All The Bad Emery Rose Reviews

All The Bad Emery Rose Reviews

All The Bad Emery Rose Reviews 

The emery rose has gotten mixed reviews online. Some say it works well, while others have experienced difficulties with the product. To help you find the right product for your needs, we’ve included all the relevant emery rose bad reviews below;

The product doesn’t last

Many reviewers have stated that Emery Rose could not last more than a few days. When people are spending money, they want to know it’ll last. In addition, several clients were unhappy with how quickly their nails broke or became damaged due to stress from wearing nail extensions. Consider something else if you’re looking for a product that will hold up under regular wear and tear. 

The product leaves cuts on your nails

According to multiple reports, Emery Edge users are experiencing deep cuts on their nails after using them. One reviewer said they were bleeding for two days after using it and had to take a break from typing because their finger was hurting.

Other reviewers complain of rough and jagged nails with ragged edges. In some cases, users’ cuticles have also been affected by these products.

Moreover, many reviewers say that Emery Edge frustrated them because they found it hard to get rid of their nail polish completely without ripping off chunks of their actual nails.

This is partly due to the rough edges making it harder for a smooth surface to be maintained over time; some even say it feels like filing down a brick wall. The product can be challenging to use: Many users report that it takes a long time to file their nails, especially if they want an ultra-smooth finish.

The emery board itself can also feel uncomfortable against your skin as you use it. And since you need to apply quite a bit of pressure when filing your nails, there’s a chance you could end up breaking one or bending your fingernail while trying to remove excess polish or paint—which means starting all over again!

Some people find the product ineffective: While most reviewers who experienced issues with Emery Edge only had minor complaints about its performance (like having difficulty removing thick layers of nail polish), others claim that it doesn’t work.

The product doesn’t file well

There’s no such thing as a product that is 100% perfect. But when things go wrong and you’re dealing with your negative review, knowing what to expect and how to deal with it can be helpful. 

When someone leaves a negative review, there are two main reactions:

(1) You get defensive and angry because you feel like they don’t understand how hard you worked on your product or service.

(2) You take responsibility for what happened and try to make it right by fixing any problems they might have had. The first reaction is not going to help anyone—not even yourself! And if you do happen to get defensive, try not to lash out at them in return—even if they seem like they deserve it.

Instead of getting angry or defensive, focus on being professional and ensuring everything goes smoothly for them from here on out.

The company is not responsive

Many people have trouble getting responses from Emery Rose. If you need help, they won’t be able to answer your questions or respond to your comments.

Be careful if you work with a company that doesn’t respond promptly. You might experience delays and issues with your services or products. In worst-case scenarios, you might never hear back from them at all.

However, if you decide to go forward with Emery Rose anyway, ensure that you take extra precautions for tracking orders and payments (so it is easy to get in touch with them) in case anything goes wrong. A little extra effort can save you a lot of hassle later. It also helps to have a backup plan if Emery Rose has difficulty fulfilling its promises. 

Other problems with the product

Reviews suggest that Emery Rose does not last for 12 weeks. One reviewer said her hair started falling out after two months, while another said it took six weeks to see a difference.

One customer was satisfied with how long it lasted but said she did not get a full 12 weeks of use because she had concise hair and could only wash it every five days. Another person thought it would last for 12 weeks but got only three benefits before her hair broke off in clumps again.

She tried making two more attempts to use up what was left, but both had to stop early because of her breakage.

Others say that they have no idea if their product is expired or not since there is no way to tell by looking at it. They also note that they cannot reach anyone at Emery Rose to ask about their product or refund policy.

This suggests that they are aware of problems with their product and do not want customers asking questions about them.

Finally, many reviewers complain about receiving empty bottles instead of full ones and being sent products they never ordered or were charged for without receiving anything in return. This suggests a problem with packaging or shipping errors on behalf of Emery Rose’s distributors.


These are all good points. There are a lot of negative things being said about Emery Rose. Many users felt it was hard to get through to their customer service, and others thought they didn’t get enough products for what they paid. Many reviewers were unhappy with how quickly the products ran out, and some were very disappointed in how their skin responded when using them.

However, some of our reviewers enjoyed what Emery Rose had to offer. They mentioned that their skin became more hydrated after using these products. There seemed to be less visible signs of aging on their faces and a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Most users stated that Emery Rose fell short in terms of quality compared to other similar companies.