How to Wear Oversized Shirts Without Looking Fat?

How to Wear Oversized Shirts Without Looking Fat?

How to Wear Oversized Shirts Without Looking Fat?

Also, avoid donning wide-leg pants if you are already donning an oversized top. The fact that your body curves are disguised by those pants may make you appear fat, but overall they will make you look obese.

One way to style an oversized shirt without looking fat is to pair it with a button-down shirt or a jacket. Alternatively, you can layer it with a dress shirt or leggings. Finally, you can wear a sweater vest or sunglasses to complete the look. Here are some other ideas to make you look good in an oversized shirt. Follow these tips to look sexy in oversized shirts.

How to Wear Oversized Shirts Without Looking Fat?

7 TIPS on how to wear oversized shirts without looking fat! 

I just can’t help but feel envious every time I read through my Pinterest feed and see how stylish and appealing those girls appear wearing their baggy clothes. I believed I could also appear effortlessly stylish. But the truth is that I appear huge and baggy in oversized shirts, like a child dressed in adult clothing. I found I do need a few strategies and ideas because I’m curvaceous AND tiny to make big clothes flattering on me. I can now look good in my baggy hoodie, I’m really proud to announce!


First and foremost, it’s time to focus more on the fabric. To balance off an enormous look, always use matte cloth over flashy puffy fabric. Choosing a shiny fabric, like silk or anything that looks metallic, would further accentuate your body’s exaggerated shape as an oversized shirt already adds some bulk to your frame. Additionally, baggy clothing like chiffon and 100% polyester can give the impression that you are heavier.

Choose a structured, matte fabric instead, like thick cotton or denim, to reduce the appearance of bagginess and make your body lining look more angular. My ski jacket was shiny and quilted. Nearly every time I wear that out, I get curious looks from those who have just gained weight.

And guess what? When I wear my matte, big jacket, nobody asks me the same question. I learned a really valuable lesson from this. I never consider the cloth; just the cutting is important to me. Ladies, avoid the glistening, exaggerated fabric. I can guarantee you that it’s entirely natural to appear chubby when wearing a metallic shirt.


I frequently observed some women wearing their enormous shirts in an overly proper manner, which isn’t the greatest approach to wear huge. After all, the goal here is to appear stylish yet comfortable. When it comes to big shirts, we should always expose a little flesh or curves. We could easily expose one side of our shoulder instead of donning a baggy T-shirt. It instantly balances off the bulkiness and helps you look feminine even in enormous by exposing the neckline, one of our body’s lightest areas.

Also, avoid donning wide-leg pants if you are already donning an oversized top. The fact that your body curves are disguised by those pants may make you appear taller, but overall they will make you look obese.

The most attractive method to wear oversized clothing is always a wide shirt with snug pants or leggings. It gives the impression that your leg is thinner because of the wide top. Please understand that I am not requesting that you wear provocative attire in oversized. To balance your form, it’s usually ideal to expose some skin, such as the shoulders, ankles, or leg curves.


When someone asks me how to look slender in enormous clothing, I normally advise them to dress it up by belting a long, giant T-shirt as a dress. Even if you don’t genuinely have an hourglass body, you can simply fake one by emphasising your waist! Depending on the clothing I’m wearing, both a thin and a heavy belt work for me.

I will choose a delicate thin belt if I am wearing a large, baggy sweater since I don’t want to make my upper body look bulkier. However, if it’s a thin T-shirt dress with an oversized fit, a broad belt might emphasise the high waist even more and balance my figure.

The corset belt is the most attractive belt of all. Because it is so wide and structured, it completely conceals my muffin top and gives me a professional appearance.

Tie oversized shirts with a button-down shirt or jacket

One of the easiest ways to wear an oversized shirt without looking fat is to tie it with a button-down shirt or a jacket. Oversized shirts look great tucked-in jeans, but they can also look out of place if you wear them with shorts. Oversized shirts can also look lovely paired with a cute short skirt.

Layer oversized shirts with a dress shirt

You can layer an oversized dress shirt with an oversized shirt without looking fat if you know how to use accessories. For example, use a belt with your oversized dress shirt to look slim and trim. A belt will draw attention away from the shirt, making it appear more streamlined. Another way to wear an oversized dress shirt is with a pencil skirt or high-waisted pants.

Choose a shape that will complement your body type. For example, don’t wear a boxy shirt if you have a pear-shaped body. Instead, opt for a slim-fitting one. You can also opt for oversized shirts worn with skinny jeans. If you’re a tall or pear-shaped woman, choose a top that flatters your shape and hides any unflattering body parts.

Oversized shirts come in different lengths and shapes. You can pair a dress shirt with an oversized blouse or a knotted-up crop top for a casual look. You can wear these shirts with heels, flats, or even kitten-heeled flip-flops. You can find many ways to style an oversized dress shirt with various accessories. Try experimenting with different materials and styles until you find the right combination.

If you don’t want to look fat, layer an oversized shirt with a dress shirt. Pair it with a long knitted vest and a wide belt. Add a pair of leather boots or sneakers to complete the look. This is an incredibly versatile outfit for work and won’t make you look fat. If you can’t find the right combination of oversized and dress shirts, wear a combination of both to look slimmer.

Layer oversized shirts with leggings

A stylish way to layer oversized shirts with leggings is to wear a long, loose top under them. This will elongate your legs, while long, narrow leggings will make you look shorter. Also, long-line sweaters will cover your bottom, so they look best with leggings. You can also wear a short-sleeved sweater with leggings. In the photo below, Laura paired blue leggings with a t-shirt and a similar sweater.

One way to wear oversized shirts is to layer them with a blazer or a skirt. However, be careful not to look too fat with these outfits – sheer tops and lightweight fabrics are best for spring and summer. Check out the different styles and fits of oversized shirts before purchasing. You can mix prints and styles to create a new trendy, flattering look.

Oversized shirts can be tricky to wear with leggings. Luckily, you can find a few great solutions to this problem. Firstly, choose leggings that are of high quality. Remember to choose a pair that will cover your underwear and cover your bumps. Choose a color that is subtle but not too overwhelming. For example, black leggings will work well for both winter and summer. Another good choice is white leggings. You can also opt for jeggings.

You can wear leggings under a dress to hide your tummy. It also looks great with boots. A pair of boots in a similar color will elongate your legs. You can also choose a pair of leggings made of stretchy fabric. Depending on the fabric, you can choose between denim or faux leather leggings. These are also suitable for everyday wear.

How to Wear Oversized Shirts Without Looking Fat?

Layer oversized shirts with a sweater vest

If you’re not worried about looking fat, a sweater vest is a fantastic way to add layers to a winter wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn over any top, from a simple button-down shirt to a thick blazer. It can even moonlight as a stand-alone piece, allowing you to achieve a dressy and casual look. The vest signals a change of work mode when worn with a loose shirt collar.

When choosing oversized shirts, keep in mind their purpose. For instance, they can be worn to hide curves and cut from slim-fit materials to give you a slimming appearance. If you’re not worried about looking fat, consider choosing oversized shirts made from materials that breathe well and can maintain a trim fit. Another way to layer oversized shirts is to wear them with a sweater vest.