Four Benefits of Box Braids over Phom Pia Braids

Four Benefits of Box Braids over Phom Pia Braids

Four Benefits of Box Braids over Phom Pia Braids

A common debate among hairstylists is the best way to style your hair. If you have never done box braids before, it may seem not very clear at first. But there are many advantages to Phom pia braids. Here are four benefits to box braids:

Knotless box braids

If you’re looking for an incredibly versatile hairstyle and easy to install, you should check out the knotless box braids. These braids are a more recent beauty trend making waves on social media. Unlike traditional box braids, knotless braids are easier to install and require less tension on your scalp. They’re also lighter and easier to style, and the same basic techniques apply.

Another big difference between box and knotless box braids is their longevity. The former typically last for five to six weeks, but can last longer with proper care. Aside from requiring less tension than box braids, they can be styled just as quickly. On the other hand, knotless braids can last up to six weeks, which is a pretty good deal considering that they’re lightweight.

A knotless box braid is a good choice for those looking for a protective style. This hairstyle is considered more delicate than traditional box braids because the knots are not touching the scalp. They may irritate and make the scalp more sensitive. Alternatively, box braids can be painful since the knots are close to the scalp. Some people experience itchiness and bumps after their box braids.

The Thai hairstyle is not unique to the country, but it is still popular amongst people of African descent. It has been around for centuries, and Black women have worn it for centuries. While it’s common for Thai women to wear phom pia braids today, many of us aren’t aware of the cultural significance of the braids. However, if you’re considering trying out the braids, you’ll want to learn more about them and decide for yourself which is best for you.

Phom pia braids — A guide

Before putting your hair in braids, use a protein or scalp treatment. Once it dries, follow it up with 10 to 15 minutes of deep conditioning. Robin Groover, owner of Too Groovy Salon in Atlanta, recommends using a deep moisture conditioner and covering it with a plastic cap. She also recommends using a cool temperature dryer when it’s necessary.

Historically, people in Thailand have worn different types of braids. These Thai-style braids are called Phom Pia. The Thai word for hair, “phom”, means “hair”. It is a type of box braids that boys traditionally wore. It was a common style that boys only wore. Today, this hairstyle is still popular, especially among the young and confident.

The main difference between Phom pia and box braids is the thickness. Box braids are more durable than Phom pia braids, but you should still keep in mind that the former is easier to maintain. Phom pia braids are also more versatile. Since they can be created with your own hair, they can be made with extension hair to add length and volume. You can create a box braid with a couple of techniques, but the former is much easier.

Regular size box braids are cheaper, but they are not natural. If you want a more natural look, opt for bulk human hair. You can also use a braided hair extension for future braiding styles. However, you should book an appointment at least a week in advance to avoid disappointment. Remember that a box braid is easier to maintain if you wash it regularly. It also lasts 12 months.

Three-strand plaits

A simple yet important distinction between box and three-strand phom pia braids is the way they are made. A box braid is made from shorter sections of hair. When braiding the hair, make sure to create a straight line going across, followed by shorter lines on the sides and tips. You should repeat this process for each section. In the end, you will have an intricate, textured braid.

Four Benefits of Box Braids over Phom Pia Braids

A box braid is generally low-maintenance, but they need some maintenance. You should spritz a moisturizing spray three to five times a week. Don’t wear a box braid for long if you have a delicate scalp. It could cause traction alopecia if it’s too tight. As with any hairstyle, you should carefully monitor the technique of your stylist to avoid discomfort.

Box braids are the traditional protective style and many people start with them. They’re the easiest to learn, and they give you more flexibility when combining them with other styles. They can also serve as a base style for different looks. In addition, the box braid can be used as a starting point for other hairstyles. Box braids look great on both natural and synthetic hair.

In ancient Thailand, Thai hairstyles were trendy among boys. Phom Pia braids are similar to box braids, but their differences are substantial. Box braids can be more difficult to create than three-strand phom pia braids. While box braids can be easier to create, three-strand phom pia braids are more time-consuming.


One of the most significant differences between phom pia braids and box hairstyles is the use of scrunchies. Scrunchies are a common part of box braids, but they have limited applications outside of combat. Box braids are designed to protect hair during combat, but do not cause additional damage when worn outside of combat. Scrunchies are also recommended if you want your box braids to stay in place for a long period.

Phom pia braids are popular in Thailand, but they are not unique to that country. People of African descent have worn braids for centuries, and continue to do so today. Despite this widespread tradition, many people do not think Thai culture is braided today. Because most pictures of Thai women in the media show them with straight, long hair, many are misled into believing that box braids are not part of the Thai culture.

While box braids are more protective and low-maintenance, they do require some maintenance. For instance, Hill recommends spritzing the physical braids with moisturizing oil at least three to five times a week. In addition, unlike box braids, physical braids require more TLC, especially the scalp. Therefore, Hill recommends a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for the braids at least three times a week.

A common misconception about phom pia braids is that they have different methods. The main difference between box braids and phom pia braids is the amount of hair involved. Box braids are generally thinner and take longer to create. Box braids can be easier to apply and have less stress on the scalp. Box braids also require less maintenance than phom pia braids.

Hair loss caused by too-tight braids

A common misconception about tight phom pia braids is that it causes irreversible hair loss. This is actually not the case. Instead, this style can cause permanent damage to follicles. This condition is known as traction alopecia and often affects children and women. Therefore, it’s important to know the truth behind these braiding styles and avoid them if possible.

A traditional Thai dish called Phom Pia was brought to Thailand by Jamaican immigrants in the 18th century. The black rapper BLACKPINK has faced accusations of cultural appropriation. In her music video for her 2020 release, she wore a dorag, a traditionally black hair accessory. In addition, the band has faced criticism for cultural appropriation for incorporating a statue of Hindu god Ganesha into a music video.