has no basis. Dry shampoos work well for permed hair. You should also avoid using semi-permanent hair color because it can weaken the perm.

Refrain From Washing hair After a Perm

One of the most common myths about hair care after a perm is that you must wait 48 hours before washing it. This is not true and is likely to damage the perm. The curls in your hair will disappear or become uneven if you wash your hair too soon. In addition, you should avoid combing and cutting your hair for a week after the perm has been applied.

Nevertheless, it would help if you did not forget to read the label of any shampoo or conditioner before washing your hair after a perm. Some products contain excessive alcohol, which can damage your perm. You should also avoid tying your hair within two days of the perm.

A perm solution has a chemical component that can cause your hair to burn or itch. You should use a deep moisturizing product or procedure to minimize the possibility of damage from the solution. It is also important to avoid shampooing your hair for a few days after a perm because the chemical can make your hair brittle and prone to tangling. However, if you have already colored your hair, it is safe to go ahead and do so after the perm.

While modern perms are relatively harmless, but they still stress your hair. The chemicals used in these treatments break down the keratin chains in your hair, which can make your hair look and feel damaged. The best way to take care of your hair after a perm is to use a gentle moisturizing shampoo with gentle massaging motions. Afterward, you can rinse out the conditioner using warm water.

After a perm, you need to follow the home care instructions for your perm. In addition, getting a trim every three or four weeks is essential to reduce breakage and dryness and keep the perm looking its best. Follow these instructions to ensure your perm is perfect.

Another myth is that washing hair after a perm is terrible for the hair. You should avoid washing your hair for the first two days after the procedure. After two days, the perm chemicals still have to do their work. If you wash your hair too soon after your perm, it will start deactivating the chemical.

It would help if you used a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots and tangles. This will help the conditioner to hug every strand. And it will also help you to keep the curls in place. But, of course, you should also protect your hair from sun rays and chlorine.

Using a shower cap while washing your hair after a perm is another critical step to preserving your perm. These caps seal out excess moisture and help you maintain the perm.

Dry Shampoos Work well for Permed Hair

Dry shampoos are ideal for permed hair because they don’t require water to lather and work with all types of hair, including permed hair. These shampoos contain natural botanicals that moisturize and condition dry hair. They are also vegan and free from dyes and parabens. They also help keep curls frizz-free.

One of the best dry shampoos for permed hair is OGX Refresh Restore + Miracle Oil. This unique blend of coconut oil, vanilla bean extract, and tiare essence gives your hair its bounce back while leaving no residue. Unlike some shampoos for permed hair, this one contains vitamins B1 and E. So besides nourishing your hair, it helps preserve color-treated and permed hair.

Permed hair requires special care to avoid damage. The first step is to find a shampoo with a pH level that is appropriate for permed hair. Next, if you have a sensitive or dry scalp, you should try a shampoo that contains argan oil. Argan oil contains antibacterial properties and prevents scalp inflammation. It would help if you also chose a shampoo that contains humectants and anti-breakage ingredients. These shampoos are perfect for permed hair because they help keep curls smooth and manageable.

Aside from these ingredients, dry shampoos can also contain natural ingredients. For example, glycerin is known to help keep hair moist and manageable. Some of these products even contain amino acids, which help keep the pH level balanced and the tensile strength and density of the hair. However, it would be best if you were careful about the ingredients in these shampoos. Some of them can cause harmful side effects after a few uses. Some may even cause balding or acne. Additionally, some shampoos contain chemicals that may be harmful to your hair.

There are plenty of dry shampoos available on the market. Some shampoos are fragrance-free, while others are based on glycerin and micellar water. They also tend to have a sulfate-free formula that doesn’t weigh down your hair.

Shampoos for permed hair are different from those you use for regular hair. Perm shampoos usually contain humectants to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated. They should be applied once or twice a week to help your hair retain its style. However, it is recommended to shampoo more frequently if your scalp is oily. It’s also wise to shampoo your hair after heavy sweating.

When choosing a dry shampoo, remember to read the labels. Many can be too drying for curly hair. So, it’s essential to choose the right one that is free of silicone and drying alcohol. Also, some dry shampoos for permed hair are made especially for curly hair.

The best dry shampoo for permed hair contains ingredients that seal the cuticle and add shine and body. These shampoos also contain ingredients that protect curls and free them from frizz. Moroccan argan oil and Jamaican black castor oil are great for permed hair, but avoid silicone, as these are heavy and weigh the curls down.

Semi-permanent hair Color can Weaken a Perm.

While a semi-permanent hair color will not damage a perm, it is advisable to wait a few days before coloring it. Hair will take less color when processed, so it is best to wait a few days after your perm. If you have already colored your hair, you may want to wait even longer before coloring it with a semi-permanent product.

Semi-permanent hair colors are available in a range of vibrant shades and are especially popular with people who love to play around with hair color. Because they’re semi-permanent, they can be mixed and matched to achieve your desired look. If you need help determining what color you want, you can also try a dye that is a shade lighter than your natural color.

Although demi-permanent dyes contain no ammonia, they still contain a small amount of peroxide. This can cause damage to your hair and can be further complicated by harsh styling techniques. If you’re planning on coloring your hair again, give it several weeks to adjust to its new look and start using moisture-rich conditioner.


Will my perm get curlier after I wash it?

Perming hair is a complex chemical process; curling hair is permanent and cannot be straightened. However, while the perm will increase the curl, it is not as if the hair will grow and straighten after a few washes.

Do perms stay curly when wet?

Perms, unlike hair dyes, cannot be washed out. It will remain curly even after you’ve washed and dried your hair! Even though your hair is curly, you can still do any of the hairstyles you used to do before the treatment. Permed hair can still be straightened, curled, and styled commonly.

How often should you refresh your perm?

A perm can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on your hair type and how well you care for it.

How can I make my perm curls tighter?

If your curls are looking a little limp, use a diffuser for a quick blast, scrunching as you go to encourage the curls to tighten back up. To enhance your ringlets, apply a small curl cream or styling gel. Flip your hair over and diffuse as you scrunch to revitalize flat hair.