Arctic fox phantom green on blonde hair

Arctic fox phantom green on blonde hair

Arctic fox phantom green on blonde hair

Arctic Fox is a brand of semi-permanent hair color that does not require a developer, comes with added conditioners to make the hair healthier and does not use harsh chemicals like peroxide or ammonia. All Arctic Fox dyes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and 15% of company profits are donated to animal charities.

Blonde hair is surely beautiful, but surely it is more beautiful on blonde hair. This color is the most common in the world because it is soft and matches many looks. If you want to look different, then you should dye it in a very bright hue. People say that The new shade of green definitely makes the Arctic Fox Phantom look a bit “boring”.

Arctic fox phantom green on blonde hair
Arctic fox phantom green on blonde hair

Does it look good?

Yes it does look good. But you should take care about your hair health. If you want to dye your hair, you should choose dyes which are suitable for your hair. You can dye your hair once or twice a month. The more you dye your hair, the more damage you do to it. Anyway, what you should do is just choose the right dyes for your hair.

As of today, Phantom Green is one of the darkest shades. It’s a deep forest green that has a pronounced blue undertone, so more often than not it will fade into more of a teal or aqua shade. This highly pigmented color is ideal for adding subtle accents of green to unbleached hair.

Phantom Green will show off the most vibrantly on pre-lightened hair

Like all Alternative Fashions colors, Phantom Green will show off the most vibrantly on pre-lightened hair. Whether you want to feel like Gaia herself or if you’re aiming for some deep-sea mermaid vibes, Phantom Green is the best pick for staying in tune with Mother Nature.

For those who are worried about applying green to their hair, Phantom Green will look more like a typical blue color once the dye has faded which is easily fixed by using our hero on-trend purple. Purple Rain in particular fixes any unwanted green tones and fades out with a typical neutral range making it the perfect transitional shade so you can move onto warmer tones.

If you don’t like your hair taking on typical blue tones once it has faded, simply play with mixing in some yellow tones to create a cooler undertone that is typical of sunflowers or lilacs for example! The important thing to note is that no matter what hair color you’re wanting to achieve next, understanding color theory will give you the best results when it comes down to working out which shades will blend successfully together without creating unwanted shades from ingredients that shouldn’t have been combined in the first place!

Are you worried about a green fade? 

Phantom Green has a very blue undertone, so it will fade more blue. However, Purple Rain can cover up a faded Phantom Green easily and fades cool. If you want to transition from a cooler tone into a warmer shade, add some of the purple hero Cosmic Sunshine or the neon yellow Neon Moon to your formula. No matter what hair color you’re wanting to do next, following the color wheel is the easiest way to get from one shade into another!

Want some new Phantom Green mixes in your life? If you’re looking for the deepest of greens, that can be easily achieved by adding a few drops of Transylvania or even Blue Jean Baby to your base of Phantom Green dye! To get a rich emerald gem tone to your dye, simply mix a little bit of Aquamarine into a base made from mixing Phantom Green with a touch of Cosmic Sunshine. Need an oceanic teal instead? Add a bit more Cosmic Sunshine into Phantom Green and you’ll have the same hue if not darker – it will give it an overall smokier effect!

We hope that you enjoyed our post about the different ways you can use Phantom Green. The formula of this dye is amazing and we hope that you’re able to find some use out of it ! With this knowledge, we know that you can easily find the colors that you need to create your own custom, an unique hair color shades.