Can I Wet My Hair After A Perm?

Can I Wet My Hair After A Perm?

Can I Wet My Hair After A Perm?

Permed hair can be wet any time and treated with a leave-in conditioner, but it must be left alone for 36-48 hours before shampooing.

Using water during the last phase of a perm is not advisable. Water disrupts the perm process and causes curls to fall out. Furthermore, it makes your hair dry. To avoid this, you should wait two days before you shower. In the meantime, you can use dry shampoo to refresh yourself. Make sure to use a dry shampoo suitable for permed hair and avoid excessive application.

Water Disrupts the Last Stage of the Perming Process

During the perming process, hydrogen is introduced into the hair, breaking disulfide bonds and restoring them. Water-soluble tertiary phosphines, hydroxy or carboxy derivatives of phosphine, are used. Glucose oxidase reacts with these compounds to form hydrogen peroxide. This reaction is the final step in the perming process.

The overall structure of the hair strands is composed of a protein called keratin. When permed, these proteins change the shape of the hair strands by adjusting to a new curl pattern. These changes last about two to three days. However, water can disrupt this process by neutralizing the chemical effect and resulting in lackluster curls and uneven texture.

It Causes Curls to Fall Apart

Wetting hair after a perm can deactivate the curling effects of the perm. This is because water dissolves the chemical bonds in the hair, which are responsible for curling and wrinkling. Moreover, wetting hair before 48 hours increases the risk of frizz.

Ideally, it would be best to wait at least three days after your perm to wash it. This helps prevent water from destroying the perm. It would be best if you also avoided swimming and water-based styling. These can cause breakage and unnatural shapes. It would be best if you also used shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for curly hair. It is also best to use a dryer sparingly to dry your hair, as this can cause it to dry out quickly.

While your hair is in the adjustment phase, you should avoid using a hairbrush to comb it. Instead, use a finger comb to comb your hair. You can also try using a wide-tooth comb while in the shower. Be sure to maintain the curl structure to prevent the perm from falling apart.

To avoid breaking your perm, you must be able to care for it properly. The most important thing to do after the process is to keep the hair moisturized. You should moisturize your hair daily using deep moisturizing masks, which can be applied after shampooing. After applying the mask, you should wait 20 minutes before rinsing. You should also avoid overstretching your hair when you use rubber bands to keep it in place. Finally, you should apply styling products to your new hair to keep it conditioned and in style. For example, curl styling creams, and moisturizing sprays can help you define the curls and keep them in place.

While you might be able to regain your curls with a trip to the salon, you should be aware of several factors that can cause your curls to fall apart. The weather, the products you use, and your scalp health can all contribute to this problem. It would help if you also took extra care during the summer months when heat and moisture can degrade the care you put into your hair.

It Causes Hair to Become Dry

Perming your hair can damage your hair strands, causing them to become dry and brittle. In addition, the chemicals used in the process can also damage your scalp. This damage leads to a loss of hair follicles and, eventually, bald patches. Women with naturally curly hair are especially susceptible to hair loss.

A simple solution to this problem is to moisturize your hair daily. It is essential to use a nourishing shampoo for permed hair to prevent dryness and frizziness. You can also apply a DIY protein treatment to your hair. This involves applying mayonnaise to your wet hair, leaving it on for about an hour, then shampooing. Using a deep conditioning treatment regularly can also help replenish lost moisture.

If your hair is too dry after perming, you can try using a moisturizing treatment based on coconut oil. This product contains vitamins and minerals that help keep hair hydrated and frizz-free. You can even find a hydrating treatment at a beauty salon or shop.

After a perm, you should wait at least 48 hours before shampooing it. The chemicals used in the perm take a while to set. If you need more time, ask your hairstylist about the best time to shampoo your hair after a perm.

When shampooing your hair after a perm, avoid using heat or blow-drying it. Blow-drying can damage the curls. It can also loosen the curls. When using a hairdryer, avoid using the highest heat setting possible. Use a low-heat setting.

In addition to dryness, perms can break the hair. Chemicals used in perms are alkaline so they can damage your scalp. This can lead to breakage and make your hair more brittle and weak. Furthermore, the chemicals used in perms may also damage your hair if you have highlights.

After perming, you should wait at least two weeks to apply color. You should also avoid brushing your hair for the first week. Brushing your hair will separate the curls and cause frizz. It may even damage the delicate permed strands. In addition, dyeing and perming can cause your hair to become lighter than before.

Depending on your style, you might wonder if you can wet your hair after a perm. Using water during the last phase of a perm is not advisable. Water disrupts the perm process and causes curls to fall out. Furthermore, it makes your hair dry. To avoid this, you should wait two days before you shower. In the meantime, you can use dry shampoo to refresh yourself. Make sure to use a dry shampoo suitable for permed hair and avoid excessive application.

How Long till you can Wet Perm?

It is strongly advised that you wait three days before washing your hair. And avoid getting caught in the rain! Water will not deactivate the perm and cause the curls to fall apart if you do not wash your hair. Remember always to wear a cap when swimming. The following are ways to protect your perm:

  1. Before shampooing your hair, wait 48-72 hours.
  2. For the next 48 hours, avoid standing under a showerhead.
  3. Avoid going into a swimming pool or hot tub for the next seven days.
  4. Refrain from brushing or pulling your hair for at least 24 hours.
  5. For the next 48 hours, avoid using a flat iron, curling iron, or blow dryer.
  6. For 3 to 7 days, avoid coloring your hair.


Can I put my hair in a ponytail after a perm?

You should wait 2 to 3 days before putting your hair up to get the best results from your perm. This time will allow the perm to be fully set, allowing you to manipulate your hair freely.

How long is hair damaged after a perm?

Approximately six months. It highly depends on how quickly your hair grows and how well you care for it. Most people require a new perm twice a year.

How can you tell if someone has a perm?

The uniformity of curls can tell whether someone has permed or naturally curly hair. A perm will always produce curls or waves that are nearly identical in size and shape, as well as a uniform direction. So when you look at such hair, you can see that it is perfectly styled.

How do I style my permed hair?

Within the first 24 hours, avoid combing your hair. Instead, gently style your hair and twirl the curls around your face with your fingers. When you do comb your wet hair, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle it while it’s still wet from the conditioner. To avoid breakage, use gentle strokes.