How to repair and hydrate dry and damaged hair with treatments and home remedies


One of the problems of aesthetics is hair. If we do not take good care or use bad and cheap products, we will have a serious problem when we want to show off healthy hair with shine and silky. Caring for your hair can be costly due to hair surgeries and other products.

However, we will show you natural remedies and shampoos for your hair, inexpensive and effective so that you can get the softness you need.

This without having to make so many expenses. We will also tell you what you should avoid so as not to cause so much damage to your hair.

Natural treatments for dry and damaged hair How to recover it?

Now we will tell you natural and homemade treatments so that you know how to hydrate your dry and damaged hair, to enjoy a perfect look. You should know that after using oils you have to wash your hair very well before going out in the sun, so that it does not burn.

Olive oil: if you wonder how to hydrate your dry hair, this is the solution. It will strengthen it and add more shine. Due to its sources of vitamin E it will give you stronger and less brittle hair.

Mayonnaise Mask: Use it as a conditioner, massage from the roots and leave it on your hair for 10 minutes. Then remove it with a shampoo to avoid bad odors.

Avocado Yogurt Mask: Use two tablespoons of yogurt and a small avocado. Blend it until it is like a cream and apply it on your hair. This recipe is special for much damaged hair.

Onion shampoo: for this you need a shampoo with a strong aroma, introduce the onions in the shampoo. Let it ferment for 15 days and then you can use it. This shampoo is essential if you have dryness and dandruff.

How to take care of your hair from dryness and what causes it

Dryness is a difficult thing to deal with. The cause of dry and damaged hair is lack of hydration or some disease. Also ironing and excessive drying, and the use of chemicals that mistreat your hair such as dyes and colorants.

Poor hair hygiene can cause dirt to affect your scalp and make it much drier. To remove the dryness of your hair as I mentioned before, you can use home remedies. If you do not have it mistreated you can constantly hydrate it to prevent this problem.

Try not to apply so many chemicals to your hair and colorants. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but make sure that in each chemical session you hydrate your hair, and be more careful with it. Avoid using the iron so frequently, do not expose it so much to the sun. If you can wear hats so you don’t burn it so much and avoid split or toasted ends, all the better.

Dry and damaged hair is difficult to repair, but by being constant you can have that recovery you want so much. It is also a matter of responsibility and commitment. Knowing that it hurts your hair and trying not to do it anymore.

How to have shiny and silky hair with natural remedies

If you want to know how to give your hair shine and make it silkier naturally without using chemicals that damage it, we will leave you some tips. They will be very helpful because if you follow it step by step you can get that hair you always wanted.

We recommend this powerful hair mask that you can use and perform for various applications. You will need half an avocado, moisturizing shampoo, egg yolk, olive oil and honey.

First you will liquefy absolutely everything, except for the honey, which you will add last in 2 teaspoons. Apply it 2 to 3 times weekly until you have results.

Then you can use it once a week and with that you will have very silky shiny hair and you will feel comfortable with your hair. You will see many changes by being constant. While you are using this treatment, try not to use chemicals, dryers or irons.

Another trick is also the aloe Vera that has an all in one. Bind it with water, blending it until it has a creamy consistency. You can also use coconut oil to nourish your hair.

Once ready, massage all your hair with your scalp for 10 minutes, you will see that when you wash it you will have it much smoother with shine and healthy. All thanks to natural remedies.