Orthopedic Shoes| 10 Best Heel Height for Supporting Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Orthopedic Shoes| 10 Best Heel Height for Supporting Lower Back Pain Sufferes

Orthopedic Shoes| 10 Best Heel Height for Supporting Lower Back Pain Sufferers

Whether you’re suffering from spinal stenosis, sciatica, or other back pain, wearing the right shoes can alleviate your symptoms by providing the support you need to get through your day. If you aren’t wearing orthopedic shoes that provide proper support and stability, you’re only making things worse for yourself.

But not to worry; these ten best orthopedic shoes are designed specifically to support your lower back and keep your spine in alignment while remaining stylish at the same time.

1) FitFlop

At first glance, you might not think FitFlop is a brand that offers orthopedic shoes. But when you look into it further, you’ll discover that many of their styles offer enough heel height to alleviate some of your body’s natural pressure points.

In particular, check out pairs like Florella and Monterey. You can even pick up an adorable pair of flats like Bellissima to wear on dates or with weekend outfits!

2) Birkenstock

Birkenstock sandals are among some of the most comfortable, supportive footwear available. With wide-spread toes, deep footbeds, and added support, these sandals are perfect for those with foot or lower back issues. Some of our favorite styles include; Daytona, Boston, and Gizeh. Not sure which one is right for you? Try a pair in-store at your local Birkenstock retailer today!

3) Ecco

The Orthoheel technology supports and stabilizes your feet’s arch and heel. They are designed to help you walk comfortably on uneven surfaces and provide traction to reduce foot fatigue. This shoe is great for people with various issues, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, or flat feet. The price point is also a bonus!

If you suffer from low back pain, these are worth a try. For only $150, they’re comfortable enough to wear all day and perfect for everyday use.

Their durability means that they won’t fall apart after a few months. These shoes can last years if taken care of properly! Another advantage of the Ecco brand is that they offer different width options (regular, medium, wide) 

4) Chaco

Chaco is a world-renowned maker of desert footwear, and it’s no surprise that doctors and therapists highly recommend their sandals.

They have been specifically designed to support those suffering from plantar fasciitis, which occurs when a thick band of tissue on your foot (the plantar fascia) tears away from your heel bone.

5) Dansko

The Dansko brand began in 1994 as a woman’s shoe line created by Peter Kjellerup and Mandy Cabot, inspired by a German orthopedic shoemaker. The unique twist on footwear was a design that provided exceptional foot support and met fashion standards of style and comfort.

Today, Dansko is one of America’s top producers of high-quality and fashionable footwear designed to meet your everyday needs while providing maximum comfort.

6) Dr. Scholl’s

Dr. Scholl’s is one of America’s favorite foot brands. Sir William Mathias Scholl, a German immigrant, originally established it in 1904. Its mission is to bring foot-joy to as many people as possible through various products and services, including custom-fitted inserts, footwear, and inserts for specific activities like running or golfing.

7) Superfeet

Superfeet delivers what many other products promise but can’t deliver when it comes to arch support. The company offers inserts that will fit any shoe or boot and provide long-lasting support while being comfortable enough to wear all day long. Whether you have symptomatic aches and pains in your feet, knees, hips, or back, these inserts are great to start when looking for solutions.

8) Earth Origins

Earth Origins, a brand that has been around since 2004, is a company that specializes in making comfortable and stylish women’s shoes. This brand has some of the best casual athletic style sandals, sneakers, and slip-on on today’s market. Earth Origins offer great value to its customers without breaking any bank. You can find these great-looking trendy women’s shoes at an affordable price. 

These shoes are great for everyday wear or special occasions. These sandals are also available in different colors, so you will be able to match them with almost anything you have in your closet. The company offers free shipping on all orders over $50. They accept returns within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied. 

9) Mephisto

The Mephisto, with its excellent shock-absorbing properties, is a great option for those seeking relief from chronic joint and spinal issues.

It comes in both high heels and flat options. The brand also makes wide sizes that can accommodate larger feet while offering plenty of space inside to give you all-day comfort. Plus, they’re stylish enough to be worn outside of work if you want a little cushion in your life beyond your off-hours.

10) Brooks Addiction Walker Low

These lightweight walking shoes from Brooks are ideal for those who suffer from low-back pain. The Addiction Walker has a low heel to help support your arches and added cushioning in both heels and forefoot. Perfect for long walks.

New Balance Women’s WX811: This shoe is designed specifically for women suffering from chronic foot or ankle pain. It features two layers of cushioning—memory foam, which conforms to your foot shape over time, and then a separate layer of shock absorption technology molded directly into the midsole.

New Balance also made sure that you could wear these shoes with or without socks—something important if you have skin sensitivity issues or get blisters easily. The soft leather upper makes it easy to slip on and off when you need to wear them outside your home (or office). You can even wear them with shorts or leggings if you want!


Choosing a comfortable pair of women’s boots with a heel height perfect for your ankles, knees, and hips will increase your chances of living comfortably without stress or fear of falling. When you choose a women’s heels that are comfortable and trendy looking, you may be able to reduce strain on your joints and help prevent injuries.

Such a guide is intended to assist you in understanding what kind of ankle support each type of shoe has to determine which will work best for your lifestyle and budget. We have even included some reviews from individuals who have used each boot before to provide a more in-depth review.