How to Dye Your Dirty Hair Blonde: A Comprehensive Guide

What Color Should You Dye Your Dirty Blonde Hair?

How to Dye Your Dirty Hair Blonde: A Comprehensive Guide

Hair dye helps us in adding an instant transformation to our overall look, but with several chemicals in them, dyeing your hair blonde can be a harrowing experience. With this comprehensive guide, dyeing your hair blonde has become more simple.

If you are looking to dye your hair blonde but you are having trouble finding the right color, then this is the post for you. We are going to take a look at how to go about finding the right color, how to dye your hair, and how to maintain it.

How to Dye Your Dirty Hair Blonde

Why do people dye their hair?

Hair is an important part of our appearance. We also use our hair to express our emotions. A new study has shown that people who dye their hair are more confident and willing to take risks. But there is a catch. Dying your hair doesn’t make you confident. If you want to become more confident, then try to be more social and talkative.

It is a fact that it looks much better when you keep your hair in its natural color. The problem is that it is not always easy to honor the ‘let’s keep it natural’ rule. It is tricky because we can’t control the colors of our bodies.

Our skin color is the basis for the ‘natural color of our hair and it can and does change due to a variety of factors, like the amount of sunlight we receive, the type and color of clothing we wear, and even the kind of shampoo we use. If we want to dye our hair to a color that we like, we will need to start with a shortcut: The hair color we choose will depend on the reason we choose to do it in the first place.

There are so many hair dyes available on the market, and they can do so many different things! This section will aim to address the main hair coloring ingredients. This blog will also examine the pros and cons of each one, before finishing by checking out a selection of examples of how people have taken the plunge and dyed their hair a different color. This blog post will begin by addressing some of the most commonly confused ingredients that make up hair dyes, to give you a better understanding of what you’re using and why.

The color of your hair is determined by three components: melanin, keratin, and the pH of your hair. As hair becomes dry it becomes brittle and more susceptible to damage, causing it to turn brown and dry.

What is the best way to dye your hair blonde?

If you’re looking to make a major change to your hair color, you’re probably in the market for a new color. And although you’re not entirely sure how to get blonde hair, if you want it, you can have it. Generally, blonde hair is considered to be a youthful and playful color. If you like to look like a girl, blonde hair is the best choice for you.

However, if you like to look like a mature woman, blonde hair is not recommended. Blonde is the perfect color when your hair is dark. When you want to look like a mature lady, you can choose a beautiful auburn or a beautiful mahogany color.

You should start with pre-lightening or lightening your hair first. You can lighten your hair to a light blonde using a lightener or a home hair lightening product. The second option is to let your hair grow out from brown to light brown. This will help the blonde dye to take better. When you dye your hair blonde, make sure you select a neutral or ash blonde. Picking an ashy blonde can help you maintain your hair color without having to touch it up as often.

There’s no better time than now to dye your dirty blonde hair. Your skin will look flawless, and your hair will look glossy.

If you have red hair, consider this pale shade of pink. If you’re not red, but pale and have blue eyes, go for a super-light blonde.

How to maintain your dyed hair blonde over time?

Maintaining your dyed hair blonde is a tricky thing. Trends change and so does fashion. Blonde is something that has been a part of fashion for a very long time. In this case, where there is a trend, there is a sure shot change in fashion as well. 

In the case of dyes as well as fashion, these changes keep on coming. In this case, the best way to maintain your dyed hair is to keep changing your dyes. Change dyes as per the fashion. There are many different blonde colors and changing dyes frequently will only do good to your hair.

The most important step in maintaining your dyed hair blonde is to make sure you are using hydrating shampoos and conditioners in your hair care regime. Hydrating your hair, in general, is the best way for your hair to appear radiant and healthy. It will also make your hair appear less brittle and dry (which is the main cause of the “yellowing” you are experiencing).

Also, when you are in the shower, use cool water when washing your hair instead of warm or hot water. Warm and hot water can strip your hair follicle of natural oils which can result in dry, brittle hair that appears dull (which is the cause of your yellowing). If you have a deeper, golden blonde hair color, then you may want to use a shampoo that will help to brighten your hair a little bit.


At least we know these examples are hair-friendly and will also keep your hair healthy. If you like hair color like, go to a professional to help you with it. Or you can try these three simple methods. Let FitBeautyBlog know what you think about it and what would you do if you were going to do something like this.