Why Birkenstock are so expensive? What makes their sandals so popular?

    Why Birkenstock are so expensive? What makes their sandals so popular?

    Why Birkenstock are so expensive? What makes their sandals so popular?

    Whether you think of Birkenstock as a voguish orthopedic or, unfortunately, clumsy, fashion insiders of men and women still admire them. Birkenstock is now one of the most popular footwear in the world. However, you might be wondering how much it costs.

    Birkenstock sandals are expensive. Due to their high-quality material, they last longer and don’t wear out. Not only are the materials expensive, but the brand itself is also expensive. There are many different brands of Birkenstock that make it difficult to compare prices.

    In 1774, it all began with Johan Adam, a german shoemaker of Birkenstock’s commitment to his craft. The brand continues to build on its legacy of fashionable comfort. This innovation has shaped the company’s future and has contributed significantly to representing the world heritage of simple, iconic, and healthy brands. Birkenstock’s artistry is rooted in a culture of German artisans. To improve the quality of life, they are dedicatedly promoting and maintaining the healthy walking habits of their customers.

    Why Birkenstock are so expensive? What makes their sandals so popular?

    Birkenstocks Classic Footbed

    The main inspiration for the insole was to maintain the foot’s natural movement and provide anatomical support when standing or walking. It led to a modern twist in shoe manufacturing. Maintaining the foot anatomy with every step can positively affect the whole body. The result is some relief from your feet, knees, hips, and a more upright, comfortable back. The insole’s design is engineered with a natural imprint in the sand – this allows your feet to endure several hours without stress. This approach to creating a flexible and supportive cushioning that keeps any shoe comfortable and healthy with minimal effort has become the trademark of Birkenstock.

    Why are Birkenstock’s sandals so costly?

    Birkenstock has been creating quality products since the 18th century. Birkenstocks’ sandals are well known across the globe due to their best quality material. Mostly they sold their production abroad in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States of America.

    Here’s Why? Birkenstock has succeeded in using high-quality materials in its products. Their sandals are made of soft leather with cork footrests that are ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on the feet and joints. They customize their straps to make them adjustable for different foot sizes.

    Additionally, Birkenstocks have a deep heel that helps protect the Achilles tendon from rubbing against shoes. It also protects from other objects such as rocks or dirt when walking or running on uneven ground.

    Blending Sustainability with Fashion

    More importantly, Birkenstock is more than just a statement. A leader in the green race, Birkenstock is the global benchmark for sustainability through its award-winning retail design and packaging. The shoes are made up of eco-friendly cork and rubber using solvent-free adhesives. It’s solely designed to reduce energy use and carbon footprint by approximately 90%.

    How long do Birkenstocks sandals last?

    If we talk about its lifespan, it all depends on how you care for them.

    Most people buy Birkenstock’s sandals due to their long-term use. But without proper care, it won’t last for more than three years.

    Birkenstock’s lifespan depends heavily on how you care for them. It implies that it is important to keep your sandals clean by washing them with soap and water at least every few months. It is also important to store in a dry environment to not rot or crack due to excessive moisture and shorten its lifespan.

    Its cork and synthetic material made them lightweight. But comparatively less durable than other brands’ sandals.

    Is Birkenstocks Expensive In The US But Not In Germany?

    In the United States, Birkenstock is a symbol of wealth. While in Germany, they consider it as a symbol of poverty.

    Birkenstock is famous due to its cork footbeds. It was the first shoe company that manufactured shoes with contoured footbeds. In 1962, Birkenstock moved its headquarters from Germany to Monterey, California, which became part of American culture.

    At one point, Birkenstock was a cheap shoe option for low-income people. But now it’s so popular with pop cultures and fashion companies like Chanel and Gucci.

    5 Things you need to know before investing in Birkenstock’s sandals 

    High quality, long-lasting sandals

    The unique style of the Birkenstock footbed adapts to the shape of the foot and becomes more and more comfortable over time. With a thick cork sole and leather or suede upper, Birkenstocks is an investment to keep your feet happy for years to come.

    Flattering for both genders

    Most of the Birkenstock shoes are unisex. Their shoes come in neutral colors that suit everyone, either men or women. Birkenstock clogs, sandals, and slip-on are comfortable and classic in all outfits. 

    Comfortable insole

    Since 1897, the insole of Birkenstock shoes has been designed to add more comfort. Birkenstock shoes also have a curved insole of cork and rubber for durability and stability. Buy Birkenstock shoes with thick soles and wide insoles to keep your feet soft, especially if you plan to stand all day.

    Multiple styles & colors

    Birkenstock is now a big trend among celebrities and younger generations because it’s good for the feet and very comfortable. 

    In contrast to most sandals, the Birkenstock footbed provides a healthy foot shape and supports the foot’s natural shape. Moreover, you can choose from various Arizona and Mayari vegan styles, and its collection range from different materials, footbeds, and widths to colors.

    Clean Line and Soft Fabric

    Soft fabrics and clean line fabric make Birkenstock sandals a popular and comfortable fit. Birkenstock creates shoes with a simple design that can wear in almost any outfit, including jeans, twill pants, skirts, dress pants, shirts, and dresses. Look for brightly colored Birkenstock sandals such as red, green, and blue with additional buckles and fittings to find a trendy style.

    Bottom Line

    Birkenstock is an integral part of everyone’s ever-evolving wardrobe. Its designs redefine the lifespan and are long-lasting. Hopefully, this information will be helpful for you if you are thinking about buying a pair of Birkenstock sandals. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.