HAIR REMOVAL: Where can I buy a depilatory mitt or depilatory glove for natural and homemade waxing with silicon? How much?


Many girls have adopted different forms of hair removal, laser, razor, and now mitts. Each one offers many advantages and disadvantages, of which we can draw to discover which the best method of all is.

Although the razor is much more common than the depilatory mitt, the truth is that it is not the best method. Learn about the benefits of using the depilatory mitt.

Benefits of using a depilatory mitt or depilatory glove

The depilatory mitt has become so popular in recent years, because it is a very effective alternative to the epilation blade. It is a method that you can use quickly anywhere, at any time and without pain.

To have a good shaving with a mitten, you do not need to use water, soap or electricity. And still you will get spectacular results. For this depilatory mitt to work, you just need to gently massage the area of ​​skin you want to depilate.

When doing these movements, the small glass particles that are in the mitten come off making the hairs come off easily. It will only be enough to pass it several times over the area, so that the hairs disappear.

Contrary to permanent laser hair removal, mitten hair removal works thanks to the friction and heat produced when it is passed over the skin. Therefore, when massaging the hairs, it is important not to press too hard.

Another benefit of the depilatory mitt is that the silicon that acts on the skin does not produce any type of irritation or cuts. So you will have hair-free skin, without fear of cutting yourself or something like that.

Mittens are recommended for those women with very dry and cracked skin. Thanks to the small crystals embedded in the fabric, apart from removing hair from the skin, it exfoliates it. Eliminating cells and dead skin that may exist.

Therefore, being dermatologically approved, it is suitable for all skin types. So you can get its benefits no matter what your skin type or what dermatological pathology you have.

On the other hand, the depilatory mitt is multipurpose. For example, it is used to remove excess hair or hair that comes out after a laser hair removal session.

In these cases, using a blade could damage the skin, but the mitten would not cause any damage to the laser-treated skin. Therefore, mittens can be your ideal ally to eliminate hairs from any part of your body in the best way.

Where can I buy a depilatory mitt?

Because mittens have become so popular in recent years. Now you can find them in many places. Acquiring a silicon depilatory mitt in mercadona can be really easy.

You can order it in specialized online stores, or if you prefer, you can buy it in different spa centers. Since it is common that before laser sessions, most of the hair is removed with a bitten like this.

So if you have already decided to buy a mitten, and you are thinking about where would be the best place to buy one? You can consult opinions about the mercadona depilatory mitt, a dermatologist, or spa specialists.

In this way you can get the best depilatory mitt and enjoy all its depilatory and exfoliating benefits for the skin. Do not waste more time, and do not mistreat your skin using obsolete blades.

How much does a depilatory glove cost?

The cost of depilatory mitts can very greatly. Depending on the place where you buy them, their size, the shape or the material with which they are manufactured, they will be at a higher price.

However, it is not recommended to purchase the first mitten you see. Take your time to browse the web, and find the best mitt for you. Or if you want, you can consult the issue of price and quality with the experts in the spa centers, surely, they will recommend the best products for your skin care. And so start waxing in the best way. No pain, no damage, and flush.