How to do an easy exercise routine to increase gluts in a week


In many places there is the saying “To be beautiful you have to see stars”, and the truth is that to obtain a slender and well sculpted body, you will need a lot of perseverance, perseverance and effort to comply with the proposed exercises. You have to take your body to the maximum, so that you notice changes that you have never had before. With this intense gluten routine your body will take a complete turn in a few days!

Intense exercise routine to increase gluts in a week

The buttocks are the part of the body that girls are most interested in increasing. Since having firm and large buttocks, the legs also benefit and end up looking much larger and more toned. These are not gluten exercises for beginners! Since with this routine we want your buttocks to increase quickly, and for this you will have to make an effort.

Slow squats

Squats will be a little slower than usual. This means that you will have to count five seconds for the descent and five seconds for the rise. The idea is that the muscles can each feel the movement, subjecting them to intense work in which they will be highly benefited. Repeat 15 continuous slow squats.

Sustained squats

Immediately after finishing 15 slow squats, start with the sharps. When you finish down with your legs bent, stay there holding the position. Keep your back as straight as possible, and regulate your breathing so that your muscles get oxygenated. Hold the position for 20 seconds.


After the 20 seconds of the previous exercise, it begins to rise and fall in the form of pulsations. You should not go all the way up, but go up a bit and then go down again. This exercise will intensify the work on your gluts much more and will make it work enormously. Do 16 beats and then take a 1 minute break. After this time, repeat two more sets of the three exercises.

What materials do I need to quickly increase the buttocks?

Although you can do the exercises at home by yourself, if you want to obtain results as quickly as possible, it is best to acquire certain materials to exert extra weight on the muscles and make them work more intensely. The exercises for the legs are very simple to do, and the material you will need will be the following:

  • Elastic bands:  The bands come in different thicknesses, the wider it is, the more pressure it will put on the legs. They are used when performing exercises where the legs must be stretched or separated to exert pressure and force on which they are working.
  • Ankle weights:  They are small weights that are molded to the ankles in order to give more weight to the legs when jumping or lifting the legs. They are ideal for doing kick squats, leg raises, or for working your gluts and lower back.
  • Disc weights: It is important that you choose the ideal weight for you, because these do have many presentations of very high weights. They are used especially to work the buttocks and legs.
  • Jump rope: To prepare the body, the most important thing is to do a few minutes of cardio, and if you don’t want to jog you can use the jump rope.

Recommended exercises to tone the legs and buttocks

Now, keep in mind that while working your gluts, take your time to work your legs as well. The lower body should be fully worked for best results.

Front lunges with jump

This is a very intense exercise, so be sure to warm up before doing it. Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart, what you should do is stride forward and flex your leg as much as you can. When you switch legs, you jump to land on the next stride. Always keep your back straight and breathing. Do 10 reps.

Hip lift

Try to lean on a chair or in an elevated area so that you can locate your shoulders and shoulder blades. Hold with them, while the torso is well extended and the legs well bent. If you have any disc weights, hold them with your hands on top to work your abdomen.