5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty At Home Service In Canada

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty At Home Service In Canada

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty At Home Service In Canada

Canada has a lot of options to try on-demand beauty services at your home if you have time. But, if you’re a busy person, which we all are, due to work and home, you surely need on-demand beauty services, but with no time to waste. So, these apps will help you get your best beauty services at home and in no time.

People are increasingly turning to digital websites to find solutions to issues and needs. The beauty industry is no exception. Several brands have found success by offering their customers at-home makeup kits or beauty services via the Internet. If you’re looking for the best at-home makeup solutions or easy access to an on-demand beauty service, verify all these five apps for Canadians that could also help you make it happen!

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty At Home Service In Canada

1. Sephora

It is an online application where you can try various products and learn about them. One of the most famous names in Canadian cosmetics and skincare today, Sephora features a variety of brands across all categories. You can also make appointments to have a personal consultation with one of their certified representatives if you want to learn more about a particular brand or product.

It’s simple to search through products, arrange your wish list, and make purchase decisions while standing in line at the checkout. The best feature is that you don’t have to worry about trying out different products. You can invariably recover them if you wouldn’t like the others.

Advantages of Sephora

Beauty subscription boxes are all over social media these days. Everyone wants to know about them, try them out, or sign up for their own. They’re great because they give people a way to sample products without breaking their wallets — but there’s also another benefit: it allows you to find and shop from brands that sell products you love without worrying about seeing them in the store.

Sephora is one of our favourites for subscription boxes because they send out all kinds of makeup and skincare samples, but there are plenty of other options, too; we rounded up five different beauty-related apps that offer a ton of unique perks.

How to order in Sephora

A woman looking to try a new look will have a vast selection of cosmetics. Still, they can carry only so much in their purse, so Sephora has an app to make getting products easier. The app allows you to browse all your favourite brands, which can be added to your favourites for easy access.

For example, suppose you’re heading into a big event or job interview. You can order ahead of time via Sephora – be sure not to open it until after you get your application done! It also includes tutorials on how best to apply certain items and looks from Sephora stylists that show off seasonal trends.

2. Lip

If you think your selfie game is strong, give these makeup apps. They have a vast selection of cosmetics to choose from. You can try different lipsticks, nail polishes and eye shadows. With most of them, you take a selfie or upload a photo, and they will make recommendations based on your image.

Before buying it, some even let you try before you buy to know exactly what colour works best with your skin tone. 

A most remarkable feature about these apps is that they also provide advice on what to properly wear for a specific look, including winged eyeliner or bold lipstick. If all else fails, use their filters for some help. It gives you the latest updates from the makeup industry. You can also ask makeup experts, leave reviews and much more.

Advantages of Lip

The lip makeup app creates a perfect natural lip colour. The colours are built to flatter your lipstick, so no one will know you’re wearing it, no more heavy cake lips or colour bleeding. 

It’s designed with translucent materials, making lips look perfect for up to eight hours with minimal touch-ups. This is available in various pure shades ranging from red to red, brown, and berry that match any outfit or fair skin. 

Suppose a different shade is needed at any time. In that case, they can be easily refreshed by layering one over another until it looks right. 

How to order in the Lips app

Ordering in Lips is so easy that you don’t need to call us. The only way you can type in Lips is through our app. And once you are signed up, we will guide you through each step of choosing your products and a stylist that best suits your needs. 

We make sure everything is clear before sending your order, so there won’t be any surprises when a freelance artist arrives at your door.

Makeup application might seem like a simple task, but it takes patience, skill, and expertise. Could you leave it to our artists? Let them pamper you with new looks made just for you every month or every season – your choice!

3. Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus is a Toronto-based startup that allows you to book everything from haircuts to massages. This is great if you don’t have time to schedule appointments or don’t want to make them in advance. The company operates across Toronto and in Vancouver and Montreal as well.

In addition to booking services, it’s also possible to order from partner businesses through Beauty Plus. 

For example, plans start at $19/month, which allows you to get products shipped directly to your door when you pay for them through Beauty Plus. It has all the details about the products you are using or planning to use. It also has the latest information about new products and helps in loyalty programs.

Advantages of Beauty plus

Beauty plus is an outstanding professional makeup application app that uses an advanced algorithm to digitally assess your unique features, provide personalized guidance and then perfect them. 

Developed by a team of experienced makeup artists, BeautyBeauty plus lets you experiment with different looks using over one hundred beautiful high-quality makeup products in its virtual palette.

Then you can share your experience with other people or even book an appointment through its best virtual makeup artist in Toronto. 

It provides fundamental time recommendations based on age, gender, and ethnicity to know how to complete your look every time! Every client gets their private advisor who customizes every session for their individual needs ensuring it is as quick and efficient as possible.

How to order in Beauty plus app

Start by adding your desired products to a virtual cart. Look at what other people have ordered if you want to get some inspiration. When adding items to your cart, don’t forget to include shipping and tax costs! You can do that in Settings > Shipping & Tax. Beauty Plus will use your current location (with optional address override) to calculate shipping costs from our warehouse nearest you. 

4. BigBeauty

It is an application which lets you book appointments with a professional makeup artist. It is one of the most popular apps in Canada. Providing clients with an in-home service that offers professional-level results from a mix of freelance artists, Bigbeauty is one of my favourite services in Toronto.

It’s incredibly convenient, has a great range of affordable services (like spray tans and I.P.L.), and has easy payment options. There’s also no commitment to your artist—you can book them to do one or two services as needed, which means it doesn’t matter if you have something else booked that day; you don’t have to commit to a lengthy session (though I suspect most people will keep going back!). If you work downtown, they even offer late evening hours. How cool is that?

Advantages of Big Beauty

Immense BeautyBeauty is a great app that provides users with many beauty services. It has over 1000 partners across four countries in North America, which means that most Canadian residents can use it to get their favourite brands delivered to them.

Moreover, they also provide multiple payment options, including cash, credit card or even Paypal, so that customers can choose what is more convenient for them. Suppose you plan to move somewhere far away and don’t want to deal with moving your supplies. In that case, Bigbeauty can be an excellent option for you as it allows people from all over Canada to buy anything related to makeup or skincare.

How to order in Bigbeauty app

Immense BeautyBeauty is the day-to-day guide to Canada’s best beauty treatments and professionals. This is one of the most prominent streaming ticketings for beauty salons. 

This application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The Bigbeauty app is readily available on the Google play store and Apple store. One of Canada’s most recommended apps for booking salon and beauty services.

5. M.A.C.

In Canada, amid its frozen north, the demand for beauty services is high. However, the need for professional makeup artists and hairstylists far outstrips the supply. One of the most popular services is the on-demand BeautyBeauty at home service. This is where you get to enjoy the luxury of being pampered at home.

Beauty services are not limited to just makeup. You can also get your hair done, pick a new style for your nails or get your skin taken care of at home. On-demand BeautyBeauty at home service is now available in most major cities in Canada. You can find an in-demand makeup artists in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

One of the most popular apps for on-demand BeautyBeauty at home is M.A.C. Makeup. Users can find a makeup artist in their area and book an appointment. The app also lists the most popular services being offered so that you can book accordingly.

Advantages of M.A.C

Canada’s leading makeup brand M.A.C. has entered the on-demand beauty market with their new app called “M.A.C. on demand.” The app lets you order makeup products on demand and deliver them to your doorstep. 

The app also gives users access to new products, offers, and exclusive content. Here are the five best apps for makeup and on-demand Beauty at home service in Canada.

M.A.C. makeup on-demand beauty app has a wide range of products, including:

  • foundation
  • mascara
  • lipsticks
  • eyeliner
  • eye shadow
  • blush, concealer
  • bronzer, lip gloss
  • highlighter
  • concealer and more
  • M.A.C. makeup on-demand beauty app has over 200 products to choose from.

How to get an appointment in the M.A.C. app

It is considered one of the best makeup applications in Canada. It has a simple interface and includes all the details about the products. Making a reservation is free, but cancelling it will incur a $5 fee. You must pick a package and choose your products to make an appointment.

You can cancel or reschedule an appointment online up to 24 hours before your schedule. The app includes tutorials with tips from M.A.C.’s in-house artists and step-by-step instructions on applying M.A.C. makeup flawlessly using its products. A pre-selected package costs between $50-CAD and 200. Still, customers can purchase any other M.A.C. product without incurring extra fees in their currency.

5 Best Apps for Makeup and On-demand Beauty At Home Service In Canada


If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself or someone close to you, now is the time to look into the many on-demand beauty & makeup apps available for Canadians. From hair and makeup to facials, there’s something for everyone and every occasion.

We are glad you liked our article about Canada’s best makeup apps and on-demand beauty services. We know that there are many reasons to use beauty services like these. Now that you have a list of great apps to help you get these services, you can start having fun with makeup and feeling great! You have to download the app, book an appointment, and be set.