What are the matte peach or peach lipsticks for dark skin and get a natural look?


When it comes to the colors that we can use on our face, the limits are practically non-existent. Since it will only be enough that you rely on your imagination and the best products on the market. No matter your skin tone or the shape of your face, makeup will always find a way to make you look amazing. Discover matte lipsticks for brunettes!

Best matte lip colors for dark skin

Since they invented matte lipsticks, they have known how to win the hearts of many girls and boys. The colors of fashionable lipsticks they have are exquisite, and can be created from extravagant makeup with dark tones, to more natural makeup with nude lipsticks.

However, when we are girls with very tanned or dark skin, we will have the advantage that the most intense colors will look great.

Dark skin has the advantage that it does not need too much makeup to cover imperfections or to highlight, it will only be enough to apply the necessary amount of makeup and everything is ready. Finally, it will be enough to apply a lipstick that suits the occasion. In case it is an evening makeup, you can choose between the following colors.

  • Dark red lipstick
  • Red wine
  • Brown
  • Pearl black
  • Dark purple
  • Intense violet

On the other hand, if you are looking for a lipstick that helps you complement a natural and simple makeup. You can help yourself with natural cream colors. It is often thought that dark skin should avoid these types of colors, but the truth is that the contrast that is generated is completely exquisite. For example:

  • Peach
  • Pale pink
  • Dark beige
  • Light beige
  • Pale light brown

If you are a girl who likes to dare to do many things, you can make makeup a little more out of the ordinary. And combine the colors that we would never think would look good. Take advantage of your skin color to highlight matte lipsticks for brown skin such as:

  • Silver
  • Golden

How to achieve a natural look with peach or peach lipsticks

Natural tones will always be ideal for day to day, however they can also be an excellent alternative for makeup at night. Since you do not need to have hundreds of layers of makeup, or apply too extravagant colors to look beautiful and unique.

The best way to combine peach lipsticks is to bring all the makeup into harmony in its entirety. Because obviously, you don’t want to apply a super pink blush and then apply a peach lipstick. Because it just won’t look good. So learn how to combine makeup colors to get a satisfactory result.

For light and pale colors like peach, it is recommended to apply a not very strong base. Make it the same color as our skin. Preferably avoid greasy bases, and look for the face to be as matte as possible. We don’t want to look too creamy when applying a very liquid foundation.

If you want to apply shadows, make sure the colors match the peach. For example, shades of brown, gold, green or pale pink. They will make a very nice contrast with the lipstick and also will not make the look too exaggerated or overloaded.

Do not abuse the blush, as long as the tone is more natural, the better. Try very light orange or pink colors. Obviously we don’t want to look too pale, so a slight color to the cheeks will help. Of course, to give the final touch to the face, apply a small layer of cream highlighter.

Finish by lining your lips with lipstick of a similar color. This with the intention of creating a gradient and making the lips look fuller. Finish by filling in the lips with the matte peach lipstick. And you will be ready!

How to choose the best matte lipsticks in natural tones?

The best way to choose the matte lipsticks you want to apply is to know how you will put on your entire face. Having dark skin is not an impediment for you to try any color. So choose the one you prefer the most.

However, you can help yourself by combining different colors to create gradients on the lips and highlight your brown skin with bold colors. And that way you can enjoy a natural makeup, but without missing color.